Reborn : Space Intelligent Woman
407 Chapter 407: As Beautiful As An Angel
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Reborn : Space Intelligent Woman
Author :ZerahNeko
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407 Chapter 407: As Beautiful As An Angel

"It seems that you know me." Mu Li Zei said to the man on the ground.

"Mr. Mu, please forgive me." Ling Man immediately begged Mu Li Zei.

"I don't mind if you sell your stuff to others but you sold them to my daughter." Mu Li Zei stepped on Ling Han's hand.

"Argh!!!!" Ling Han shouted in pain.

Mu Li Zei lifted up her feet and stepped back. He smiled at Ling Han.

"Well, I can let you go if you tell me one thing." Mu Li Zei said.

"Thing? About what?" Ling Han desperately wanted to know since it was his chance to escape.

"Tell me who is your supplier." Mu Li Zei smiled.

Since it was a source of money, Mu Li Zei thought it was good for him to know it. He could make it as his side business.

"Okay... Okay... I will tell you. It is...." Ling Han told Mu Li Zei everything about it.

Mu Li Zei listened carefully to what Ling Han told him.

"I told you everything. Can you let me go now?" Ling Man was very hoping.

"Let you go? Ha ha ha... You are so stupid." Mu Li Zei mocked Ling Han. Then he turned to one of the bodyguards.

"Finish him and dispose his body carefully."

"No, Mr Mu... It is not what we agree with." Ling Han shouted to Mu Li Zei who already had walked away to leave the place.

The bodyguards held Ling Han back and shut his mouth up.


It had been five days since Yu Qi was staying at the Tang Family House in FINN City. Yu Qi already decided to stay in FINN City since she wanted to take the driving license. Because of that, Grandpa Tang returned to FINN City.

In the morning, Yu Qi went to the hospital to see the surgery being performed if they had any scheduled surgery at that time. Since she was the granddaughter of Grandpa Tang, she had been given permission to see the surgery.

In the afternoon, after lunch, she went to driving school to learn about driving the car. Well, it was not learning. She just recalled what she had learnt from her past life. To get the driving license, she needed to meet the required hours. So, she had to go to driving school. If not for that, she just needed to get the license, and it had done.

Yu Qi was sitting at the hospital cafe drinking some water. She just finished seeing the leg surgery. Some of the onlookers took a look at Yu Qi especially the men. Yu Qi made a blank expression. Finishing the water, she was about to leave the cafe. Someone collided in her from the opposite direction.

Yu Qi managed to stable herself. However, the other party did not. Yu Qi quickly pulled the other party's hand to avoid her to fall onto the ground.

"Are you alright?" Yu Qi asked the other party.

The other party still did not answer. She already stared blankly to Yu Qi.

Yu Qi used her hand to pat lightly the person's cheek.

Having her cheek been patted, the person realised that she was spacing out when seeing someone who was really beautiful in front of her.

"Oh, I'm sorry for colliding into you." The person clumsily apologized to Yu Qi.

"It is okay. Make sure to be careful next time." Yu Qi waved her hand and left the scene.

The person then stared blankly again at Yu Qi who had walked away from her. She really felt that woman was really as beautiful as an angel.

"Su Ke Ke, why are you spacing out here? Your break time will be over if you do ot hurry up." One of the nurses reminded Su Ke Ke.

Su Ke Ke quickly went to buy something to eat. She ate in fast speed since it was very late.

Yu Qi looked at her watch and realized that it was about time for her to leave for her driving license class.

"Little Sis." Someone called her.

She turned around and saw her brother, Tang Jin Wei who was walking towards her direction.

"Brother Jin Wei, what are you doing here?" Yu Qi asked.

"I have just finished my surgery and am about to leave. Do you want to go to driving school now?" Tan Jin Wei asked back.

"Yeah." Yu Qi nodded.

"Let me send you." Tang Jin Wei said.

"Okay. I get my free driver." Yu Qi smiled.

Usually, she would take a bus to go to driving school. The Tang Family allowed her to take the bus rides since it was in the city. Sometimes if her big brother Tang Han Lee spotted her at the time, he would send her.

"What surgery have you watched today?" Tang Jin Wei asked. He knew that his little sister entered the operation theatre to watch some live surgery for her study. He basically saluted his little sister who was very well, what was the word that he could use... Yeah hardworking in her study.

"Leg surgery. That person broke his leg in a motorcycle accident. The doctor basically inserts some kind of metal to support the leg." Yu Qi explained.

"You are really hardworking." Tang Jin Wei said.

"How about your surgery, Brother Jin Wei?" Yu Qi asked. She already wanted to know what kind of surgery Tang Jin Wei performed this morning.

"Partial colectomy. Ah~~~, I'm tired. It was slightly hard surgery since the position of his intestine is closer to the bladder. I need to be extra careful around that area." Tang Jin Wei commented while stretching his body.

Yu Qi remembered that surgery from what she had been reading in the book. A partial colectomy was removing part of the large intestine (colon). This may be done to treat cancer of the colon or inflammatory conditions such as ulcerative colitis or diverticulitis.

"I see. I wish I could watch it." Yu Qi said.

Someone was watching them interacting with each other.

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