Reborn : Space Intelligent Woman
329 Chapter 329: Her Parents???
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Reborn : Space Intelligent Woman
Author :ZerahNeko
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329 Chapter 329: Her Parents???

"Ah, my dear Yu Qi is here." Aunty Ming Yue hugged Yu Qi followed by Aunty Su Xiao.

Yeah, Yu Qi and Grandpa Tang came home, that was Tang House at FINN City. Yu Qi wanted to go by bus. However, Grandpa Tang did not allow it saying it was dangerous. He would send her to Tang House first. after that Yu Qi would be going to the university from there.

Yu Qi knew someone would be sending her. The whole family was like Grandpa Tang and did not allow her to take a bus for traveling.

"When will you be going back to the university?" Aunty Ming Yue asked.

"Tomorrow. My class will be starting two days later. There is some preparation that I want to do before that." Yu Qu explained.

"Owh..." Aunty Ming Yue wanted to say she should stay one more day when she heard that Yu Qu's class would start two days later. However, when Yu Qi said she had some preparation to do, she did not say it.

"Yu Qi, the product that you have given us to use, it is very good. After five days using it, my skin has become smooth. Even your Uncle Jang Qin has praised my skin." Aunty Su Xiao said while blushing.

"Really? That's great. Tell me when you finish it, I will send another batch to you." Yu Qi said.

"Alright. Well, we still have time. Let's go." Aunty Ming Yue suggested.

Yu Qi confused. Go where?

"Yeah." Aunty Su Xiao nodded.

"Where are we going?" Yu Qi asked her two aunties.

"Well, actually we want to go outside for shopping. You do come at the right time." Aunty Ming Yue smiled.

Aunty Ming Yue hooked Yu Qi's right arm while Aunty Su Xiao hooked her left arm. Yu Qi could not run away. So, she just let her two aunties pulled her to the shopping mall.

The first destination was the spa that her two aunties brought her before. The owner was Yung Ha Ren. Yu Qi remembered her because she had given some weird look to Yu Qi. Her aunties wanted to get some massage before walking around.

"I'm Tang Ming Yue. I booked for two people. But I want to add another one. Do you have a free spot?" Aunty Ming Yue asked the receptionist.

The receptionist replied. "Wait for a minute, let me check your name first." The receptionist looked through the book finding Aunty Ming Yue's name. "Madam Tang, you have booked for two people. So you want to add another one, right?" The receptionist asked again for confirmation.

"Yes." Aunty Ming Yue nodded.

"Wait for a minute. I will check with our staff inside." The receptionist said politely.


The receptionist called someone. Someone who was in charge of massaging the customers. After that, the receptionist finished the call and turned to Aunty Ming Yue.

"Madam Tang, we have the free spot. You can enter it now." The receptionist said while smiling.

"Thank you." Aunty Ming Yue nodded.

Then the three of them went to get the body massage. After getting the body massage before, Yu Qi did not feel weird anymore. She laid on the place. Yu Qi felt very good.

The masseuse praised Yu Qi for her fair and smooth skin. She was also surprised when feeling the muscle on the girl's body. After 45 minutes, the massage finished. Yu Qi went to clean her body. After that, she waited for her two aunties. She sat in the waiting space.

Then a woman came and sat in front of her. She looked up. Yung Ha Ren was the one sitting in front of her. The woman was smiling at Yu Qi. Yu Qi politely smiled back at her.

"Yu Qi, right?" Yung Ha Ren asked.

"Yes." Yu Qi nodded. "You are Aunty Ha Ren, a friend of Aunty Ming Yue and Aunty Su Xiao."

"You remember me. You have become more beautiful from the last time I saw you." Yung Ha Ren said.

"Thank you." Yu Qi did not know how to face this woman since she once again gave Yu Qi a weird look.

"Your mother probably would have been proud when she had seen you." Yung Ha Ren said the sentence in a weird way.

Yu Qi did not reply. She looked at Yung Ha Ren. She tried to know what did Yung Ha Ren want to tell her.

"She might have bragged about you." Yung Ha Ren was not looking at Yu Qi now but someone else. Someone that was not here.

"Aunty Ha Ren, do you know my mother?" Yu Qi threw a question.

Yung Ha Ren slightly panicked, then she managed to cover it. However, Yu Qi caught the panic in her eyes.

"How could I know your mother?" Yung Ha Ren said.

"I see. I don't know who are my parents." Yu Qi sighed.

Even in her previous life, she did not get the chance to know her parents. Her real grandfather refused to tell her about them. Well, not like she wanted to find about them, but still she wanted to know their faces and reason to leave their child behind.

"Maybe you already have met them. You just don't know about it." Yung Ha Ren sighed.

"Well, I don't care about them." Yu Qi said in a cold tone.

Yung Ha Ren looked at Yu Qi. The girl flashed a cold look on her eyes. She might hate her parents. She wanted to explain but she remembered what Yu Qi's parents told her not to tell anyone about them especially to their own daughter if she met their daughter in the future. Because it might endanger their daughter. She sighed. Maybe one day... One day they would meet each other.

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