Reborn : Space Intelligent Woman
267 Chapter 267: Your Enemy Is My Enemy Too
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Reborn : Space Intelligent Woman
Author :ZerahNeko
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267 Chapter 267: Your Enemy Is My Enemy Too

"I have a class today and should be back in two hours. You can wander around, just bring Aoi and your phone with you." Yu Qi said before she left the room in a hurry.

Feng Yue and Aoi looked at each other. Feng Yue suddenly laughed. She had imagined a scene where Yu Qi was her husband that left for work to support his family and she was his wife and Aoi was their child.

Aoi watched Feng Yue suddenly laughed and felt very weird with his master's friend. He really did not understand humans except for his master.

"Aoi, I want to go for a walk," Feng Yue said.

'Who is the human and who is the dog?' Aoi thought to himself.

"Aoi, hurry up." Feng Yue urgent Aoi to follow her out.

With a lazy feeling, Aoi followed Feng Yue. His master had already asked him to watch out for Feng Yue. Aoi wondered why a dog like him supposed to watch over a human, Feng Yue should be the one who watched over him.

"This university is very good. I kinda regret not choosing the same university as Yu Qi. If I had, I wouldn't have to see that woman's face over and over again." Feng Yue sighed.

"I should have just killed her before," Feng Yue faced morphed into an expression of hate. "But killing her would not bring my mother back."

Feng Yue walked into the cafe. She wanted to buy a drink.

"Aoi, do you want to eat something?" Feng Yue asked Aoi.

"Woof." Aoi was barking and jumping around Feng Yue excitedly saying he wanted to eat something.

Seeing Aoi jumping so excitedly, she understood that Aoi wanted to eat something. "Okay, I will get you something."

Feng Yue looked around the cafe, searching for the food that she could buy Aoi. Fried chicken, 'Dogs should eat this.'

"How much should I get for Aoi?" Feng Yue asked herself. Looking down at Aoi's, she asked the owner of the body how much he wanted to eat.

"Aoi, how many do you want to eat? One? Two? Three?"

Aoi was still silent.

"Hmmm... Ten?"

"Woof," Aoi answered. 'Yes, I want ten of them at first.'

"Okay, I will get it for you." Feng Yue quickly brought ten fried chickens for Aoi and a drink for herself. After paying, Feng Yue looked for a place to sit down. She then gave the fried chickens that she had brought to Aoi. Aoi received them happily.

Feng Yue relaxed while drinking her drink and watched the students as they entered the cafe. It was the same scenario at her university too. Aoi finished his meal.

"Owh, you are sure fast. Is it delicious?" Feng Yue asked Aoi.

"Woof." Aoi barked once.

Suddenly two girls came in front of Feng Yue. Feng Yue did not know the girls and looked at them while, waiting for them for saying something.

"Who are you? Why are you with it?" One of the girls asked while pointing to Aoi.

Aoi growled to the girls. Feng Yue looked at Aoi and then turned back to the girls. Feng Yue understood that these two girls were not Yu Qi's friend if Aoi growled angrily to them.

"What?" Feng Yue asked.

"Miss, this dog belongs to my friend. Why is it with you?" Another girl asked Feng Yue with a gentle tone, but her voice could be heard by people around them.

Aoi growled at the two girls. They stepped back when they saw that the dog seemed to want to attack them.

"Owh, it is your friend's dog. Then why does he look so angry towards you two?" Feng Yue asked while smirking to the two girls.

The two girls felt wronged. This dog really looks likes its master. The onlookers looked at them.

"Is that Tang Yu Qi's dog, right?"

"Yes. I always saw her with that Siberian Husky."

"I don't think they are Tang Yu Qi's friend."

"Is that Yi Ren Shiang and Fung Meng Xuan?"

"Those two girls are really not Tang Yu Qi's friend because I'm had seen them argue outside of the cafe. Tang Yu Qi was meeting with a man and those girls came to disturbed them and started calling Tang Yu Qi unpleasant names. However, Tang Yu Qi gave them a triple kill. I really agreed with Tang Yu Qi back then." Someone mentioned the past situation of when Fung Meng Xuan, Yi Ren Shiang, and Yi Su Rang disturbed Yu Qi's meeting with Su Yu Hi in a loud voice for everybody to hear.

"How can they call themselves Tang Yu Qi's friends?"

"That Yi Ren Shiang is a dog lover. She must have taken a liking to Tang Yu Qi's dog."

"So shameless."

"Shut up." Yi Ren Shiang snapped.

"Owh, I never thought that could happen to Yu Qi." Feng Yue gave the girls a cold smile.

Fung Meng Xuan and Yi Ren Shiang looked at Feng Yue. This expression on Feng Yue was similar to Yu Qi.

"Remember, if you make trouble for my best friend, I will make your life a living hell." Feng Yue threatened the two girls.

'Smack.' Feng Yue felt someone hit her back. She turned around.

"What are you doing?" Yu Qi looked at Feng Yue.

"I'm protecting your dog." Feng Yue looked at Yu Qi teary. It was really hurt.

Yu Qi looked at Aoi. Aoi was the one who called her, telling that Feng Yue and he were at the cafe. Yu Qi knew that Aoi made Feng Yue buy him some food.

"Thank you." Yu Qi thanked Feng Yue.

"Your enemy is my enemy too. Plus I want to try to say what Brother Hui likes to say." Feng Yue pouted.

"What Brother Hui likes to say? What is it?"

"I will make your life a living hell."

Yu Qi did not give any reaction upon hearing that. Long Hui was a soldier, right? A major right? Why his favorite phrase more like what a gangster would say?

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