Reborn : Space Intelligent Woman
401 Chapter 401: Grandpa Mu Revealed The Truth To Yu Qi
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Reborn : Space Intelligent Woman
Author :ZerahNeko
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401 Chapter 401: Grandpa Mu Revealed The Truth To Yu Qi

"Miss Tang, you can enter this room. Mr Mu is waiting for you." Li Yuchen opened the door.

"Thank you, Mr Li." Yu Qi said before entering the room.

In the room, she could see Grandpa Mu sitting at his table.

"Mr Mu." Yu Qi called.

"Oh, you are here. Come and sit." Mr Mu invited them to sit. "This is..." Grandpa Mu looked at Su Yu Hi.

"He is my personal assistant." Yu Qi answered.

Grandpa Mu nodded several times.

"Yuchen, bring the document here." Mr Mu said to Li Yuchen.

Li Yuchen moved quickly, got the documents and placed in front of them. Grandpa Mu opened the document.

"I decide to sell the land for this price." Grandpa Mu pointed to the price in the document.

Yu Qi took a look. She turned to Su Yu Hi and asked whether the price was logic or not. Su Yu Hi also looked at the price. He had already studied about the price of land in Fanghai Nation. He thought the price was a bit lower than the normal pricing. However, he felt that it was Chairman Mu's consideration.


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