Reborn : Space Intelligent Woman
262 Chapter 262: The Trap
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Reborn : Space Intelligent Woman
Author :ZerahNeko
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262 Chapter 262: The Trap

"Xia, come and soak your legs. It is refreshing." The girl called the man to join her.

Feeling helpless, the man sat beside her and put his legs into the lake. Indeed, as the girl said it was refreshing. He felt something else. Then the man turned to the girl with a shocked face.


"It's very good, right?" The girl smiled gently.

"How did you do this?" The man wanted an explanation.

"It's a secret. How can I tell you?" The girl avoided the question.

Again, when the girl smiled like that, the man sighed in hopeless. As he said, this girl really knew how to make people worry about her.


Yu Qi woke up from her sleep. Her chest felt heavy. Most likely it was kinda a sad feeling. Even she did not know why she was feeling like this when she just woke from her sleep. It was an uncomfortable feeling. She did not remember what she had been dreaming about.

Climbing out of her bed, she cleaned herself up. She went to look for Bo Ya. Bo Ya was sleeping in front of the computer. The screen was frozen on the picture of the man that Yu Qi wanted to find.

'Bo Ya found him." Yu Qi smiled warmly at the sleeping Bo Ya. She lifted him up. Bo Ya saught her warmth and moved his face against Yu Qi's chest. Yu Qi wanted to get angry but forgot the feeling when she saw the smiling look on Bo Ya's face.

She put Bo Ya on her bed and went back to the computer. The information about the man was clearly shown on the screen. She read the information and found it all quite normal.

His name was Wen Ji Sang, age 23 years old. He was from HISO City and was in the Science Computer course at the university. He was currently in his third year. He entered the university a little bit late because of some personal issues.

"HISO City. That was in the Hanwen University area. Is there such a coincidence?" Yu Qi smirked at her thought.

She did not believe that it could be such a coincidence. This Wen Ji Sang knew about the white powder and the white powder may have originated from that place. However, she did not know what was Wen Ji Sang's aim or who was his target.

The White powder seemed to affect only women. It could be that he wanted to use it to trick some women for his pleasure only. But because of the frequency of his purchases, it was indeed extremely suspicious.

This Wen Ji Sang, she needed to monitor his movement. She wanted to know the person behind this white powder and Wen Ji Sang was a piece on this chessboard. She knew even the taller man who had brought the white powder to Wen Ji Sang was also just a prawn in this trade. The person behind the scenes must be found to fully stop the white powder from being used in an evil way.

Then she saw something that caught her attention. It was Wen Ji Sang's phone number. It could be useful in the future. She quickly pressed her keyboard. Confirming the Yu Qi's guess, this belonged to the mobile phone of Wen Ji San.

With that confirmation, Yu Qi once again danced her fingers around the keyboard. No more than fifteen minutes later, she stopped. The trap had already been laid down, she just needed to wait for her prey. If the prey was smart, he should realize something was wrong.

However, Yu Qi did not think that he would realize it until the end. The trap might take a long time to catch her prey, but it was necessary.

After that, she stretched. She needed to go to class. Coming out of her space, she looked at her watch. It showed that it was only four o'clock in the morning. She still had two hours before she needed to begin her morning routine. Seeing that, she took the opportunity to sleep for a little while longer.


'Master, wake up. It's already time.' Yu Qi could hear Aoi's voice in her head. Waking up from the bed, she refreshed herself and changed into her sports clothes.

'Master, come and take me out too.' Aoi wanted to get out of her space.

Yu Qi entered the space, grabbed him and went out. She started her morning routine and jogged around the university area. However, today was unlucky. She saw someone that she did not want to see.

"Miss Tang."

Bai Shu Jin smiled. He was not angry when he saw that Yu Qi did not respond to him. He knew that she did not like him. However, because of his feelings, he hardened his heart in case she treated him like this.

Bai Shu Jin started to run beside her. If someone saw them, they could see that they looked like a couple that always ran together.

Yu Qi looked at Bai Shu Jin. What was he planning to do? She was waiting for Bai Shu Jin to talk, but during the run, Bai Shu Jin did not say a word after greeting her.

Not feeling like running anymore, Yu Qi stopped. Bai Shu Jin also followed her. She frowned. Aoi already growling while looking to Bai Shu Jin. He just waited for his master to give the order to bite him and he would gladly accept that order And fulfill her wish.

"Mr. Bai, what are you try to do here?" Yu Qi asked ending the silence. She already could not stand, standing beside Bai Shu Jin for a long time.

"I just want to go for a run." Bai Shu Jin answered.

"Then you can go on your own after this." Yu Qi left the place. Her mood was already ruined.

Bai Shu Jin sighed. He wanted to improve his relationship with Yu Qi. Even if he couldn't be her boyfriend, Bai Shu Jin wanted to become friends with her. But Yu Qi seemed to not want that either. If she accepted him as a friend, he would have a chance to get her heart.

"Miss Tang, I know my confession earlier brings you, problems. I apologize to you." Bai Shu Jin bowed.

Yu Qi stopped. "There is no need for you to apologize. Just stay away from me." Then she left Bai Shu Jin.

"Sorry, Miss Tang. I can't do it." Bai Shu Jin said while watching Yu Qi left.

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