Reborn : Space Intelligent Woman
375 Chapter 375: Yu Qi“s Past Life Part 2
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Reborn : Space Intelligent Woman
Author :ZerahNeko
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375 Chapter 375: Yu Qi“s Past Life Part 2

Yu Qi decided to quit her job despite the owner's offer. However, when Yu Qi got home, Madam Wang was very furious when she learned Yu Qi quit her job. She wanted to hit Yu Qi but was stopped by Mr Wang.

"Don't hit her if she gets injured we need to pay her hospital expenses. And also she can't work for the time being" Mr Wang said.

Only then Madam Wang stopped herself from hitting her but it did not stop her from scolding her. While Mr Wang did not stop or defend her.

Their words were like a sharp knife that stabbed her heart. She even wondered why was she been treated like this. She was their daughter too. She ran to her old room.


Next day.

Yu Qi woke up and prepared breakfast for the Wang family. She tried to please them with her cooking.

"Morning, mum, dad. I made breakfast." Yu Qi said with a smile.

They just sat and started eating their food without giving a response to Yu Qi.

"Good morning mum, dad." Wang Yu Jin greeted her parents and eat breakfast.

"Good morning, my dear son." Madam Wang said as she patted her son's head.

Wang Yu Jin just glanced at Yu Qi and treated her as an invisible person.

"Morning, guys." Wang Ha Na appeared.

"Morning, everyone." Wang Fu Ya also sat at the table.

All of the seats had been filled by them. It was normal for Yu Qi when she was living with her parents.

"Oh, you are here too. Elder Sister." Wang Fu Ya said as she smirked.

"Hmph... She's here because she quit her job. Stupid girl. You better go and find another job." Madam Wang said in an angry tone.

"What? Why did you quit your job, Elder Sister? We need money for Ha Na and Yu Jin." Wang Fu Ya said with a smile.

"It's just... I don't like the job." Yu Qi gave an excuse. She would not dare to tell the real reason to anyone, especially to these people.

"Elder Sister, you should not quit a job just because you don't like it. After all, you are not educated like me." Wang Fu Ya said with a proud look on her face.

"That's right." Mr Wang opened his mouth and said one sentence.

"I know. Today, I will go out and look for another job." Yu Qi responded and went inside the kitchen.

She ate her breakfast in the kitchen.

She heard their happy laughs and loud chatter from the dining room. She wondered why she had to be left out like that. She also wanted to join them but could not as they left her out.

She was never included in any family gatherings not even in the new year's eve.


Yu Qi went out to search for another job. She greeted some of the villagers on her way. She inquired about the vacant jobs available in the village.

They said they heard a new hotel had been opened in their town. Maybe she could try there for a job.

She thanked the villagers for providing her with information.

She went to the hotel that the villagers had mentioned. She walked into the hotel. The hotel was not so big and not so small. It is medium in size.

"Yes, How may I help you miss?" The receptionist greeted Yu Qi with a smile.

"Ermmmm...Mmm... Miss... Actually..." Yu Qi felt embarrassed.

"Yes, miss?" The receptionist still had her kind and gentle smile.

"Does this hotel hiring workers?" Yu Qi asked in one breath-holding her anxiety back.

"Oh, miss, you want to apply for a job here?" The receptionist asked.

"Yes." Yu Qi nodded.

"Okay, please wait there. I will inform the HR manager about it." The receptionist said as she pointed towards the lobby.

"Okay." Yu Qi went to the waiting lobby and sat there.

The receptionist seemed to call someone. Probably from the HR management. Within a few minutes, a woman wearing a business attire came and met Yu Qi.

"Miss, are you here to apply for a job?" The woman asked.

"Yes." Yu Qi quickly stood up and answered the woman politely.

She scanned Yu Qi from head to toe. She nodded her head several times.

"Come with me." The woman said.

"Okay." Yu Qi followed the woman.

They arrived in an office room. In that room, a woman sat on a chair as she read her newspaper.

"Madam, she is good." The woman that brought Yu Qi said to the woman in the chair. "I will take my leave"

The woman that had been called Madam unveiled her face from the newspaper. Yu Qi has been scanned for the second time.

"Good. Sit here." The woman said.

Yu Qi sat on the chair in front of the woman.

"Hi, I'm Hong Wen Yi. You can call me Madam Hong." Madam Hong introduced herself.

"Hello, Madam Hong. I'm Wang Yu Qi. You can call me Yu Qi." She greeted her politely.

"You want to work here, right?" Hong Wen Yi smiled.

"Yes." Yu Qi nodded. She needs a job very badly.

"Good. We accept beautiful girls only to work here. You need to change your image if you want to work here. Do you mind?" Hong Wen Yi challenged Yu Qi.

"Yeah. I don't mind." Yu Qi did not care if her image changed.

"Good. You are a quick decision-maker. I like it. We will train you for six months. In these six months, you will be learning all about hotel management. During training, we might send you to work in different positions. We will check in which position you really good at." Hong Wen Yi explained.

"So, you have to stay in our dormitory room for the time being." Hong Wen Yi continued.


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