Reborn : Space Intelligent Woman
463 Chapter 463: There Was A Picture.
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Reborn : Space Intelligent Woman
Author :ZerahNeko
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463 Chapter 463: There Was A Picture.

"It is the beginning of this brand. Later, I also will try to create skincare for the men." Yu Qi said.

"I will be your tester." Long Hui smiled.

"You will be my tester?" Yu Qi frowned.

"What? Am I not enough?" Long Hui wanted to know the reason why she did not seem to like the idea.

"If you use my products and become more outstanding than this, what will I do?" Yu Qi asked Long Hui.

Long Hui seemed to be stunned for a moment after hearing Yu Qi answered his question like that. Then he chuckled. Turned out that his beloved Qi Qi was feeling insecure with his looks.

"Don't worry. I will be loyal to you." Long Hui whispered into Yu Qi's ear.

"AHHHH...HELP!!!" Someone was screaming.

Yu Qi and Long Hui were shocked. They looked at each other and after that, they ran out of the store. 

Not far from the store, someone was screaming for help and he seemed to hug a woman. They quickly approached that person.

"What has happened ?" Yu Qi asked.


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