Reborn : Space Intelligent Woman
261 Chapter 261: Hack To The Database
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Reborn : Space Intelligent Woman
Author :ZerahNeko
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261 Chapter 261: Hack To The Database

Using her space, Yu Qi completed the assignment given by the lecturer. Lately, she used her space to save her time. Studying, working and training. She did not want to miss out on anything, all of them were important. She was stretching her muscles, after feeling numb.

"Master, are you done?" Aoi asked.

Aoi was waiting for his master to lift up her head. Bo Ya also waited for it. Bo Ya told Aoi not to disturb Master because Master looked very focus when it came to completing her work.

"Yes. I'm finished." Yu Qi answered them.

"Then, let's go and cook!" Aoi and Bo Ya said happily simultaneously.

Yu Qi laughed, of course, they were waiting for her to cook. Yu Qi indeed promised them that she would cook for them today. She had already brought some fish, meat, chicken, and seafood such as prawns, crabs, lobsters, squids, clams and oysters. Other ingredients, such as vegetables and herbs, could be taken out of the garden in her space.

She brought that much because she wanted to cook again. She became too lazy to go to the market all the time. Her space became her shopping bag. Whenever she brought the ingredients, she would put the things that she purchased into her space. Whenever Bo Ya and Aoi looked at the ingredients that their master bought into her space, they would start drooling over the possible delicious food that there would cook for them.

Because she had more work to do, she just made some simple dishes such as Seafood Lasagna, Lobster Bisque and a Frozen blackberry yogurt.

Yu Qi called her two little cuties to eat. They came running over toward the food, expected of a foodie. They ate happily. Yu Qi only ate a little and she was already full. Leaving the kitchen, she entered her room in the space.

Yu Qi opened the computer. She wanted to hack something. It was about the man that was involved with the white powder. Actually, she thought of looking at the students in the Technology Management Faculty, but she was naive. How could she find someone like that in the faculty without knowing his name? It was more like searching for a needle in a haystack.

So, Yu Qi decided to hack the Technology Management faculty database. From that, she could look for the man that she saw from the suspicious trade. She remembered the man's looks, it would be easy for her to identify the man.

Pressing the keyboard, Yu Qi entered the code to hack the Technology Management Faculty data base. She thought that she could use this as a way to improve her hacking skills, but unfortunately, the database did not have much of a defense on it.

She went through the surface information for the faculty. The Technology Management faculty consisted of roughly five hundred students, so to go from one student to another one would consume a lot of time.

However, it was only the simplest of methods that she could use to find the man. She cursed them because, from that conversation, they did not even call each other by their names. If they had only used it once, she could easily key in the name used and get the potential person.

She sighed. She did not have the time, however, she needed to do it. The white powder could be dangerous if it was used in the wrong way. She went through the pictures one by one of the students. After looking through the pictures fifty times, Yu Qi started to get a headache.

"Master, you need to rest." Bo Ya advised as he watched his master pinched the bridge of her nose."If you want, I can help you."

"What do you mean?"

"Master, you can find someone through all of these pictures, right?"


"I see the outside world through you. If you see something, I see something. So, I can help you find the man that you want."


"Of course. I have many functions." Bo Ya patted his chest proudly.

"You mean whatever thing I see, you will see it?" Yu Qi glanced sharply at Bo Ya.

"Huh? Yes."

"Everything? Including my privacy?"

"Master, calm down. I judge it based on the situation. If I think it is something that I should not watch, I will not watch it." Bo Ya hurriedly explained to his master.

Yeah, like if his master was showering, he would not watch that.



"Then it's okay. If I ask you not to watch it, you should obey me, understand?" Yu Qi gave a warning to Bo Ya.

"Yes, Master, I understand." Bo Ya saluted Yu Qi. "So, Master, what kind of person are you searching for?" He was back to the original topic which was to help his master to find someone.

"Do you remember that day when my club got its new members?"

"Yes, I remembered that."

"Remember the two men who met outside the toilet?"


"I want to find that shorter man."

"Alright, Master. I will go through these pictures and find that man. So, Master, you can rest now."

"Thank you, Bo Ya."

Yu Qi climbed her bed and rested.


"You created something like this?" A man asked while his eyes were running around, watching their surroundings. It felt amazing to see something like this.

"I want to create some space only for me and this is the result. Amazing, right?" A girl, dressed in white traditional clothes, smiled beautifully at the man.

"If the elders learn about this, they will try to take it from you." A man now looked very worried. This girl always made him feel worried about her.

"Don't worry. I don't plan to tell anyone. Just you." The girl wore a carefree expression.

The man sighed, "Okay. I will keep this secret for you."

The man looked at the girl with a longing glance. The girl was putting her legs in the lake.

"Yue, you can not behave like this." The man said in a panic. His face was blushing red when his eyes laid on the white skin of the girl's legs.

"There is no one here." The girl said.

"But I'm here."

"You are fine."

The man sighed. He really could not win against this girl.

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