Reborn : Space Intelligent Woman
268 Chapter 268: Picnic
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Reborn : Space Intelligent Woman
Author :ZerahNeko
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268 Chapter 268: Picnic

"Brother Hui?"

That question was from Yu Qi, but Fung Meng Xuan made Feng Yue turned to her.

"Yu Qi, does this girl know Brother Hui?" Feng Yue asked Yu Qi.

"Well, yeah." Yu Qi answered.

"How?" Feng Yue asked.

"Brother Hui came to see me here. She saw him at that time." Yu Qi replied.

"Owh, so they are just my cousins' admirers." Feng Yue looked at Fung Meng Xuan and snorted.

Fung Meng Xuan was shocked. This girl was Long Hui's cousin. She should establish a connection with her since she was a family member of Long Hui. However, she had already destroyed that chance.

"Sorry." Fung Meng Xuan left after apologizing. She needed to think about a new plan to become friends with Long Hui's cousin.

Feng Yue knew what was going on in Fung Meng Xuan's head. She had already faced this kind of woman before, a woman that wanted to become closer to her Brother Hui. A woman that wanted to make friends with her because of her connection to Brother Hui. She really hated it.

Only Yu Qi did not use her. Yu Qi wasn't to get closer to her Brother Hui. Instead, it was her Brother Hui that wanted to get closer to her. That was why she really liked Yu Qi.

Seeing Fung Meng Xuan leave her alone, Yi Ren Shiang did not wait too long to leave the place too.

"I bet you don't have a peaceful life here." Feng Yue commented.

"No, I don't." Yu Qi shook her head, admitting everything.

"Yu Qi, who is this?" So Pang Lim arrived with the others. They looked at the unknown face.

All except for one girl. Seeing her favorite here, Song Ha Ting rushed to Aoi's side.

Aoi, who did not have time to run away, got a big hug from Song Ha Ting.

"Aoi, I miss you." Song Ha Ting hugged Aoi closer.

'Master. Help me.' Aoi looked at his master.

However, Yu Qi turned away and answered So Pang Lim's question, so, Aoi had to just let this crazy dog lover hug him until she was satisfied with it.

"This is Feng Yue, my friend from Hanwen University." Yu Qi introduced Feng Yue to her friends.

"This is Mei Lilli, So Pang Lim, Ding Na An, and the dog lover is Song Ha Ting." Yu Qi introduced her friends to Feng Yue.

Mei Lilli: "Hi."

So Pang Lim: "Yo!"

Ding Na An: "Nice to meet you."

Song Ha Ting: "Hi... Aoi, let me hug you some more."

Feng Yue: "Nice to meet you, everyone."


The weekend.

The girls made a plan to go for a trip to Mianyang Waterfalls and have a picnic. It was a two hour drive away from their university and it was going to be their first time there. Because they wanted to cook there and so, needed to bring a lot of things, they decided to rent a car. The drivers were So Pang Lim and Mei Lilli since they already had their driver's license.

Luckily for them, they left for the waterfalls early, so the best spot of the place taken by them. They placed the things that they brought away and started the fire. Yu Qi was in charge of cooking while the others just followed her orders.

Yu Qi decided to barbeque. They bought some chicken, meat, and seafood such as prawns and squids. Those things were already prepared yesterday so that they were sure to be marinated well. They also bought some vegetables so Yu Qi decided to make some coleslaw.

Yu Qi told them to enjoy the waterfalls while she was doing the barbeque. The girls quickly jumped into the water, swimming and playing around. Aoi also joined in. That only left Ding Na An and Yu Qi to look after the barbeque.

"Na An, are you still talking to my brother?" Yu Qi suddenly asked Ding Na An.

Yu Qi had wanted to ask Ding Na An about the matter a long time ago, but they were around other people. Yu Qi did not want to ask Ding Na An in front of others because she was afraid that Ding Na An would not be comfortable talking about this matter in front of others.

Ding Na An was surprised when Yu Qi suddenly asked her question. Ding Na An thought Yu Qi did not know about the matter since Yu Qi did not ask about it.

"Humm, yes." Ding Na An gave an honest answer.

"I see. What do you think about him?"

"A good looking person."

"Well, his personality?"

"A serious and honest person."

"I see." Yu Qi nodded. 'Brother Han Lee, you need to work hard to win her heart. Maybe be like Long Hui. What!!! Why am I compared to my Brother Han Lee to Long Hui?' Yu Qi shook her head, wanting the thoughts of Long Hui to leave her mind.

Ding Na An saw and could not help to ask, "Are you okay?"

"Oh, I'm okay. Well, what types of things do you usually talk to Brother Han Lee about?"

"Apart from asking about my wellbeing, we always talk about matters relating to medicine. He really helps me a lot regarding this."

It was true Tang Han Lee helped her a lot with her studies. Whatever the things that she did not understand something on her own, she turned to Tang Han Lee for help. She was very grateful to Tang Han Lee.

Yu Qi nodded. She did not have to worry about them anymore. Even though it was slow, they were becoming closer. Yu Qi did not disturb their pace. Luckily she gave some advice to her Brother Han Lee. If not, they would still just be sending greetings to each other.

"Will you meet your brother this semester break?" Ding Na An asked.

"Maybe, if he is not very busy and decides to return home. Why are you asking?"

"Well, could you give something to him for me?"

"Sure, but I have two weeks of training at the beginning of the semester break."

"It is okay. You can give it to him later."


Yu Qi agreed. Yu Qi did not want to ask what it was that she wanted to give to her Brother Han Lee.

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