Reborn : Space Intelligent Woman
277 Chapter 277: New Finding
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Reborn : Space Intelligent Woman
Author :ZerahNeko
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277 Chapter 277: New Finding

"Sister Yu Qi, is Commander Long really your boyfriend?" Zhu Xiao Ling whispered to Yu Qi after they went inside their room to change their clothes for bed.

"Yeah." Yu Qi admitted it very clearly.

"How did you two meet?" Zhu Xiao Ling inquired. "He is a handsome man, but scary."

Yu Qi laughed silently when Zhu Xiao Ling honestly expressed her opinion about Long Hui.

"He is a soldier. Soldiers are supposed to look scary." Yu Qi said to Zhu Xiao Ling.

"I"m tired. I want to sleep right now." Zhu Xiao Ling could not stop yawning. She was exhausted from all of the training that they did that day. As soon as she got changed, it hit her how tired she was. She could barely keep her eyes open. "Good night, Sister Yu Qi.

"Okay. Good Night."

Zhu Xiao Ling fell asleep a few minutes after she placed her head in the pillow. Yu Qi chuckled when she saw this scene. She must be very tired.

Yu Qi also laid down on her bed as her body also felt a little bit tired. Within seconds, everyone was already asleep. So she closed her eyes and started to enter the land of dreams.


"Grandfather, do you know where my father and mother are?" The girl drunk her tea with her grandfather.

The old man looked at the sky through his window. The blue sky, accompanied by fluffy white clouds, could be seen from his window. He sighed. His granddaughter did like to ask the same question lately.

"I am also looking for them." The old man answered.

"I see." The girl sighed. "Please tell me when you find them."

"What do you want to do when you finally see them?" The old man wanted to know that.

"I just wanted to ask them why they gave birth to me if they didn't want me." The girl said in a calm tone.

"They must have a reason." The old man said as he turned to the girl.

"Maybe, but I need to hear it from their own mouths before I can let this matter go."

The old man did not respond to that. He knew he also played a role in that matter. He had really regretted it greatly. If he had not done something like that then his granddaughter might not in this situation.

"Someday you might find them." The old man could only say something like that to satisfy his granddaughter.


Yu Qi opened her eyes and stared at the ceiling in the darkness. She remembered what she had just dreamed about: her real grandfather. They were talking about her real parents. Her real grandfather knew where her real parents were, but he never told her.

Yu Qi sighed. To be honest, she did not care about her real parents in the least, after all, they left her all alone, just like that.

Yu Qi wanted to sleep more, but unfortunately, she was not able to fall asleep again. She did not want to waste her time, so she entered her space with only her soul so that her body was still in the military barracks.

"Master!" Bo Ya called his master when his master appeared in the space. "Why are you not sleeping right now?"

"Well, I was having an old dream that woke me up and I was unable to fall asleep again. I figured that I could visit you and check on something."

"Oh, it is about that human? What is his name? Oh, yeah. Wen Ji Sang?"

"Yeah, this is the only time that I have, so I need to use it wisely," saying that, Yu Qi walked towards her computer and sat down in front of it.

Turning it on, she opened the recorded call and messages from Wen Ji Sang's phone. She read all the messages. It was mostly from his girlfriend who was studying at Hanwen University. In addition to his girlfriend, there were other messages from his other friends at the university. There were only one or two messages from an unknown number.

The content of the messages from the unknown number increased her curiosity about the owner of that phone. One of the messages said they were trading something, while yet another was 'Don't worry sir. The goods are very fresh and new. You will like them.' This message was sent by Wen Ji Sang to the unsaved number.

This kind of content was sure to increase her curiosity. This Wen Ji Sang was trading something. Is it the white powder? What it something else? Whatever it was, it needed to be stopped and fast.

When Yu Qi tried to hack into the system to find out the name that the unknown number was registered to, however, there were too many layers of security and she was not able to break in. The unknown number was protected from being hacked by someone who was at a higher level than her. Yu Qi believed that her hacking skills needed to be improved upon if there were still things that she was not able to access.

Yu Qi also investigated the transaction of the money into Wen Ji Sang's account. It was highly suspicious as well. Last month, a couple of days before he brought the white powder, there was a transaction of a big amount of money into his account. Same as the unknown number, when Yu Qi tried to find out where was the amount came from, she could not.

Well, tonight's finding was at least a step forward, she now knew that something was not good from the recorded calls and messages. Yu Qi just needed to follow this Wen Ji Sang. He was bound to make a mistake. When she caught the mistake, she would be about to catch him.

Yu Qi stretched. She wanted to sleep some more since when she woke up in the outside world, the clock beside her bed was only showing four o'clock in the morning. Seeing the time, she returned to her space to try and get a few more hours of sleep that the outside world could not give her. She had a total of six hours before she needed to wake up for 6:00 am in the outside world. She just used two hours already, so she had four hours left to sleep if she slept inside the space.

"Bo Ya, wake up me in four hours later, okay?" Yu Qi once again asked Bo Ya to be her alarm clock.

"Okay, Master! Sleep well." Bo Ya said.

Yu Qi closed her eyes.

Bo Ya looked at his master. When he will remember the true meaning of his existence? He could only remember one scene where someone told him that he was the guardian of this space. Somehow, he could not remember who that person was that told him about this matter.

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