Reborn : Space Intelligent Woman
443 Chapter 443: Little Sis, She Agrees
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Reborn : Space Intelligent Woman
Author :ZerahNeko
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443 Chapter 443: Little Sis, She Agrees

"Sis Rong Xie, you can not blame mum for that. Who told you to use the unknown drug? You should blame for your own stupidity." My Kuang He sneered. 

"Shut up." Mu Rong Xie snapped at Mu Kuang He. 

"Enough, Kuang He. Your sister is sick." Su Yu Qing ended the argument.

Mu Kuang He rolled his eyes. His mother was always like this. She would always like to favour his second sister. Even though his second sister was the one at fault. He thought while in the hospital, his second sister should get her brain to check as well. 

"Your father worked so hard to find the doctor for you. It should be one that can help you." Su Yu Qing said to her daughter.

"Right now, you need to calm down and rest. Don't think anything else." Su Yu Qing added more.

Listening to the comfort words from her mother, Mu Rong Xie calmed down a little bit. She was already bored staying in this ward. Even though this was not a normal ward, but the VIP ward, still the boredness was there.


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