Reborn : Space Intelligent Woman
355 Chapter 355: Meeting Him
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Reborn : Space Intelligent Woman
Author :ZerahNeko
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355 Chapter 355: Meeting Him

"My granddaughter is also one of the future doctors." Grandpa Tang said.

The onlookers nodded. Oh, that was why she was here too.

"Where does your granddaughter study, sir?"

"Starlight University." Grandpa Tang answered.

"It is indeed a good choice of University."

"Of course, my granddaughter is the best." Grandpa Tang showed a proud expression.

"Grandfather." Yu Qi pulled Grandpa Tang's sleeve.

Grandpa Tang understood Yu Qi's look. "My granddaughter has to go now. Yu Qi, you can go now."

Yu Qi bowed and left the place with Ding Na An.

"Your grandfather is indeed an interesting character." Ding Na An commented.

"He is always like this when he is with me. But he is very strict when teaching me about the herbs." Yu Qi told Ding Na An.

"I see. It is good to have a grandfather like him. Not like the one who only cares about wealth." Ding Na An gave a faint smile.

Yu Qi did not respond to that. She knew Ding Na An thought about her own family. Ding Na An's father and grandfather cared a lot of their wealth.


Qin Xia looked at the girl who was talking to her friend for a while. Since she was here, he should use the chance to get closer to her. Thinking about the change, it made his legs stepped forward towards her.

However, someone blocked Qin Xia. His eyes twitched while looking at the person.

"Mr Qin, nice to meet you here." The man smiled looking at Qin Xia. Then he turned to the girl beside him. "Quickly greet Mr Qin here."

The girl smiled while blushing when she caught the man's eyes looking down at her. "Mr Qin, hi, nice to meet you."

Qin Xia did not respond to the two of them. He just looking at them with an unexplainable look. He turned to look at Yu Qi for several times to make sure that he did not lose her presence.

"Mr Qin..." The man felt embarrassed when the man that he greeted did not respond back to him.

"What do you want?" Qin Xia finally asked the man.

"Actually, we would like to invite Mr Qin to have dinner with us." The man stated her actual reason to come and greet the man in front of him so, he could make some connection to this man.

"Why do I need to have dinner with someone who is a stranger to me?" The only one sentence made the man that asked Qin Xia stunned.

"I won't be dining with a stranger." Qin Xia totally refused the man. He made it clear that he would not accept the man's invitation anymore. Then, he walked away quickly.

"Mr Qin, please wait." The girl wanted to grab Qin Xia's hand.

Seeing this coming, Qin Xia swiftly avoided the girl, it made the girl fall on the floor. The girl screamed for pain. Her tears came out. She looked up to Qin Xia. Seeing this scene, people would think that the girl who fell on the floor was very pitiful.

However, Qin Xia did not feel that same way. Qin Xia narrowed his eyes. He always countered this kind of scene.

"My daughter, are you okay?" The man bent over and asked his daughter.

"I'm okay, dad." The girl answered his father.

Thinking about it, he made use of this scene, the man looked up to Qin Xia. "Mr Qin, you don't need to do this if you don't want to accept our invitation." He made sure people around him to hear this.

Qin Xia started to smile. The smile made some women that looked at him felt like a love arrow struck into their heart. Even the girl that sat on the floor forgot the pain when seeing the smile.

"I don't like when a bitch tries to touch me so I avoid it." Qin Xia said while smiling.

When Qin Xia said the sentence, everyone stunned. Then someone started to laugh. When others heard the laugh, they started to laugh too. Everyone could understand what was Qin Xia tried to say. Qin Xia referred the girl that was on the floor was a bitch.

When the girl caught the meaning of the sentence, she was embarrassed to death. She stood up and ran away from the scene. Seeing his daughter already ran away, the man quickly ran to catch up with his daughter.

Qin Xia sneered. Stupid! Qin Xia turned to leave the place and started looking for Yu Qi. The girl was currently at one of the booths. She was listening to the presenter. He slipped silently to her side while pretending to listen to the explanation that presenter gave. He just wanted to look at her.

When the presenter finished his explanation, the girl who he had been staring suddenly turned and looked at him. The girl was clearly stunned when she saw him beside her. Qin Xia smiled.

"Hi." Qin Xia greeted the girl.

"Oh, hi." Yu Qi greeted back. "Never thought I will actually meet you here." Yu Qi was very surprised to see him here.

"I have already told you that I will be attending this conference too." Qin Xia reminded Yu Qi about that.

Yu Qi remembered about that but she never thought he would be roaming around by himself. She thought he would be just showing his face for a moment and made his employees do the market survey about this.

"Oh, Na An, this is Mr Qin." Yu Qi turned to Ding Na An and introduced Qin Xia to Ding Na An.

"Mr Qin, this is my friend Ding Na An." Yu Qi introduced Ding Na An to Qin Xia.

Ding Na An nodded acknowledging Qin Xia. Qin Xia also nodded. This was the second time that a girl responded normally, did not blushing after looking at his face. This girl really behaved like her friend over there.

"Miss Tang, I would like to invite you to dinner tonight. Are you available?" Qin Xia.

Yu Qi did not manage to reject it. Someone already responded on her behalf.

"No. She is not."

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