Reborn : Space Intelligent Woman
330 Chapter 330: Choosing A Pair Of Heels To Her?
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Reborn : Space Intelligent Woman
Author :ZerahNeko
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330 Chapter 330: Choosing A Pair Of Heels To Her?

Aunty Ming Yue and Aunty Su Xiao already had finished with their massage. After paying, the two of them pulled Yu Qi and wandered around the shopping mall. They walked into the shop that sold shoes.

Aunty Ming Yue and Aunty Su Xiao wanted Yu Qi to choose a pair of shoes. Well, actually, it was a pair of heels. Yu Qi was not a fan of heels. She did not like wearing heels because she felt it was not safe.

The heels were not convenient because it was not easy to run in the heels in case something happened. She got a lot of bad things happened. Not like she was asking for it, they came running toward her.

"But aunties, I don't wear them." Yu Qi tried to reject it.

"My dear, you have to get at least one pair of them. You probably need them in the future." Aunty Su Xiao said.

'Need them? For what?' Yu Qi asked herself the question. Her aunties insisted to buy her the heels. So she wandered around looking for the heels that could catch her attention. Actually, her mind was not on the heels rather on what had happened earlier with Yung Ha Ren. Her assumption that Yung Ha Ren knew about her parents.

Yung Ha Ren seemed to know her parents from her reaction. She wanted to tell Yu Qi however she hesitated about something.

Yu Qi was in deep thought, so she did not realize that she was about to bump into someone. So, she bumped into that someone. When she realized that she had bumped into someone, she quickly apologized to the person she bumped into.

"Sorry." Yu Qi did not even look at the person.

"Where do you put your eyes, huh?" An angry voice of a woman shouted to Yu Qi.

Yu Qi looked at the person. She was actually surprised to see someone that she knew. She did not expect to see him here. She then turned to the woman that shouted at her.

"What? How dare you look at me like that?" The woman was still angry.

"I did not expect to see you here, President Qin." Yu Qi greeted the person.

Yeah, the person that she bumped into was Qin Xia. He was together with that angry woman. The woman was surprised when she heard Yu Qi greeted Qin Xia.

"Yeah. Me too." Qin Xia smiled to Yu Qi.

When the woman saw Qin Xia was smiling to Yu Qi, she did not feel good. She never saw this man smiled at a woman. Even she did not have that privilege.

"Oh, I'm sorry to bump into you." Yu Qi apologized again.

"Never mind. I did not get hurt." Qin Xia said. He actually did not mind that she bumped into him at all.

"Mr. Qin." The woman tried to call Qin Xia after she saw Qin Xia totally ignored her after meeting with the girl in front of her.

Actually, Qin Xia ignored her from the starting but the feeling was still okay. However, when Qin Xia ignored her and smiled at an unknown girl, she thought she needed to disturb the harmony between them.

Qin Xia did not talk but glared to the woman beside him. This woman made her own way by accompanying him when he decided to make a routine walk around the mall. The old man must have planned something using this woman. Actually, he did not feel any good when seeing Yu Qi when he currently walked with another woman. He felt she might misunderstand him.

"I will go first, President Qin." Yu Qi bowed a little and left the area.

Qin Xia frowned when seeing Yu Qi left like that. His mood took a bad turn. This was all because of this woman. Qin Xia glared at the woman.

"If you want to still work at my company, don't decide things for me. I really hate that. And discharge whatever thoughts that you have on me because those are useless." Qin Xia said in a cold and threatening tone.

The woman felt very scared when Qin Xia said something like that to her. It was almost like her neck was being threatened by a knife. This was the first time she heard Qin Xia spoke in that tone. It was very terrifying.

She knew Qin Xia for about the past two years when she started working as one of his sectaries. But today, it was her first time seeing him smiled sweetly at another girl and spoke in that cold tone.

Qin Xia did not care about the woman's thoughts. It was unnecessary for him. What he actually cared about was Yu Qi's thought about him. He did not want her to misunderstand. If she misunderstood, it would be hard for him to make her his.

Qin Xia saw Yu Qi again. She was in the middle of looking at the heels. Her expression. He knew that expression. The expression was telling that she was making a choice. He had to use that chance. So he approached her.

"Having trouble?" Qin Xia asked.

Yu Qi shocked when she suddenly heard a deep voice asking her. She looked at her side. Qin Xia. 'What is he doing here?'

"You seem to have trouble choosing the heels " Qin Xia guessed.

Yu Qi did not say anything. She was pretty surprised when Qin Xia guessed correctly about that.

"I think this kind of heels suits you well." Qin Xia took a pair of dark green three-inch heels and showed them to Yu Qi.

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