Reborn : Space Intelligent Woman
325 Chapter 325: Tried To Escape
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Reborn : Space Intelligent Woman
Author :ZerahNeko
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325 Chapter 325: Tried To Escape

The opening ceremony for the Saisei Ryokan was finally completed. Yu Qi could now take a breath of relief. The next day, after the opening ceremony, those people who got the free ticket to enjoy the onsen came, and the numbers were very large. Sister Chui Mei Fung had to set another rule, they could only enjoy the onsen for two hours in order to make sure that everyone who came could enjoying the onsen.

Yu Qi could relax for now. her greenhouse had Song Tao to manage it, her investment company had Su Yu Hi to manage that and her ryokan had Sister Chui Mei Fung to manage it. Other than that, Su Yu Hi was still her personal assistant.

The semester break was soon going to be over and she only had one more week left to settle the things here. What things? He he he... Wang Fu Ya, of course. Yu Qi had only delayed finishing Wang Fu Ya off because of the opening ceremony, but now that the opening ceremony was done, it was time to get even with Wang Fu Ya.

This time, she would not be merciful anymore. She had been merciful to Wang Fu Ya for a long time, even though Wang Fu Ya had plotted against her time and again, she did not do anything to Wang Fu Ya. However, this time, Wang Fu Ya had done something to test Yu Qi's limits, which was to threatened her beloved family. Now Wang Fu Ya had to pay for it.

Yu Qi had already laid the trap on her before the opening ceremony. She just needed to wait for the opening ceremony to finish first, then she would begin her plan.


At the Wang House.

Wang Ha Na was alone, Madam Wang and Wang Fu Ya were at the hospital taking care of Wang Yu Jin. Yesterday was her turn to take care of Wang Yu Jin so now, she was taking her sweet time resting. She was about to go back to sleep when she heard someone knocking on the front door. The knocking sounded very urgent.

Since Wang Ha Na was all by herself, she was kind of afraid to open the door. What if the gangsters that injured Wang Yu Jin were here again? She did not want to be hurt. She went to the door to see outside the house and overheard some men talking.

"Are they are not home?"

"It doesn't look like it."

Then Wang Ha Na heard the voice of her neighbor, Madam Jiang.

"Sir, if you want to find the Wang Family, you should go to the hospital to find them. Their youngest son was beaten to half-death," Madam Jiang told the men.

Wang Ha Na gathered up her courage and sneaked a peek outside. She saw the two police officers talking to Madam Jiang. She thought it must be about her brother's case since she had gone to the police station to report about Wang Yu Jin's case yesterday.

"Okay then. We will go to the hospital. Thank you, Madam."

The two police officers left the Wang house. Wang Ha Na no longer had any interest in sleeping and decided that she would go to the hospital instead. She was really curious as to what the Policemen were going to say and she wanted to know what was going on with Wang Yu Jin's case.


At the hospital...

Wang Yu Jin was placed at the normal ward after making it though the critical time. As the doctor said, he already lost his ability to move around by using his legs. Madam Wang sat beside Wang Yu Jin while Wang Yu Jin was still unconsciousness.

Wang Fu Ya was sitting beside her mother when she started to feel uncomfortable. It was time to take it. Her hand was shaking and she clenched her hands together to make the shaking invisible to her mother's eyes.

"Mum, I want to go to the toilet." Wang Fu Ya told her mother in case her mother wanted to know.

"Okay. Just go." Wang Fu Ya quickly ran from the wad heading to the toilet. Fortunately, she brought the one thing that could make the shaking stop. She pulled out a bottle with an unknown label and took out one pill, quickly swallowing it. She closed her eyes.

After a few minutes, the shaking disappeared and she took a breath of relief. She left the bathroom and started to head towards Wang Yu Jin's ward. However, when she entered Wang Yu Jin's wad, she saw two police officers inside. She did not think much about it. The police officers probably came due to Wang Yu Jin's case.

When the police officers heard someone come in, they turned around. They saw Wang Fu Ya.

"You must be Miss Wang Fu Ya, right?" One of the police officers asked Wang Fu Ya.

"Yes. What do you need from me?" Wang Fu Ya asked in confusion.

"Miss Wang, you know Mr. Yu An Wong?" The same police officer asked again.

Hearing the name of the old man that she became the mistress to, Wang Fu Ya became pale.

Wang Fu Ya hurriedly shook her head. "No, I don't know him." She tried to lie because she knew that nothing good came from the old man that had been arrested.

The police officer that asked Wang Fu Ya the question looked at his partner. His partner nodded.

"Miss Wang, we know you are lying to us, we are well aware of your relationship with Mr. Yu An Wong. You need to follow us to the police station." The police officer told the truth.

"What? You can not arrest my daughter! She did nothing." Madam Wang stood up when she saw the developing situation.

"Yes Madam Wang, we can. We have a warrant for arrest for Miss Wang," The other police officer answered Madam Wang while pulled out the document and showed it to the two of them.

Seeing the document, Wang Fu Ya thought she could not lie anymore. So, she took a drastic way. She ran out of the wad as fast as she could. She did not want to get caught by those police officers.

Seeing Wang Fu Ya run away, the police officers also ran out chasing her. This Wang Fu Ya needed to be caught as soon as possible.

Everyone in the corridor was shocked upon seeing this situation. The doctors and nurses were in the corridor asking Wang Fu Ya to stop running, however, Wang Fu Ya ignored the doctors and nurses. The patients also moved to the side to avoid Wang Fu Ya.

Wang Fu Ya was not fast, nor a good runner. She was already tired from running. She turned around and saw the police officers chased her at a fast pace. No no no... She did not want to be caught. She tried to increase her speed, but because she had turned back to see what was behind her, she did not realize that there was a nurse was pushing a tray in front of her. The nurse also did not see Wang Fu Ya running towards her because she had just turned from the corner.

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