Reborn : Space Intelligent Woman
391 Chapter 391: Love Bite
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Reborn : Space Intelligent Woman
Author :ZerahNeko
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391 Chapter 391: Love Bite

"Miss, do you have time now? My young master wants to meet you?" Bong Bon asked Yu Qi out of sudden.

"Your young master? I don't know your young master. Why should I waste my time to meet him?" Yu Qi rolled her eyes.

Yu Qi sighed. There had always been someone who had disturbed her mood.

"Miss, I think you better listen to me. Otherwise..." Bong Bon gave a threaten smile to Yu Qi. The young miss like her needed to be scared first. Until then, she might follow him without asking.

"Oh, you are threatening me?" Yu Qi snorted.

Bong Bon frowned. 'This little girl needs to be taught first.' So, he wanted to grab Yu Qi first. However, instead of her getting grabbed by him, he was getting grabbed by her. Yu Qi smiled and pushed the man down while pulling his hand and stepping on his back.

"Argh!!!" A painful scream could be heard.

Everyone watched in their direction. They could see a beautiful young girl was pushing down a man, stepped on his back and pulled his hand backwards.


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