Reborn : Space Intelligent Woman
415 Chapter 415: Going To The Party
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Reborn : Space Intelligent Woman
Author :ZerahNeko
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415 Chapter 415: Going To The Party

They arrived at the venue of the party. It seemed many people already had arrived for the party. One by one exited the car. The last one who exited the car was Yu Qi. Once she stepped out from the car, everyone's eyes laid on her.

The receptionist welcomed them. "May I have your invitation card?"

The invitation card was with Yu Qi. She stepped forward, took out the invitation card and gave it to the receptionist.

"We happily welcome you." The receptionist said.

They walked in the venue. Grandpa Tang was immediately greeted by those who knew him. Yu Qi chuckled when she saw the troubled expression on Grandpa Tang's face. He usually did not come to this kind of party. Because of her, he came to this party.

"Yu Qi." Feng Yue came and greeted Yu Qi. "Oh, my... You look gorgeous. Brother Hui's jaw will drop for sure."

"You too are looking very alluring. Sure someone will be knocked out by you." Yu Qi teased Feng Yue.

"I hope so." Feng Yue laughed.


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