Reborn : Space Intelligent Woman
279 Chapter 279: Piggyback
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Reborn : Space Intelligent Woman
Author :ZerahNeko
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279 Chapter 279: Piggyback

"She is going to do the opening ceremony for her hotel?" The man asked his personal assistant.

The man was going through the latest information about the girl. He made his personal assistant keep update on all her activities.

"Yes, the date has already been set. It will be held on the 20th of February," the personal assistant told his boss.

"I see. What is my schedule like on that day?" The man inquired.

The personal assistant answered. "On that day, you have a meeting with the Sunhye Company in the morning and in the afternoon, you will have a meeting with the Diaobke Group President."

"So what time is the opening ceremony going to be held at?"

"The ceremony will start at around eleven o'clock in the morning."

"Cancel all my meeting for that day, and remember to try and grab an invitation for the opening ceremony for me. I will attend her ceremony in person." The man gave the ordered his personal assistant.

The personal assistant accepted with a nod. "Yes, sir." Even though the personal assistant was wondering why his boss was suddenly paying attention to the young girl, his boss gave the order to keep updating him about the young girl, so that is all he can do.

From what he had found about the girl, she was an orphan, and had already been adopted twice. First, by the Wang Family where she had been abused by them from a young age which made her want to leave that family.

Then she caught the attention of the Tang Old Patriarch and that old man adopted her as his granddaughter. The old man even placed her higher than his own grandsons in his heart.

However, he was surprised to see the businesses under the girl's name. At this moment, she had three businesses under her own name. Although she had her name hidden, under his boss's order, he found out everything.

The personal assistant left his boss. The man stood up and watched the outside from the two way mirrored wall. The man was smiling. He could not wait to meet the girl again. Even though he knew that the girl would not remember him.

He had been searching for her for a long time. Finally, he met her in an unexpected way. He was glad he had that kind of habit. That habit made him met the girl.


At the military camp.

After enough flirting with his beloved Qi Qi, Long Hui told the shooting club members to continue their running. The road seemed very dangerous since they would be running down towards the steeper ground. Long Hui offered some advice for everyone to carefully pay attention when they were running.

Although Long Hui gave that advice, Zhu Xiao Ling was unlucky. She tripped and fell on the ground. Yu Qi quickly went over to Zhu Xiao Ling's side to check on her injury.

"Xiao Ling, are you okay?" Yu Qi asked. She took a look at Zhu Xiao Ling's foot. It appeared that she sprained her ankle as it was swollen and discolored as if it was dislocated.

"It hurts very badly," Zhu Xiao Ling said while holding back her tears.

"I can treat it right now, but it might hurt a lot." Yu Qi said.

"Really? Then I will try to hold back the pain." Zhu Xiao Ling had absolute trust in Yu Qi.

Ren Qian Yi wanted to interrupt but Long Hui held him back.

Ren Qian Yi turned to Long Hui. "We should bring the girl to the doctor."

"I believe in my beloved Qi Qi." Long Hui stated the fact.

"You should not. It involves this girl's foot. What if she does something that would worsen the injury?" Ren Qian Yi protested.

"She will not."

Ren Qian Yi sighed. It was true what people say: love is blind.

Back to Yu Qi and Zhu Xiao Ling

Yu Qi asked four of the club members to help her. Listening to Yu Qi, Shi Man Xie quickly volunteered himself. Captain Heng Ru Yen, Vice-Captain Jung Xi Wan, and another club member also came forward to help.

"Two of you will hold her shoulders, and another two will need to hold her legs. Hold firmly, do not let go." Yu Qi gave her instructions.

The club members held Zhu Xiao Ling as Yu Qi ordered. Yu Qi placed her hands on the sprained ankle and threw the weight that Zhu Xiao Ling wore on her ankle.

"The injury is not light, so try to hold on through the pain, okay Xiao Ling?" Yu Qi said to Zhu Xiao Ling.

"Yes, Sister Yu Qi. I will try my best." Zhu Xiao Ling nodded.

Yu Qi held the ankle. At a fast speed, she twisted Zhu Xiao Ling's ankle to correct the dislocated bone and straighten it out.

"Argh!!!!!" Zhu Xiao Ling screamed in pain. It was indeed very painful. Her tears were already coming out.

Yu Qi checked again. It seemed that the dislocated ankle was already put back into place. Yu Qi smiled at the crying Zhu Xiao Ling.

"Your ankle is okay now, but I advise you to not put any weight on it right now. That includes not walking with it." Yu Qi said.

"But? How am I'm going to get back to the military camp if I can't walk on it?" Zhu Xiao Ling asked crying.

"Someone needs to..." Yu Qi did not finish her sentence as Shi Man Xie interrupted her.

"I will help you." Shi Man Xie offered to bring Zhu Xiao Ling back to the military camp himself.

Yu Qi looked at Zhu Xiao Ling and Shi Man Xie. "Okay, you can bring her back to camp on your back."

Long Hui gave his order. "The others will keep running back to the military camp, Qian Yi, you will guide them. Only the three of them will slowly walk back from here."

The other club members started to run back to the military camp. Only Shi Man Xie, Zhu Xiao Ling, Yu Qi, and Long Hui were left there.

"Xiao Ling, get on his back." Yu Qi said.

Shi Man Xie lowered his back for Zhu Xiao Ling to climb up. Zhu Xiao Ling looked at Yu Qi. Yu Qi gestured for Zhu Xiao Ling to climb up. Feeling embarrassing, Zhu Xiao Ling climbed up slowly onto Shi Man Xie's back.

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