Reborn : Space Intelligent Woman
284 Chapter 284: Another Evil Plan
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Reborn : Space Intelligent Woman
Author :ZerahNeko
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284 Chapter 284: Another Evil Plan

As usual, Yu Qi began her morning with jogging, and as usual, Aoi followed her.

"Master, where do you want to go after our routine today?" Aoi asked her as they started jogging.

"I want to see the greenhouse first. After that, I want to go to the Ryokan to see the ryokan workers. This is the first time we will be meeting them." Yu Qi explained to Aoi about today's plan.

They were running for a while until they saw a car. Well, the car was a little bit of a luxury model. They were not paying attention to the car, but the people inside the car were paying attention to Yu Qi and Aoi.

The man who sat in the back seat happened to see Yu Qi. "I never knew this small town can have this kind of beauty."

The woman beside him pouted. "What? I'm not a beauty, then?"

The man hugged the woman. "Don't be jealous. You are different, though. However, I would be happy to have a taste of her." The man showed the lecherous expression.

"Do you know her then? Since you did come from this town." The man asked the woman.

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"Of course I know her. She is my former classmate. And to be completely honest, she had been adopted into my family before." The woman answered.

Yeah, the woman in the back seat was Wang Fu Ya. She became a mistress of a rich man. The man had seen her at the night club that she had worked in before. The man wanted to have a delicate beauty like her so he offered her money to become his mistress.

At that moment, Wang Fu Ya already had set her mind on what she wanted and what she wanted was money. So she did not mind becoming a kept woman of the rich man.

"Owh, I never know about that. You never told me about that."

"It was a long time ago. The girl was ungrateful. After she caught the attention of some old man, she left our family." Wang Fu Ya sounded like Yu Qi became a mistress of that old man.

"Owh, she is a kept woman too." The man showed a lewd smile. He was thinking about the beauty that he saw just now and was figuring out how he might taste that beauty. If she was a kept woman, it might easy for him to taste her. He just needed to offer more money than the old man of hers.

"You need to help me. I want to fuck her." The man revealed his intention to Wang Fu Ya.

"What? You don't want me anymore?" Wang Fu Ya made a sad face.

However, in her heart, yes, she was happy about that. Yu Qi had caught this man's attention. She was disgusted by this old man. He was a short man with a big stomach and his face was not handsome. However, he did have a lot of money and power. That was why she was together with this old man. She knew that this old man had the wrong idea when he thought that Yu Qi was a kept woman as well, but she did not want to correct him. It was better when this old man made that assumption.

The old man caressed Wang Fu Ya's face. "Don't worry, my dear. You are still in my heart. I just want to taste her once. That's all."

"I bet it will not an easy thing. She has a temper." This is the true fact. Yu Qi did have a temper.

"Don't worry. You just have to invite her for a drink and then put something special into it. I'm sure that after she tastes that thing, she would not have the energy to fight so hard." The old man smiled lewdly.

"I might not be of much use when it comes to inviting her..."

"I will buy you anything if you manage to get her into my bed." The old man offered a tempting reward.

Wang Fu Ya's eyes widened and lite up. "I promise I will work on it then, but it might take a bit of time."

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"Don't worry. I'm willing to wait."

"Or you can just kidnap her directly since you have the power." Wang Fu Ya gave the idea.

"Owh, that might be a good idea." The old man nodded.

With this, the plan to destroy Yu Qi had begun. Wang Fu Ya smiled. She wondered if Yu Qi will manage to escape this lewd old man.


"Miss Yu Qi, long time no see."

The greenhouse workers greeted Yu Qi at the main entrance of the greenhouse. It had been a long time since they had last seen their boss.

"Long time no see. It has indeed been a long time since I was able to come here." Yu Qi nodded.

"Good morning, Miss Yu Qi." An energetic greeting from Song Tai.

"Good morning Miss Yu Qi." Song Tao also greeted Yu Qi.

"We already knew about you being here from our uncle. He informed us that you came home last night." Song Tai said.

"Ohh, I see."

Then they began their working. Yu Qi wandered around the greenhouse together with Aoi. She inspected the plants, especially her precious herbs to see whether they had been taken care of in the right way or not. So far so good. The twins learned how to take care of them from Uncle Song Nan and then taught the other workers how to do it.

She then went to the flower's section. She saw Lang Bing, who was currently taken care of the roses. When Lang Bing spotted her boss, she greeted her boss as Yu Qi walked towards her.

"Morning, Miss Yu Qi." Lang Bing greeted Yu Qi with a smile.

"Morning, Sister Lang Bing." Yu Qi replied to the greeting.

"Are you currently on vacation from school?" Lang Bing asked.

"Yes. I have three months off, but for, my is not really broken."

"Yeah, I guess so. When you are taking a break from your studies, you will busy with us." Lang Bing laughed. Her boss was indeed a busy woman.

"Well, I can not stand around and doing nothing, my body feels restless." Yu Qi said.

"I can see the variety of flowers has increased." Yu Qi commented while looking around. She could see some new flowers that were not there the last time she was there.

"We ended up buying some new kinds of flowers. The florists that we supply for sometimes come and ask for some different flowers, so we thought we should increase our selection." Lang Bing was currently trimming a rose bush.

"I see. That is great then." Yu Qi nodded.

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