Reborn : Space Intelligent Woman
318 Chapter 318: Promote Her Own Daughters
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Reborn : Space Intelligent Woman
Author :ZerahNeko
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318 Chapter 318: Promote Her Own Daughters

The day finally arrived. Madam Wang was crying all day long. She had thickened her face by going to her neighbors and asking them to lend some money. None of them lend their money.

Her neighbors were not evil as they did lend some money to Wang Family before but until now, Wang's family did not return their money. That was why they did not want to lend more money to Wang Family.

Then, there was a knock on the door. Wang Fu Ya went and opened the door. The same two men that came two days ago were standing outside.

"Mum." Wang Fu Ya called her mother.

Madam Wang quickly came. When she saw the men, she rushed and grabbed one of them.

"Sir, please spare my son. He is still young." Madam Wang kneeled while begging the men.

"Madam, we are doing business here. Your son damaged our business. So, whether you or your son need to compensate for it." The men did not give any face to Madam Wang.

Madam Wang then turned to Wang Fu Ya. She grabbed Wang Fu Ya and pushed her to the men.

"Here, this is my daughter. She can compensate for it." Madam Wang shamelessly tried to sell her daughter.

Wang Fu Ya paled. "Mum." Wang Fu Ya did not expect that her mother would be selling her for her brother.

"If she is not enough, I have another daughter. She is also still young." Madam Wang added.

Wang Ha Na already came out from the room when she heard some noise outside. Then she heard her mother was selling her sister. And said if she was not enough, she had another daughter. She became angry.

"Mum!!!" Wang Ha Na screamed.

"What?" Madam Wang asked like she did not say anything wrong. Like it was the right way to do.

"How can you sell your daughters for your son?" Wang Ha Na shouted.

"He is your brother. You shall sacrifice for him." Madam Wang said.

Wang Ha Na laughed. "Then you shall sacrifice yourself. I will never sacrifice myself for that brat. He went to gamble by himself. Then as these men said, let him compensate it" Wang Ha Na looked at Madam Wang angrily.

"She is right, Mum. Why shall I sacrifice myself?" Wang Fu Ya took the side of Wang Ha Na.

Madam Wang changed her face. "He is your younger brother. You must look after him."

"Humph. If he has not gambled, this problem will not occur." Wang Ha Na said.

"You!!!" Madam Wang could not say anything.

"So, none of you can pay the amount?" The men asked, tired of watching Wang Family's bickering.

The voice of the man reminded Madam Wang of the men that waiting for the money.

"Please, sir. Please spare my son." Madam Wang begged.

"Let's go."One of the men signaled his friend.

They were leaving the house. However, Madam Wang hugged the leg of one of the men. The hug was strong that the man could not make Madam Wang release his leg. Then his friend became angry and kicked Madam Wang.

Because of her pain, Madam Wang released the man. The two men left the place in a hurry. They did not want their leg to be hugged again by that woman. They also needed to report to their boss about this.

Madam Wang chased the men. " Wait!!! Wait!!! Please let my son go." Madam Wang screamed when she saw the two men were leaving the place.

The scream was very loud. But none of her neighbors came out and helped her. The neighbors were avoiding the Wang Family. They did not want to get mix with Wang Family. So, they did not come out.

Madam Wang felt very bad. Her son... Her son... Her son was going to die. She sobbed.

"Mum..." Wang Fu Ya called her mother.

"You!!! Why do you not want to help your brother?" Madam Wang turned to Wang Fu Ya. She could not help but slap Wang Fu Ya.

Wang Fu Ya did not have time to avoid it. Pang.

Her face turned red due to Madam Wang's slap. Madam Wang did not feel any guilt at all.

"You shall help him since he is your brother." Madam Wang said again.

Wang Ha Na could not stand to see her sister being hurt for that reason.

"Mum, are we your daughters?" Wang Ha Na felt very annoyed with her mother.

"Of course, you two are my daughters." Madam Wang answered.

"Why have you pushed us to the corner? Why are you willing to sell us?" Wang Fu Ya faced her mother and asked the question.

"He is my only son and your brother. He is the one who will continue the tree of our family." Madam Wang said like it was the right thing to tell her daughters.

"I see. You do not see us as your own children. Just that brat is your only child." Wang Ha Na gripped her hand.

"What are you talking about?" Madam Wang said angrily. Then she continued, "Your brother may die."

"Let him die." Wang Ha Na screamed angrily and ran away. She did not want to stay here right now. Her mother only loved her brother. A mother would not do something like selling her own daughter easily.

Madam Wang felt very tired out of suddenly. When she remembered her son, she naturally cried. Wang Fu Ya slowly went into her room. She locked her door. Her face was very hurt from her own mother's slap. She put some cooling pad to decrease the pain. Luckily, she saved one.

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