Reborn : Space Intelligent Woman
393 Chapter 393: The Deal
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Reborn : Space Intelligent Woman
Author :ZerahNeko
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393 Chapter 393: The Deal

Yu Qi was hoping that she could split her own body. She was very busy studying, handling her business and doing her research. Thankfully, she had her space to make out the time for this.

The research about the medicine for Grandpa Mu was going great. Her medicine was tested in the lab on mice inside the space which she had brought from the outside. And the result was magnificent.

The mice lab showed the result that she wanted to see. She fed various poisons to the mice lab. After that, she fed the mice lab the medicine that she had made and observed the result for a week. Turn out the experiment was a success. She was very happy with the result that turned out to be as she had expected.

She already made a plan to get close to Grandpa Mu. For the plan, she took a week leave. She would be flying to Fanghai Nation for that. She did not tell anyone about her trip except Su Yu Hi since he would be assisting her in the Fanghai Nation.


Yu Qi landed at the Fanghai Nation in midnight together with Su Yu Hi. Not forgetting about Aoi. He also followed Yu Qi here. Since Yu Qi was very familiar with the last hotel, when she came to the conference, she booked two rooms for their stay. 

In the morning, after getting their breakfast, they went to Ciankui Herbs shop. Since Yu Qi gave a deep impression to the shopkeeper, the shopkeeper remembered about Yu Qi.

"Welcome back to our shop, Miss Tang. It's been a while." The shopkeeper greeted her. 

Yu Qi smiled and greeted back to the shopkeeper. "Yeah. It's been a while. It seems you are in good condition. I'm happy for you."

"Of course, it's all thank to Mr Su's herbs." The shopkeeper boosted his boss's greatness.

"So, I come here to meet Mr Su. Is he around?" Yu Qi informed her purpose.

"Oh, wait for a minute. I will go and check him for you." The shopkeeper ran to get his boss.

"You know the owner of this shop?" Su Yu Hi asked.

"Yeah. When I came to the conference last time, grandfather took me here and introduced his friend. He should know the best about the herbs business in this nation." Yu Qi told Su Yu Hi.

"Oh, Tang Girl, you are here." Su Jin greeted Yu Qi.

"It is nice to see you again, Mr Su." Yu Qi bowed.

"No need the formality, just call me Grandpa Su. I'm your grandfather's friend. You are like my granddaughter." Su Jin or Grandpa Su gave a happy reply to Yu Qi.

He then saw a man behind Su Yu Hi and could not help but to ask. "And who is this?"

"He is my assistant. Actually, I come here for business." Yu Qi introduced Su Yu Hi and smiled meaningfully to Grandpa Su.

Grandpa Su saw this smile and understood what she meant by that.

"Oh, come to my office. It is just behind the garden. Let's go." Grandpa Su invited them to his office.

They all sat down. Grandpa Su asked one of the maids to bring some tea for them.

"What is this about?" Grandpa Su asked.

"Actually, I want to open the greenhouse for herbs here, in this Fanghai." Yu Qi stated her purpose clearly.

"Greenhouse for herbs?" Grandpa Su frowned. Meaning she might be one of his competitors.

"Grandpa Su, please don't misunderstand what I'm trying to tell you." Yu Qi understood why did Grandpa Su frown. She then continued her speech.

"I want to invite you to be my partner in this deal." Yu Qi explained.

"Partner?" Grandpa Su was surprised.

"Yeah. Partnership." Yu Qi nodded.

Yu Qi's words caught Grandpa Su's attention. Even though he loved the herbs, without enough money to take care of all of them, they would die.

"As you know, I'm from Binhai Nation. So, I'm not very familiar here. So, to begin the business here, partnership with someone that familiar with this Fanghai would be nice." Yu Qi made little lie here.

She was very familiar with this Fanghai Nation. She had been lived here for about 8 to 9 years. She had learned all the inside and outs about business here. She had been trained by Grandpa Mu since he wanted her to his heir.

"Why do you want to open the greenhouse for the herbs here?" Grandpa Su asked.

"Actually, I have already opened one in my country. It is operating nicely and it has made quite a lot of money." Yu Qi told.

"Then why do you still want to open one here?" Grandpa Su asked again.

"Because some of the herbs here can not be planted in our country. I'm like my grandfather. A person who loves herbs. Some of the ancient herbs have already gone to extinction. If we do not take care of the herbs which still exist, they may be going to extinct too. So, my plan is I want to open the greenhouse for them." Yu Qi paused. "Also, the herbs here could export to another country that needs the herbs. It is two-way trade."

"I will use my money to build the greenhouse and its facilities. While you will find the manpower to handle the greenhouse afterwards. Just don't worry about the money. I will handle that part. However, for the location, I need to discuss with you." Yu Qi explained more about her plan. 

Grandpa Su was silent. He was thinking about the deal. For him, it was a nice deal. It must be great if the business plan was going to succeed.

"So, about the..." 

"I will take 60% and you can take 40%." Yu Qi smiled.

Grandpa Su shook his head. "No no no... That is too many. I will take 20% and you will take 80%." 

"But..." Yu Qi wanted to protest.

"No... If you don't want that, you forget the deal." Grandpa Su said firmly.

Yu Qi and Su Yu Hi looked at each other. Su Yu Hi nodded. He suggested Yu Qi accepted the deal.

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