Reborn : Space Intelligent Woman
366 Chapter 366: Foreigner Here
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Reborn : Space Intelligent Woman
Author :ZerahNeko
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366 Chapter 366: Foreigner Here

The police had come and arrested all the men. The police had to call the paramedic to take some of the men who were obviously injured. The others yelled something like they could not feel their legs. The police could not do anything but to wait for the ambulance to take them to the hospital and check the cause this.

Yu Qi and Long Hui told everything that they found out from the leader but Yu Qi left out the information about the account bank since Yu Qi and Long Hui felt that the police did not take this matter seriously. Maybe because they were foreigners.

As for a dead man, Yu Qi also explained that she did not mean to kill him. It was self-defence. She told the police that she just pushed him away from her and then he ended up by crashing the wall behind him.

The police told Yu Qi and Long Hui that they would investigate the matter. Yu Qi and Long Hui only nodded. They left the place.

"They will not investigate this matter." Long Hui suddenly said after they were far away from the restaurant.

"I know. It seems that the person had some relationship with the police." Yu Qi nodded.

"Yeah. And we are foreigners here." Long Hui added.

Yu Qi sighed. It was already late in the evening. Her dog must be hungry. 

Hearing his beloved Qi Qi sighed, Long Hui quickly assured Yu Qi. "Don't worry. I will investigate this."

Yu Qi suddenly laughed. Long Hui was truly feeling confused. 'Why did my beloved Qi Qi suddenly laugh?'

"Brother Hui, I was not thinking about that matter. I just feel sorry to Aoi. He must be hungry right now." Yu Qi explained.

"Owh." Long Hui did not expect that. He really thought his beloved Qi Qi was worried about this matter but turned out that she was worried about her dog, Aoi.

"Look like Aoi have to wait for tonight's dinner." Yu Qi said. 

"Yeah. Let's go back. I will send you back to your hotel." Long Hui said. He was very worried to let her go back on her own after this matter and the culprit of this matter was still unknown.

Yu Qi nodded. She knew Long Hui would not let her went back alone. They arrived at the hotel. Before Yu Qi entered her room, she told Long Hui something.

"Don't tell grandfather about this matter. I don't want him to be worried about me." Yu Qi said.

"Okay. I promise." Long Hui nodded.

Yu Qi entered her room. When Yu Qi disappeared from his sight, he left.


Ding Na An and Yu Qi, of course not forget about Aoi, were waiting for Grandpa Tang to come and take them for dinner. Aoi was very hungry. 

"I will order meat for you." Yu Qi patted Aoi's head.

'It's a promise, isn't it ?' Aoi looked at his master.

Then they saw the female students from their university. Those people might go searching for dinner. One of the girls greeted Yu Qi and Ding Na An.

"Hi Senior Tang, Senior Ding. What are you doing here? We are going out for dinner. Let's go together." It was a first year student.

"Yeah, let's go together." Others invited them.

"No need to wait for us. We are waiting for people to come and take us to dinner." Ding Na An said.

"Then we should go together." Another one guessed.

The group nodded. They knew Yu Qi's grandfather would come and take Yu Qi and Ding Na An for dinner. Yu Qi's grandfather would bring the two of them to a good restaurant. How could they let only the two of them go? They could go together with the two of them. They could enjoy the tasty food without worry about its price. 

"Sorry. I will go only with Na An." Yu Qi rejected them.

"Why?" The people asked.

"Then tell me why shall I bring all of you with me?" Yu Qi glared to the group.

"We just..."

"Yesterday, my grandfather already invited all of you to dinner. You want my grandfather to take all of you for dinner again?" Yu Qi gave the question.

Some of the students did not look at Yu Qi. They were so embarrassed because it was the truth. If they eat with Yu Qi, her grandfather would be paying for them as well.

However, some of them asked about Ding Na An. "Then, why does she go with you as well?" 

"Because I invite her."

"Then you can invite us too."

"Who do you think you are? Ding Na An is my friend. Of course, I will invite her. You are not even my friend. We are just students from the same university. No less, no more. Then tell me, on what basis I should invite all of you?" Yu Qi put out all the facts.

Now, all of them did not talk. They could not think a word to retort back Yu Qi's statement. Yeah. They were not Yu Qi's friend. They also did not want to get closer to Yu Qi since they were jealous of her beauty and her talents. The lecturers also compared them to Yu Qi made them hate Yu Qi more.

They left with the embarrassing faces. They thought that they would get a free dinner and Yu Qi might give them some faces. Who knew Yu Qi slapped their face strongly.

"Humph! Stupid." Yu Qi rolled her eyes toward the group.

"It is very funny for them to think about such an idea." Ding Na An commented.

"I don't know why they think that I'm a good person that let anyone use me." Yu Qi sneered.

"You are not a good person. Just a sly person." Ding Na An laughed.


One van stopped and Long Hui came out from the van. Yu Qi, Ding Na An as well Aoi went into the van so that they could go for dinner.

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