Reborn : Space Intelligent Woman
423 Chapter 423: 10% Of Her Power Would Be Enough
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Reborn : Space Intelligent Woman
Author :ZerahNeko
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423 Chapter 423: 10% Of Her Power Would Be Enough

Long Cui Lang frowned. He should behave managed to catch this girl by now. But this girl had managed to escape from his range of attack. 

"Have you received some kind of training too?" Long Cui Lang asked.

"Yeah. You can think so." Yu Qi smiled. What she had been training for were martial arts that had been practised were a thousand years old. She had combined them with modern martial arts. 

"No wonder that Long Hui likes you." Long Cui Lang glared to Yu Qi.

"You have attacked me just now. So, now it is my turn to attack you." Yu Qi's eyes flashed a cold look.

Yu Qi approached Long Cui Lang. To deal with scum like him, she did not have to use her full power. Only 10% of it would be enough. 

Long Cui Lang felt this girl had moved very fast. A blink of eyes, she was already in front of him. She lifted her leg and kicked Long Cui Lang on his stomach. Long Cui Lang did not manage to avoid the attack. So, when Yu Qi kicked him, he immediately fell on the ground. 


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