Reborn : Space Intelligent Woman
270 Chapter 270: Mysterious Man
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Reborn : Space Intelligent Woman
Author :ZerahNeko
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270 Chapter 270: Mysterious Man

Feng Yue had finally gone back to her university and Yu Qi's life returned to normal. Since her days were so busy, she did not have as much time to go to the office. This meant that she needed to have her meetings with Su Yu Hi at the cafe near the university in order to continue managing her companies. She waited for him to arrive at their regular spot as she put in an order for the two of them.

"Sorry for making you wait." Su Yu Hi sat down opposite to Yu Qi.

"It's okay. I've already ordered some green tea for you." Yu Qi looked at Su Yu Hi.

"Thank you for that. So, let's start our meeting."

"Okay. This meeting's purpose is to discuss the opening ceremony for the Saisei Ryokan. I have already set a date for it."

"When were you thinking?"

"February 20th."

"Okay." Su Yu Hi wrote down the date that Yu Qi mentioned in his notebook.

"That is two months from today. We have just enough time to organize everything, especially since I don't want a grand ceremony. We need to keep it simple, but elegant. I don't want to waste too much money on the ceremony. About the workers, have you already settled things?"

"Yes, I already hired the new employees including the Chefs, helpers, security guards, and the other positions."

"We will have two head chefs, one will manage all of the local dishes while the other one will manage the Japanese dishes. You don't need to find the Japanese Chef, Sister Mei Fung will bring her from Japan." Yu Qi told Su Yu Hi.

Su Yu Hi nodded while writing in his notebook. He knew who Sister Mei Fung was that Yu Qi had mentioned. Yu Qi had told him that this Sister Mei Fung was Yu Qi's first employee. Chui Mei Fung went to Japan for her training in order to learn how to manage the ryokan. Chu Mei Fung would be in charge of the Saisei Ryokan as its 'Okami'.

"I want the ribbon-cutting during the opening ceremony." Yu Qi already had an idea of how the opening ceremony would be held.

Yu Qi explained the details that she had planned to Su Yu Hi. Su Yu Hi nodded and added some ideas of his own on to it.

"Who should be the one that cuts the ribbon? Should we invite someone famous or influential in order to get some impact? " He did not know what she Yu Qi was thinking about when it came to that matter.

"No need for that. I will have my grandfather be the one to cut the ribbon. He is already famous enough." Yu Qi chuckled.

Su Yu Hi also laughed. Indeed, her grandfather was famous enough. Tang Jiang Man's name was very powerful to many people.

"So I don't need to take the fee into account." Yu Qi continued her sentence.

Su Yu Hi laughed again. His boss was very conscientious when came to money. She would definitely find a way for them to save.

"Then I will arrange a meeting with the planner for the opening ceremony."

"I need you to attend that meeting as my representative. I have already told you what I want and expect for the ceremony." She was very busy with her studies.

"Okay." Su Yu Hi nodded.


Unknown to Yu Qi, someone had been watching her for a long time. Knowing that Yu Qi had a sense of being watched, he lowered his aura so that Yu Qi would not notice him.

It had been a long time since he last saw Yu Qi. Even though she looked different from the last time, he could still easily recognize her. She still looked as beautiful as ever.

Suddenly, he could feel the vibration from his chest. It was his phone. He answered it.


"Sir, can you come to the office now?"


"Because you have a lot of documents to take care of and these documents need your approval, sir." The voice on the other side wanted to cry.

"Okay, okay. I will be back in two days." He ended the call.

The other side wanted to cry more when he heard his boss just saying he would only be back in two days. He sighed. He would just have to handle things like always. This was not the first time his boss left all the work for him to do.

Back to the man

He returned to looking at Yu Qi. It had taken a little time to find out everything about her and his heart itched when he read her information.

She had not lived the best life during her childhood. After many years of being abused by her adopted family, she turned around and left the family. After that, she encountered the Tang Family Head and started to live like a normal girl. He was very happy for her.

But, one thing that he could not be happy about was how she became so close to a man named Long Hui. He knew she started to fall in love with that man. A man that was not him. Again.

He sighed. Why could she not fall in love with him? He was not that ugly. He remembered what that monk told him about their destiny. He said their destiny would not be able to cross each other except for one purpose. This meant that she would never be anything more than a friend to him.

Now, even when she was reborn, she was still not designated to be together with him. He could just force her to be with him but, he knew that was not the way. He was afraid that she would come to hate him if he would ever cross that line against her will. That was the one thing he did not want to happen, he did not want her hatred.

That is why he just could stalk her like this. With his super hearing, he could listen to their conversation word by word. Apparently, she wanted to do some opening ceremony for a hotel. A Japanese style hotel that was known as a Ryokan. Her ryokan was named Saisei Ryokan. When the word Saisei had been translated into their language, it meant to be reborn.

Did she know that she had been reborn? In that case, she might remember him.

When he read the information about her, he found out that she already had multiple businesses in her name. Even though she tried to hide, with his power, she could not hide much. He felt very impressed with her. Her mental age did not match with her actual age. With her mind, she might become one of the powerful figures in business.

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