Reborn : Space Intelligent Woman
339 Chapter 339: Staying At The Harmony Orphanage
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Reborn : Space Intelligent Woman
Author :ZerahNeko
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339 Chapter 339: Staying At The Harmony Orphanage

Chang Kang An looked at Chang Yu Qian with his serious eyes. He did not expect his father to have a health problem. However, he could not believe Yu Qi blindly.

Feeling Chang Kang giving her a distrustful look, Yu Qi smiled. "Well, if you don't believe me, you can go and do a medical check-up for Grandpa Chang. I know you might not believe me because I'm just a medical student."

"Miss Tang, don't misunderstand me." Chang Kang An said.

"Don't worry. I understand." Yu Qi understood what thoughts were in Chang Kang An's mind.

There was someone knocking on the door that had ended their discussion. Chang Kang An went and opened the door. It was Shi Yuan, wife of Chang Kang An.

"Dear, what is it?" Chang Kang An asked.

"There are two vans in front of our door saying they want to deliver things. Do you buy anything? Or does Dad buy something?" Shi Yuan explained.

"No. I don't. And I don't think Dad has bought things." Chang Kang An frowned. He got afraid by thinking that it might be a scam. There were a lot of things like this that had happened recently in the town.

"Actually, it is me." Yu Qi said it.

Chang Kang An and Shi Yuan turned to Yu Qi. The girl was smiling and nodding at the same time.

"Is it Miss Tang actually?" Chang Kang An wanted to confirm it.

"Yes. Those are gifts for the children actually." Yu Qi said.

They went out to see the delivery person.

"You can put it in the main hall." Chang Kang An asked the people to bring things to the main hall.

The children were kind of interested in things that people had bought in. They spotted the games that Yu Qi brought in the boxes. Yu Qi thanked the delivery person and gave them some tips. The deliverymen were indeed happy with the given tips and they left.

The children gathered around the main hall. They could not wait to see what those boxes contained. Yu Qi stepped forward. She opened the first box. Inside the box, there were the storybooks. Yu Qi pulled one of them out.

"Inside this box, there are a lot of storybooks. You can read it during your free time." Yu Qi told the children.

The young children cheered happily when Yu Qi told them. Yu Qi opened the second box and third box.

"Meanwhile inside this box, there are books for studies. I buy a lot of reference books, for children in elementary school, junior high school and also high school. You need to share with each other, okay?" Yu Qi smiled.

"Yes." The children responded happily.

Yu Qi opened the last two boxes. Inside the boxes, there were the games that she chose.

"Well, the study might be stressful, so, I also buy you some games that you can play together, outside and inside." Yu Qi told them while looking at them.

This time, Yu Qi got more responses. She laughed. They were children, so she understood, playing was important, after all.

Chang Yu Qian and Chang Kang An approached Yu Qi. The impression of this young girl in front of them became a lot better. They knew she was different than other young girls.

"Thank you so much, Miss Tang." Chang Yu Qian thanked Yu Qi.

"Sigh, Grandpa Chang. I'm telling you to call me Yu Qi." Yu Qi corrected Chang Yu Qian.

"Yes... Yes... Miss Yu Qi."Chang Yu Qian said. However, he did not throw the word 'Miss'.

Yu Qi gave up. He could call whatever he wanted to call her.

The time flew very fast. It was almost night time. Yu Qi got ready to leave. She would find a hotel to stay for one night and left for Starlight University the next day.

Seeing Yu Qi got ready to leave, Shi Yuan felt very worried. It was almost night. The town was not a safe place for a girl like Yu Qi. Shi Yuan approached Yu Qi.

"Miss Yu Qi, since it is already dark outside, you can spend your night here. It is not safe for a girl like you to stay outside during night time." Shi Yuan said.

Hearing this, Chang Kang An also nodded. "Yeah, Miss Yu Qi. You can stay here. We do have an empty room."

"Yeah. Mo Mo, can you help me clean the empty room?" Chang Yu Qian called a girl named Chang Mo Mo.

"Okay, Grandpa Chang." Chang Mo Mo nodded and left to the room.

Shi Yuan and elder girls went to the kitchen to cook their dinner. Yu Qi did not know what to do, so, she followed them to go to the kitchen. At first, Shi Yuan did not allow Yu Qi to help them since Yu Qi was a guest but Yu Qi insisted to help them. So, Shi Yuan allowed her.

After one hour, the dinner for about 42 people was ready. The dining room was relatively large because of the total of people. The room was not the correct term. It should be called 'hall'.

The dinner was a simple meal. It was fried rice with a fried egg. The children ate happily.

Chang Yu Qian looked to Yu Qi and said, "I'm sorry Miss Yu Qi. It is just fried rice." Chang Yu Qian felt shame because he could not serve a better meal to their donator.

"It's okay. I really enjoy it. Look at my dog, he is eating happily, meaning, the food is delicious." Yu Qi pointed to Aoi when Aoi gulped the fried rice happily.

Hearing Yu Qi mentioned it, Chang Yu Qian felt happy. "Let's finish it."

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