Reborn : Space Intelligent Woman
281 Chapter 281: What Will You Going To Be?
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Reborn : Space Intelligent Woman
Author :ZerahNeko
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281 Chapter 281: What Will You Going To Be?

The fifth day of the training.

The shooting club members were currently practicing their marksmanship on the gun range. As Commander Long said, the three lanes of the gun range were designated for them to use. Long Hui was not with them as he had other work to settle, and then, something happened.

"Hey, we want to use this lane. You can wait for us to finish." A soldier came and told the shooting club members to leave.

"Sir, our commander had reserved these three lines for us to use." Captain Heng Ru Yen told him with respect tone. He did not want any issue with this soldier.

"This is a military training facility. You are not a soldier, so you do not have any right to interfere with us." The soldier became angry when hearing this kind of response from Captain Heng Ru Yen.

Vice-Captain Jung Xi Wan whispered something to Captain Heng Ru Yen. Captain Heng Ru Yen nodded.

"Sir, you can use these lanes." Captain Heng Ru Yen said to that soldier and asked his club members to leave the gun range.

"Captain, Commander Long said that we could use those planes. Why are we leaving?" A club member asked Captain Heng Ru Yen about the situation.

"We can not fight them. They are soldiers, and we are only guests here." Captain Heng Ru Yen said 

"Guys, don't worry. We will get to practice later." Vice-Captain Jung Xi Wan said while smiling.

Not long after that, Long Hui came to see them. He frowned when he saw the club members did not practice their shooting. He saw they were outside the gun range.

"What are you guys doing here? Why are you not practicing?" Long Hui asked. Everyone could see him getting angry.

"A soldier asked us to leave because they wanted to practice their shooting." Captain Heng Ru Yen explained the situation to Long Hui.

Long Hui became more upset. He had already given the order to all the soldiers in the military camp to not disturb the shooting club members when they were practicing. Who the heck was that person who dared disobey his order?

Long Hui walked into the gun range. Around thirteen soldiers were there.

"Everyone, make one line in front of me, right now." Long Hui gave the order in a loud voice making the soldiers shocked.

They quickly formed the line in front of Long Hui. The soldiers were the new troop in the military camp. They did not know Long Hui, however, they knew from Long Hui's aura that he was a top soldier in the camp.

"Which platoon are you?" Long Hui asked.

"We are the new recruits, sir." The soldiers answered.

"Then, don't you get some instruction from your leader about the gun range?" Long Hui asked the question.

The soldiers looked at each other. They did not answer that question. Waiting for someone to volunteer to answer it for them.

"Answer me!" Long Hui partially shouted to them.

"Sir Jian did inform us about the three lanes on the gun range that were reserved to another group." A soldier came forward and told the truth.

"Then, who is the person that asked them to leave, hmm?" Long Hui answered again.

Another silence.

"Since you are united, then, you will be punished together. Every morning, you need to run 10 kilometers with all of your equipment before you get to eat starting from tomorrow, understand?" Long Hui gave out the punishment to the troop.

"Sir..." Someone about to protest.

"11 kilometers then." Long Hui increased the distance of the punishment. "Understood?"

"Yes, sir." The soldiers accepted the punishment, afraid that if they wanted to protest, then the punishment would be increased yet again.

Some of the soldiers glared to the soldier that had asked the shooting club members to leave just now. Because he alone, all of them got punished along with him.

The shooting club members were now able to practice again. No one disturbed them this time.

"10 kilometers. That is the same as us." Shi Man Xie whispered to Vice-Captain Jung Xi Wan.

"Fool. It is not the same. They will be running with all their equipment. That is the difference." Vice-Captain Jung Xi Wan said.


Training, training, and more training. That was all that the shooting club members were doing for the past two weeks. They were not only training to improve their shooting, but they were also training to improve everything else. Fighting, survive skills and everything else that a soldier would learn.

Well, for Yu Qi, her schedule was more along the lines of training, training, and flirting with Long Hui. The shooting club members kept being feed dog food by the two of them. They became immune to so much flirting.

As for Zhu Xiao Ling, she did what the military doctor said, and rested for three days after her incident. Then after three days, she went to the military doctor to check her ankle. The military doctor said it was completely healed, so she was able to rejoin the training as usual.

"I can't believe that our two weeks here will end tomorrow. I was just getting used to being in the military camp."

The shooting club members were talking among themselves during the break.

"Then you can become a soldier like them when you graduated."

"Oh, that is something to consider. If I don't get a job, I can apply to be a soldier." A shooting club member was starting to consider joining the military after graduation.

"What's about you, Yu Qi?" A member asked Yu Qi.

Yu Qi was surprised when someone called her name to pull her into the conversation.

"Idiot. Of course, she will become a doctor. She does have the brains to be a doctor."

"Yeah, but, she can also apply to be a military doctor."

"Our Commander Long might like that. That way he can be with Yu Qi anytime."

"Idiot. Commander Long might not always here. He has missions that he needs to go on."

With that, Yu Qi did not even have a turn to answer that question. The shooting club members talked like she was not here. Well, she did not dislike it. She preferred this instead of people talking behind her back. That was more disgusting.

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