Reborn : Space Intelligent Woman
413 Chapter 413: Blessed With Spirit Energy
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Reborn : Space Intelligent Woman
Author :ZerahNeko
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413 Chapter 413: Blessed With Spirit Energy

Since Feng Yue slept with Yu Qi in the night, Yu Qi could not enter her space with her body. In order to take out the dragon cup, she needed to enter with her body. So, during the shower, she took the opportunity to enter the space.

"Oh, master, you are in." Bo Ya greeted Yu Qi. He was taking care of the herb garden and felt his master entered the space.

"I just wanted to take the dragon cup out." Yu Qi told her purpose.

"Master, you can make the dragon blessed with spirit energy." Bo Ya said while looking at the dragon cup.

"How can we achieve that?" Yu Qi felt interested to know about the method.

"You just soak the dragon cup in the lake water for about 2 hours." Bo Ya said.

"Really?" Yu Qi felt excited. Then everything...

However, Bo Ya said the next sentence destroyed all of Yu Qi's thought.

"The item must be within in age of 50 years old from it starts to exist." Bo Ya told her.

"Oh, I see." Yu Qi felt a little bit disappointed when hearing that.


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