Reborn : Space Intelligent Woman
264 Chapter 264: Another Outside Training
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Reborn : Space Intelligent Woman
Author :ZerahNeko
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264 Chapter 264: Another Outside Training

"As this commenter said, someone wanted to ruin you, Yu Qi." Ding Na An said.

"Yeah, I believe that. Our Yu Qi is indeed very beautiful, smart and talented. Someone is bound to be jealous of her." So Pang Lim nodded.

"Ours? When the heck Yu Qi become ours?" Mei Lilli chuckled.

"It's just a word," So Pang Lim argued.

They were laughing over her explanation. The atmosphere became calm, no longer as tense as before. However, they knew it was true that someone was trying to ruin Yu Qi's reputation.

Bai Shu Jin is a handsome man and came from a rich family, he had so many admirers that they could not be counted. They also dislike Yu Qi since Bai Shu Jin came forward and confessed to her. His admirers must be very angry with Yu Qi since they felt Yu Qi had snatched Bai Shu Jin from them.

Maybe they also had an unspoken rule such as Bai Shu Jin being for everyone. Someone that came forward and confessed to Bai Shu Jin might be bullied by his other admirers.

"This picture might be taken by one of Bai Shu Ji's fans." Song Ha Ting assumed.

"Or maybe not." Yu Qi smiled.

The girls around Yu Qi looked at her. They could see that while Yu Qi's lips were curved up, her eyes were cold.

Yu Qi already thought about the possible people who wanted to destroy her reputation, and the highest probability was Fung Meng Xuan. She was quiet now. Is she making her move right now?

"Let's forget about it. We still have the assignment to complete," Yu Qi ended the topic.

They began to discuss what to do about the assignment and left the topic of the picture behind.


When Yu Qi left, she could see some of the girls were glaring at her. She turned to the girls and gave them a cold smile. When the girls saw the smile, they quickly left. They were kind of scared of Yu Qi when she gave that kind of smile.

Yu Qi saw that the girls were leaving and smirked. 'I just smiled at you and you are already running away?' Yu Qi exited the library and made her way to the shooting club.

Her club members seemed to be gathered around. It was the same as the scene before when Captain Heng Yu Ren came and ordered them to train. They saw Yu Qi enter the training ground and they quickly approached her.

"Yu Qi, don't let those rumor affect you." One of the club members smoothed Yu Qi, afraid that the rumor had made Yu Qi upset.

"Don't worry everyone, I'm okay." Yu Qi nodded. Her shooting club still believed in her.

"Yeah, everyone. Yu Qi is always involved in one scandal and another." Shi Man Xie said to the club members.

"Senior Shi Man Xie, is that insult or what?" A club member asked.

"No, I was praising her. She is so beautiful, so that is why she keeps getting involved in these scandals." Shi Man Xie followed up.

"That follow-up seemed weird," Another club member said.

"Shi Man Xie is weird. He is like our Vice-captain, that's for sure."

Zhu Xiao Ling came in to train not long after that. Seeing Yu Qi already there, she quickly approached Yu Qi.

"Sister Yu Qi." Zhu Xiao Ling greeted Yu Qi.

"Oh, hi." Yu Qi smiled.

"Sister Yu Qi, I also heard about the rumor. I don't believe it." Zhu Xiao Ling stated her opinion.

"Thank you." Yu Qi thanked Zhu Xiao Ling for believing in her.

"Let's start training." Captain Heng Ru Yen came in and the club members began their training.

For the new club members, they used a different set of training before they were expected to adapt to the normal set of training that the older members did. Captain Heng Ru Yen wanted them to get used to the easier set of training before moving to the more intense one like the normal club members used right now.

Yu Qi started her training. Her marksmanship was already perfected, so Captain Heng Ru Yen suggested that she should train to shoot with her eyes closed like what she had done for the club promotion. Yu Qi happily accepted the suggestion and started to practice.

The training ended two hours later. However, the club members did not leave immediately. Captain Heng Ru Yen seemed to have an announcement to tell everyone, so, they were waiting for him to speak.

"I think I can guess what Captain wants to tell us."

"Yeah. Me too."

"What is it?" The new club member asked them.

"Just wait for the captain to tell us. We can not tell you in case it is wrong."

"Oh, okay." The new club member said.

"Guys, our outside training is really set up." Vice-Captain Jung Xi Wan said.

"So, we are right." The club members said.

"So, where are we going this time?"

"We are going to the military camp at Shiwa Town weeks week." Captain Heng Ru Yen informed the club members.

"Huh? Shiwa Town?" Yu Qi said in shock.

"Yu Qi, you know this Shiwa Town?" One of the club members asked.

"Yeah, well, that is my hometown." Yu Qi answered him.

"Hometown? But I thought Tang Family lived at the FINN City."

"Yeah, the other members of the Tang Family did live there, but my grandfather and I lived in Shiwa Town since grandfather loves it there."

"I see."

"Captain, so Commander Long will be there?"

"I don't know about that." Captain Heng Ru Yen answered that inquiry.

"Who is Commander Long?" This time, the new club member asked.

"Commander Long was the one who trained us the last time."

"Commander Long is very scary."

"Commander Long gave the hellish training to us."

The old club members gave the comment about Commander Long.

"However, he will be the one who also gave us a lot of dog food. So, everyone, be prepared." Shi Man Xie gave a smile to Yu Qi.

"Dog food? Why?"

"You will know soon or later."

The old club members did not tell the new ones that Commander Long was their goddess's boyfriend. They wanted the new club members to be surprised when they found out.

Yu Qi glared at Shi Man Xie after he made that statement. The training would be held in a military camp at Shiwa Town so Yu Qi already knew who was responsible for this arrangement. There was no need to think about it.

Yu Qi knew it was Long Hui who made the arrangement. That area was his territory. She was kind of missing him so this arrangement was good.

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