Reborn : Space Intelligent Woman
312 Chapter 312: Another Problem
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Reborn : Space Intelligent Woman
Author :ZerahNeko
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312 Chapter 312: Another Problem

"That bitch?" Madam Wang frowned.

"Yes, Mum. I met her this morning." Wang Fu Ya told her.

"What did you do to provoke her?" Madam Wang asked.

Madam Wang realized that that bitch did not attack her family since their family did not do anything to that bitch. That meant that this daughter of hers did something first that made that bitch attacked her family.

"I... didn't doing anything." Wang Fu Ya said, not wanting to admit that she was the one who made that old man kidnapped Yu Qi.

However, Wang Ha Na did not want to keep the secret from their mother so she decided to tell their mother about what Wang Fu Ya did to Yu Qi.

"Mum, Sister, she told me that her boss was interested in Yu Qi, so she told her boss to kidnap Yu Qi." Wang Ha Na revealed the truth to their mother.

"You!!!" Wang Fu Ya pointed to Wang Ha Na.

"Sister, we can't lie to Mum. She has to know." Wang Ha Na felt that it was the right thing to do to tell their mother about what happened.

"You!!!" Madam Wang shouted to Wang Fu Ya. "Why are you inviting the problems? That bitch had clearly already forgotten about us. Why have you remind her?"

Wang Fu Ya did not answer. She just wanted to get even with Yu Qi. That bitch destroyed her life so it was only fair to destroy that bitch's life too.

"If you want to make her suffer, do it without her realizing that it was you." Madam Wang added. She was not that kind. She also wanted to ruin that bitch's life.

"Sister, how about you call your boss and ask about the situation?" Wang Ha Na suggested.

Madam Wang thought it was a good thing to do. "Yeah. Call your boss and ask him about the matter." Madam Wang urged Wang Fu Ya to make a call to her boss.

Wang Fu Ya called the old man. She waited for a long time before the call was connected.

"Darling, what are you doing? I miss you." Wang Fu Ya said after the call was answered.

Madam Wang and Wang Ha Na felt disgusted as they knew that Wang Fu Ya's boss was an old man. Wang Ha Na rolled her eyes at Wang Fu Ya. Wang Fu Ya did not notice because she was so focused on the call.

"Hello." A girl answered the call.

"What? Who are you? Why do you answer my man's cellphone?" Wang Fu Ya asked in anger.

"Who are you?" The girl did not answer Wang Fu Ya, but instead, asked who Wang Fu Ya was.

"I'm Wang Fu Ya, his lover." Wang Fu Ya answered proudly.

"Miss, I'm from the police station. Mr. Hong had been arrested for multiple crimes." The girl informed Wang Fu Ya.

Wang Fu Ya was shocked and she quickly ended the call. Her face showed a panicked expression. Wang Fu Ya turned to Madam Wang.

"Mum, my boss had been arrested." Wang Fu Ya told Madam Wang in panic.

"What?" Madam Wang also shocked when she heard this. Then she hit Wang Fu Ya's head.

"Mum, why are you hitting me?" Wang Fu Ya held the place that Madam Wang hit her.

"You idiot. Why do you telling them your name?" Madam Wang said to Wang Fu Ya.

Wang Fu Ya was surprised. Yeah, she told the police officer her name and her relationship to the old man. The police officer might find her soon or later.

"Mum, what should I do?" Wang Fu Ya asked she could not think of any ideas to get herself out of trouble.

Wang Ha Na just watched Wang Fu Ya. Usually, Wang Fu Ya was smarter when this kind of problem occurred, however, today it seemed that Wang Fu Ya had become stupid.

Just then, someone knocked on their door. The sound was very loud and caused the three  Wang women to jump at the sound.

"Mum, could be the police officer has come to arrest me as well?" Wang Fu Ya was scared.

"Ha Na, go and take a look." Madam Wang asked Wang Ha Na to go and look who was at their front door.

"What? Why should I? I'm scared too." Wang Ha Na rejected.

"Hey, I know you are in there. Come out if you want your son to be safe." The man in front of Wang House shouted.

Madam Wang stood up and ran to open the door. They threatened her son's safety and her son was her life. She could not let her son be in danger if she could help it.

"Mum." Wang Fu Ya and Wang Ha Na screamed at their mother, they did not want her mother to open the door.

However, Madam Wang opened the door. There were two men dressed in casual clothes giving off a bad feeling.

"What are you doing with my son?" Madam Wang asked.

"Madam, your son was gambling at our place and he lost a lot of money. He then was caught cheating. If you want your son to be safe, prepare 10 million dollars within two days. If we have the money, we will give your son back to you sound and safe. However, if you can't prepare the money in the time allowed, be brave, you might not see your son ever again." One of the men said in a rather steady tone.

"What? My son does not gamble, you are lying. Give me back my son!" Madam Wang screamed.

"Hey, old hag. I'm telling you in a nice tone. Your son is indeed a gambler." The man's anger exploded. While at first, he was trying to deal with things civilly, now he was talking in a harsh tone.

"No.. No... No... My son is just 14 years old," Madam Wang could not accept what the man was saying.

"Sir, my brother is just a teenager. He could not be a gambler." Wang Fu Ya tried to talk with the men.

"Age does not matter. What matters is that your brother was caught cheating in my boss's place. Just prepare the money and we will let your brother go." The men wanted to leave the Wang House because there were some people already gathered outside to see what was going on.

Some of the people heard what was Madam Wang screaming about...her son was gambling and had been caught cheating. Not only that, but her daughter's news also came out today.

"The men said her son was gambling somewhere."

"Eh, are you sure? Her son is just 14 years old."

"I came first, so I heard about what is she screaming before."

"Wow, so young but..."

"Then do you hear about her oldest daughter?"

"What about that?"

"Yeah, I heard about that. Her eldest daughter became the mistress to an old man."

"What? Really?"

"Yeah. I just came back from the market and everyone seems to be talking about this. They even have pictures of her serving the old men."

"Wow, I really did not expect her to be like that."

The people gathered in front of Wang House gossiped about the Wang family's scandals. They did not bother to lower their voices so the Wang Family heard everything that they had just said.

"Get lost." Madam Wang lost her temper that shouted angrily to the people.

The people looked at the Wang Family then they left the place. Wang Fu Ya and Wang Ha Na helped their mother into the house as Madam Wang was crying so hard she could barely stand.

"My son... My son..." Madam Wang just said the two words over and over again.

"Sister, what should we do?" Wang Ha Na asked her sister.

Wang Fu Ya frowned. Her problem did not have a solution and now her brother's problem also came along. She already felt a headache coming on.

"But where did Yu Jin get the money to gamble?" Wang Ha Na could not help but wonder about that.

Wang Fu Ya shook her head. "I did give him 100 RMB past few days. But still, that was a little amount of money."

Wang Ha Na was silent. She also thought the same. 100 RMB was a too small amount of money to gamble with.

The Wang Family did not know that Wang Yu Jin used that money to also gamble using a slot machine and he was winning. Having a taste of winning, he played a lot and every time he played, he won.

Wang Yu Jin did not longer satisfy with the slot machines, so, he began to gamble with other people.

"My son. We should save your brother." Madam Wang grabbed Wang Fu Ya's hand.

"Mum, we also want to save Yu Jin but we do not have the money." Wang Fu Ya sighed.

"Let's go and borrow from Yu Qi. She has a lot of money now, right?" Madam Wang suggested.

"Mum, do you think that bitch would lend her money to us?" Wang Fu Ya told the truth. Yeah, Yu Qi, that bitch, she would never lend her money to Wang Family.

"We should try. He is your only brother. Do you want him to die?" Madam Wang shouted again.

Wang Fu Ya and Wang Ha Na frowned. They already knew the result. With the previous incident that Wang Fu Ya provoked Yu Qi and told the old man to kidnap Yu Qi, Yu Qi might not help them. Wang Fu Ya and Wang Ha Na looked at each other, they knew that they could not stop their mother's plan to borrow some money from Yu Qi.

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