Reborn : Space Intelligent Woman
287 Chapter 287: Went To Long Hui
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Reborn : Space Intelligent Woman
Author :ZerahNeko
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287 Chapter 287: Went To Long Hui

"Someone? Who?" Yu Qi asked.

"You will know when you reach the place." The scarred man said. "But if you don't want to, ..." The scarred man eyed the three hostages that were tied up.

Yu Qi understood his threat. "Okay. I will follow you. Just don't touch my family."

The scarred man smiled when the girl got his message. "I know you understand. We will just leave them like this."

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Grandpa Tang shook his body. "Hmm... Hmm..."

Yu Qi looked at her grandfather. "Can I talk to my grandfather for one second." She asked permission from the scarred man.

The scarred man nodded. Getting his permission, Yu Qi walked over to her grandfather and hugged him.

"Don't worry, grandfather. I will be okay." Then she lowered her tone and whispered. " After this, please find Long Hui with Aoi."

Grandpa Tang looked at Yu Qi. Yu Qi was smiling. He wanted to tell her something however his mouth was sealed shut by the tape.

Yu Qi stood up and followed the men out of her house and got into one of the cars. The cars left the Godly Herbs shop, leaving the three of them still tied up. Sister Chu Xiao cried when her young miss sacrificed herself to save them. Uncle Song Nan was shocked by this situation.

Grandpa Tang stayed silent. He kept trying to figure out what Yu Qi meant by her last sentence. She wanted him to find Long Hui, but how was he going to find him when he was tied up like this?

Ten minutes passed. Grandpa Tang suddenly saw something moving at the main entrance of the house. Taking a closer look at the object, he recognized Yu Qi's dog, Aoi. What was he doing here? Why did he not follow Yu Qi?

Aoi entered the house cautiously. He was afraid that the men might have left some of their comrades to keep watch on the house. When he was sure that the house was free from the men, she approached Grandfather and the other two that were still tied up.

"Aoi?" Grandpa Tang called his name.

"Woof." Aoi barked, acknowledging Grandpa Tang.

Without wasting any time, Aoi bit the rope that bound Grandpa Tang. Using his sharp teeth, Aoi successfully released Grandpa Tang from the rope. Grandpa Tang then took the opportunity to rip the tape off of his mouth. He turned and started to work on the rope that bound Uncle Song Nan to release him. Meanwhile, Aoi bit the rope on Sister Chu Xiao. The three of them were quickly released.

"Master Tang, we need to save young miss." Sister Chu Xiao said, crying.

"Woof." Aoi barked to Grandpa Tang.

Grandpa Tang looked at Aoi. He remembered what Yu Qi had said before she went with those men. She wanted him to go and find Long Hui with Aoi.

"Woof, woof." Aoi barked again.

"Song Nan, Chu Xiao, let's go to the military camp." Grandpa Tang ordered them.

Song Nan went to the garage and took out the car. Grandpa Tang, Sister Chu Xiao, and not forgot about Aoi, jumped into the car. Uncle Song Nan was usually a good driver, but right now he ignored the rules of the road and drove the car with high speed.

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After 10 minutes, the car reached its destination. Grandpa Tang quickly went to the soldiers that were guarding the main gate of the military camp. The soldiers held up his hand to stop Grandpa Tang.

"Sir, what is your business in coming here?" The soldier asked.

"Call Long Hui right now." Grandpa Tang demanded.

The soldiers looked at each other.

"Hurry up. It involves human life." Grandpa Tang said in an angry tone.

Sister Chu Xiao looked at her employer getting angry and stepped forward to talk to the soldiers.

"Sir, can you inform Long Hui that Master Tang Jiang Man is here. Our young miss had been kidnapped." Sister Chu Xiao said with tears in her eyes.

"You should call the police regarding a kidnapping case." The soldier said, not moving.


The soldiers were scared when this old man mentioned the Great General Long Fei with such familiarity. Maybe this old man was an associate of the Great General Long Fei.

"Go and inform the Major Long Hui about this. Let him decide what to do." A soldier told another soldier to go and inform Long Hui.

Time was passing quickly, but not long after that, Long Hui appeared. He was running as fast as he could to meet Grandpa Tang. A worried look could be seen on his face.

"What had happened to Qi Qi?" Long Hui immediately asked about Yu Qi as soon as he arrived in front of Grandpa Tang.

"She had been kidnapped by some men. I did not recognize them." Grandpa Tang told Long Hui about the situation. "This evening, she told me that she wanted to see Feng Yue. So she went out. I was not thinking much about that. Then two hours after she went out, several cars stopped in front of my shop demanding to meet with Yu Qi. I'm sure that they were no good. They tied us up and waited for Yu Qi to return. When Yu Qi came back home, he told her that someone wanted to meet her. If she did not follow them, our lives would be in danger. So, in order to save us, she followed the men into their cars. However, before she left with them, she told me to find you."

"How did you manage to release yourself?" Long Hui asked.

"Aoi appeared and bit my rope." Grandpa Tang explained.

Long Hui frowned when listening to the story. What was the men's motive to kidnap Yu Qi? Where did they take Yu Qi to? Without knowing this, how could he look for her?

"I just don't know where they might have brought her to," Grandpa Tang sighed.

"Did she bring her phone?" Long Hui asked.

"About her phone, I found it outside the house earlier. It seems that the men threw it away before she got in the car." Sister Chu Xiao told them. Before she entered the car, she caught the sight of the broken phone on the ground. She recognized it as her young miss's phone.

Long Hui was thinking to hack the current location of the phone if the phone was on Yu Qi, however, now he needed to think about another method in order to find Yu Qi's location.

"Woof." Aoi was barking at Long Hui and pulling Long Hui's leg.

Long Hui looked down at Aoi. When Aoi realized that Long Hui was watching him, so he looked up to Long Hui. He wanted to convey something to Long Hui.

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"Sorry, but maybe he knows that his master in danger. That is why he s behaving like this." Sister Chu Xiao lifted up Aoi.

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