Reborn : Space Intelligent Woman
265 Chapter 265: Meeting With Feng Yue
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Reborn : Space Intelligent Woman
Author :ZerahNeko
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265 Chapter 265: Meeting With Feng Yue

The rumor about Yu Qi seducing Bai Shu Jin was still there, someone was not letting the rumor die. Yu Qi smirked to herself, 'Those people are working so hard.' She already knew who it was who wanted to ruin her reputation. How did she find out? She hacked the forum university website and found the username of the person who posted the picture and the username of the one that berated her so many times.

Her guess about Fung Meng Xuan proved to be true. However, the person behind the picture was someone unexpected. It was Meng Qiang Su, the girl that Yu Qi defeated in the archery competition two years ago.

The two girls were working together to try and destroy her. How funny. Fung Meng Xuan's motive was to make Yu Qi looked bad in other people's eyes. She was doing it so that Long Hui would know and leave Yu Qi. That way she could take Yu Qi's position beside Long Hui.

As for Meng Qiang Su, she didn't know why Meng Qiang Su would want to do that. Their encounter was two years ago And it was only that one time. Was Meng Qiang Su still held the grudge about it after all these years?

Yu Qi deleted the picture posted in the forum. The girls would have no idea who deleted the picture. As for the explanation of the picture, Yu Qi could not be bothered about it. She was too lazy to be bothered to explain anything. Even Bai Shu Jin did not step forward to clarify things.

However, Yu Qi was not surprised about that. Bai Shu Jin in her past life did not do anything that did not benefit him. He was that kind of person.

As for the white powder case, Wen Ji Sang, who had been monitored by Yu Qi, still did not show any hint about the white powder. His phone had ready been hacked by Yu Qi and all the calls and messages would be recorded and sent to Yu Qi.

From what she had been listening to through the calls and by reading his messages, Wen Ji Sang already had a girlfriend. She was not a student at Starlight University but rather attended Hanwen University. The other calls and messages looked very very normal, there was nothing suspicious that could be found from any of them.

Her phone started to ring. She looked at the caller and discovered it was Feng Jue. She quickly answered the call.

"Yu Qi." An excited voice from Feng Yue could be heard from the other side.

"Yue. How are you?"

"I'm fine. Yu Qi, I want to meet up with you."

"Huh? Meet up? But..."

"My university got two days off because of its anniversary. Plus with the weekend, I got four days off. So, I decided to go to you."

"Shouldn't you go back to your family?"

"What? Go back to that house, no. I don't want that."

"I mean Grandpa Feng's house."

"Grandfather had gone to overseas for his business so there is no one there. Yu Qi, please. I miss you. I haven't met for a long time. I also miss Aoi. Please. Please. Please." Feng Yue begged Yu Qi several times.

Yu Qi sighed. Well, it was okay since Yu Qi was staying alone in her room. Others could not say anything if Feng Yue came over and stayed with her for a while. She could even introduce Feng Yue to her friends here.

"Okay. When do you want to come over?" Yu Qi agreed with Feng Yue's request.

"Really! Yu Qi, thank you. I will not be bored. Oh, I will come over this week, I will call you later to let you know when." Feng Yue was excited since Yu Qi agreed to meet her.

"Okay, see you soon."

The call ended.


"Yu Qi." Feng Yue called her name when she saw Yu Qi was waiting for her to come to get her.

Feng Yue ran toward Yu Qi and hugged Yu Qi when she reached her.

"I am so happy to see you again!"

"Me too." Yu Qi hugged Feng Yue back.

Feng Yue released Yu Qi and bent down to lift Aoi up since he sat obediently beside Yu Qi.

"Aoi, I miss you too. You seem to be getting bigger." Feng Yue looked around Aoi.

"Of course he would be bigger, given how much he eats." Yu Qi chuckled while looking to Aoi.

'Master, I need to eat a lot to grow.' Aoi complained like a girl that been teased about her weight.

"Yu Qi, look. He must be complaining to you." Feng Yue laughed when seeing Aoi's reaction.

"Let's go. I want a tour of here." Feng Yue demanded.

"Okay. I will obey your order, princess." Yu Qi behaved like a gentleman.

The girls went around window shopping for a while. Feng Yue did not want to buy anything since nothing managed to catch her attention. Meanwhile, Yu Qi brought food to Aoi.

"No wonder Aoi looks rounder." Feng Yue commented.

"He wants it." Yu Qi pushed the blame to Aoi.

Aoi did not bother to say anything since his master brought him food. He would forgive her for today.

Feng Yue was lucky that Yu Qi did not have evening classes today. That way they could look around after fetching Feng Yue.

"Yu Qi, how are your studies going?" Feng Yue asked.

They were currently stopped at a cafe and taking a rest from all their walking. Aoi sat on the ground while eating some food that Yu Qi had ordered for him.

"Very good." Yu Qi answered it shortly.

"Sorry, I forget that I'm talking to a genius."

"I'm so glad you realize that."

"Yu Qi, you seem to have learned about the term narcissist."


Feng Yue laughed.

"Then, what's about Brother Hui? Are you making progress with him?"

Yu Qi, currently drank her water, chocked. Feng Yue did not miss any of it. It meant her Brother Hui successfully making his way to Yu Qi.

"What? What? What is this?" Feng Yue teased her friend.

"What are you talking about?" Yu Qi wanted to play dumb.

"Please, Yu Qi. You can not play dumb. I know something happened between you and my Brother Hui. You have to tell me."

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