Reborn : Space Intelligent Woman
376 Chapter 376: Yu Qi“s Past Life Part 3
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Reborn : Space Intelligent Woman
Author :ZerahNeko
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376 Chapter 376: Yu Qi“s Past Life Part 3

"Hmm... Can I ask you something?" Yu Qi asked Hong Wen Yi.

"Yes. You can." Hong Wen Yi gave permission.

"Can I get the salary within the training period?" Yu Qi felt embarrassing to ask the question but she needed to ask because it was important for her.

"Yes. You can. Can I ask you why?" Hong Wen Yi returned the question.

"I have siblings who are still in university and school. So, that's why..." Yu Qi explained.

"How about your parents? Are they already..." Hong Wen Yi did not finish the sentence.

"No... No... No... They are still alive but the money is still not enough." Yu Qi looked down.

Hong Wen Yi smiled. 'So, she sacrifices herself to help her family.' She already started to like the girl in front of her.

"This is the contract for starting workers. Read it. For the salary, it is stated on the contract. However, after two months of training, we will place you at the position that you will be suitable for and the salary will be different. Don't worry. The salary will not be less than starting salary." Hong Wen Yi explained further while placing the contract in front of Yu Qi.

Yu Qi read the whole contract. The contract was simple. All of what Hong Wen Yi had said just now was stated in the contract very clearly.

"I agree." Yu Qi said to Hong Wen Yi after finishing read the contract.

"Good. Sign here." Hong Wen Yi said.

Yu Qi without hesitation signed the document. Hong Wen Yi gave one copy of the document that Yu Qi had just signed now and another one would be in her hand.

"Okay, Yu Qi. I will see you tomorrow. You will enter the dormitory room starting from tomorrow." Hong Wen Yi stood up and extended her hand to shake-hands with Yu Qi.

Yu Qi shook Hong Wen Yi's hand and repeatedly thanked Hong Wen Yi for giving her the opportunity to work here.

Yu Qi went back to Wang House and told them about that. However, she was been rated as stupid because of signing a contract like that.

"You must have asked for a higher salary." Madam Wang asked.

Mr Wang just sat there and let his wife handle it.

"Go back and ask for the highest salary otherwise you will not work with them." Madam Wang slammed the table.

"But, I have already signed the contract. If I'm breaking the contract, I have to pay one thousand RMB to them." Yu Qi said.

"Stupid! Stupid!" Madam Wang shouted at Yu Qi.

Yu Qi only looked down.

Mr Wang calmed his wife.

"Calm down, Shi Xen. We don't have that much money to pay for breaking the contract. I suggest Yu Qi shall go and work there. All of your salaries will be handed down to your mother." The last sentence was for Yu Qi.

"Yes." Yu Qi nodded. It always like that. She would not be holding her money. Madam Wang would hold it.

"Now, get out of my face. Stupid girl." Madam Wang shouted again at Yu Qi.

Did not want to anger her mother anymore, Yu Qi quickly disappeared from her mother's sight.

"Just let her work there first. I will ask her to stop when the time comes." Mr Wang said.

"Stupid girl. Anger me to death. Whose kid is she? Humph!" Madam Wang fumed in anger.

"Shhh!!! Don't talk about it too loud. She may hear it. What happens if she runs away after knowing this? Who will earn extra money for our family?" Mr Wang closed his wife's mouth.

"Sorry." Madam Wang said. However, she was still angry with that little bitch.


Yu Qi left the house with her small bag. She did not bring much. Only her clothes and somethings that she might need when she stayed at the dormitory.

When she entered the hotel, she met the receptionist again. She got to know her name, So Lan. So Lan already knew that another new worker would be joining them today. She greeted Yu Qi with a smile.

"Wait a minute. I will call Sister Fan to take you to the dormitory." So Lan said.

"Okay." Yu Qi nodded.

Not long after that, the woman that So Lan called Sister Fan came over. Apparently, So Lan and her was a sibling. Sister Fan or her true name So Fan took Yu Qi to the dormitory.

"This is our dormitory. You will share with another person. However, for now, you can have the room for your own because you still don't have any roommate. Here is your room. You can unpack your bag and settle in. After one hour, wear the uniform in the closet and meet me at the entrance." So Fan left after giving Yu Qi some instructions.

Yu Qi entered the room. The room was very nice. It had two beds, two tables and two small tables. It also had a bathroom inside the room. The room was much much better from her room at Wang house and the previous workplace.

Yu Qi unpacked her bag and put her clothes inside the closet and her things on the table. The room already cleaned so she did not need to clean it anymore. Since she still got time before going to So Fan, she laid down on the bed. The mattress was very soft. She never used this kind of mattress.

At the Wang House, she just used a towel to sleep on. She did request to Madam Wang. But what she got was her scold.

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