Reborn : Space Intelligent Woman
378 Chapter 378: Yu Qi“s Past Life Part 5
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Reborn : Space Intelligent Woman
Author :ZerahNeko
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378 Chapter 378: Yu Qi“s Past Life Part 5

Yu Qi began her work as the receptionist. Since she had already worked as one before, the task was easy for her. She was very happy with this workplace. Her other co-workers were 90% woman. Only 10% of men worked at this hotel.

It would be a lie if she said she was not affected by the incident where she had almost git raped by the owner of the flower shop's son before. However, she had slowly overcome the feeling. Since there were a lot of male customers who came and stayed at the hotel.

She did not go back to the Wang House. She just gave the salary to the Wang Family every month by transferring the money directly to Madam Wang's account. The family also did not ask for her news like she did not exist at all.


Yu Qi sat at the front desk doing her job by sorting the file of the customers. Then she heard the sound of a bell. Meaning the customer came. She turned around and greeted the customer with a smile. It was an old man. He appeared to be a businessman.

"Welcome to our hotel, Sir. May I help you, Sir?" Yu Qi welcomed the old man with a warm smile.

However, the old man did not answer her question. He was staring at Yu Qi with a shocked expression on his face.

"Sir, are you okay?" Yu Qi asked.

Since the old man did not respond to her question and did not move, she approached him. Suddenly the old man grabbed her. Since she was still scared of the men, she was so scared since the old man grabbed her shoulder out of sudden.

"Tell me what is your name?" The old man asked.

However, Yu Qi seemed not to hear what the old man asked her. She screamed loudly. "Let me go."

The scream was very loud. The co-workers that happened to be nearby ran to her. They saw the old man grabbed Yu Qi's hand while Yu Qi was crying in terror while pulling her hand from the old man.

"Sir, please let her go." One of the co-workers asked nicely.

The old man realized the situation was a little bit weird to others. He immediately let Yu Qi go. Feeling the old man finally let her go, Yu Qi quickly hid behind her co-workers while staring at the old man in fear.

Since the situation was like this, they called Hong Wen Yi to settle it. The old man seemed like he could not be offended. Hong Wen Yi came and invited the old man to her office with Yu Qi.

Yu Qi actually did not want to be close to the old man but since Hong Wen Yi's order, she followed them to Hong Wen Yi's room.

"Sir...." Hong Wen Hi asked for the old man's name.

"I'm Mu Guang Qi. Sorry for the earlier behaviour. However, I have something to ask the young girl beside you." Mu Guang Qi apologized and looked at Yu Qi.

Yu Qi was still afraid of the old man but she was looking at the old man in confusion.

"You can ask, Mr Mu." Hong Wen Yi made the decision for Yu Qi since Yu Qi did not respond.

"May I know your name, young girl?" Mu Guang Qi asked.

"My name is Wang Yu Qi." Yu Qi calmed down and answered his question.

"Are you an orphan?" Mu Guang Qi asked again.

Yu Qi frowned when she heard the question. "No, my parents are still alive."

"Is there a possibility that you are adopted by them?" Mu Guang Qi still threw the question.

Yu Qi frowned more and more. 'Adopted by them?' The words were played in her mind. Thinking about her family's attitude, she began to suspect that she might be adopted by them.

"I don't know." Yu Qi answered in shaking tone.

Hong Wen Yi was silent. She investigated Yu Qi before. Her family seemed not to care about this girl at all. They just cared about her salary. Every month, Yu Qi gave almost all of her monthly salary to the family. She even did not take a day off since she started working at the hotel.

"Actually, I have a son. However, because I have not allowed him to marry the woman he loved, they have eloped. Since then, I have never found them anymore." Mu Guang Qi told them a story.

"So, what does that have to do with me?" Yu Qi asked.

"Your face is similar to my late wife. I could not help but think that you are my granddaughter." Mu Guang Qi looked at Yu Qi with a loving look.

"So, can I meet your parents? They may be my son and daughter in law." Mu Guang Qi asked in hope.

"I will just look from the far. I will not see them face to face. They probably live happily. I just want to see them only." Mu Guang Qi said in a sad tone.

Looking at the old man like this, Yu Qi felt she needed to help this old man.

"My shift will end in one hour. We can go to my home then." Yu Qi said.

"Well, you can take a day off actually. Someone will cover you." Hong Wen Yi said to Yu Qi.

Yu Qi looked at Hong Wen Yi. Hong Wen Yi nodded while smiling.

"Okay. Thank you, Madam Hong." Yu Qi bowed.

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