Reborn : Space Intelligent Woman
321 Chapter 321: Beginning of Opening Ceremony
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Reborn : Space Intelligent Woman
Author :ZerahNeko
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321 Chapter 321: Beginning of Opening Ceremony

Yu Qi was very busy in the morning at her ryokan. The opening ceremony would take place at the Wisteria Garden. That way, the guests could enjoy the beauty of the wisteria flowers during the opening ceremony.

The tables and chairs were placed according to Yu Qi's arrangements and the refreshments were placed nearby. Yu Qi looked at the arrangement. She was very satisfied with this.

"Thank you for your cooperation this time. I hope you will continue to give the same hard work in the future," Yu Qi told her employees.

"It is time for us to welcome the guests. Let change our outfits," Yu Qi ordered her employees.

The people that were in charge of welcoming the guests went to change their outfits while the others went to their workplace. Yu Qi went to go see her grandfather who had already changed his clothes. He was talking with Grandpa Feng.

"Are the preparations already done?"Grandpa Tang asked when he saw that Yu Qi came to see him.

"Yes, I just wanted to change my clothes first. Then we will head to the garden." Yu Qi smiled.

Before she left the room, she turned to Grandpa Tang. "Grandfather, you look so handsome when you are dressed up like this." Then she left.

Grandpa Tang and Grandpa Feng were stunned when Yu Qi praised Grandpa Tang. They then burst out into laughter.

Grandpa Feng turned to Grandpa Tang. "Your granddaughter is very funny."

"She stopped by just to tease me. That girl." Grandpa Tang laughed.

Yu Qi went to her room to change her clothes. Inside her room, Feng Yue was laying down, resting and waiting for Yu Qi.

"There you are, I was so bored waiting for you, girl." Feng Yue stood up when she saw the person that she had been waiting for was already here.

"I have a job to finish. The ceremony will be starting at 11 a.m. I need to change my clothes first." Yu Qi took off her shirt and went to the bathroom. She wanted to bathe first before changing her clothes. She thought her body smelled from her running around.

After 15 minutes, she came out of the bathroom. Feng Yue still in the room looking at the outfit that Yu Qi was going to wear.

"Yu Qi, do you know how to wear this?" Feng Yue pointed to the outfit.

Yu Qi smiled. Of course, she knew how to wear it. She used to wear it all the time during her past life.

"I know." Yu Qi nodded.

"It has a lot of layers. Our traditional dress is a lot simpler than this." Feng Yue shook her head when she saw at the outfit.

Yu Qi chuckled. Yeah, Feng Yue was right. This outfit was very complex because it was a formal kimono. Due to her past life, Yu Qi knew how to wear it. Ignoring Feng Yue, Yu Qi put on the outfit. She tied up the outfit and when she was finished Yu Qi went to style her hair. She did not want a complicated style. Just a simple one would be enough.

"Yu Qi, you are very beautiful." Feng Yue praised Yu Qi after Yu Qi had finished changing. "You are not wearing any makeup, right?"

"Yeah." Yu Qi nodded. She did not want to put any one as she had already used her own skincare line.

"Let's go. It's almost time." Yu Qi looked at her watch.

The two of them went to pick up their grandfathers. Like Feng Yue, the two old men praised Yu Qi's beauty.

"My granddaughter is very beautiful." Grandpa Tang was very proud of his granddaughter.

"That brat, Hui is sure lucky to have someone as beautiful as Yu Qi." Grandpa Feng commented.

Hearing Long Hui's name, Yu Qi blushed while holding her smile. Long Hui promised her that if he did not have a mission to complete, he would come to the opening ceremony.

"Let's go," Grandpa Tang said, waking Yu Qi up from her daydream.

The guests were already fulling up the garden and when Yu Qi and others walked into the garden, many eyes were staring at them. Yu Qi , as well as Grandpa Tang and Grandpa Feng were already used to all the attention, it was only Feng Yue that felt nervous when been stared at.

Yu Qi looked around, disappointed that she did not see the person that she wanted to see. Maybe he had other things to be done. Yu Qi sighed and then she shook her head. She could not feel like this. This was her ryokan opening ceremony.

"Can I get everyone's attention, please?" Sister Chui Mei Fung spoke through the microphone.

Everyone stopped talking and paid attention to Sister Chui Mei Fung.

Sister Chui Mei Fung showed her beautiful smile and began her speech. "Everyone, thank you for coming to this meaningful event for us." Even though she was kind of nervous, she already learned how to control her facial expressions.

"Hello, my name is Chui Mei Fung, and firstly, let me introduce our hotel. Our hotel was named Saisei Ryokan by our owner. It's meaning is rebirth when translated into our language. It is a very befitting name. When our owner approached me, I was in the middle of ending my life. I didn't want to live anymore, but our owner made me reborn again with another life. I felt very thankful to our owner." Sister Chu Mei Fung paused for a moment and continued again.

"Our hotel's concept is ryokan. For your information, maybe someone from all of you is not familiar with the word 'ryokan'. The word Ryokan means 'a hotel' in Japanese. A Ryokan usually has one hot spring, known as an onsen in Japan. So, here we have about 3 public onsens, as well as seven private ones in the first class rooms.

You can enjoy them in the way you like and the most important part is that our onsens have a good effect on your health. As to what benefits we have here, you can read about them in our pamphlet that we have handed out. You have no need to worry about anything as we have the legendary doctor here, Doctor Tang Jiang Man, to ensure that all of our onsens are safe and suitable for all people."

Sister Chui Mei Fung used the fame of Grandpa Tang to promote Yu Qi's ryokan.

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