Reborn : Space Intelligent Woman
540 Chapter 540: Distant Relative
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Reborn : Space Intelligent Woman
Author :ZerahNeko
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540 Chapter 540: Distant Relative

"Then?" The woman asked.

"My father in law has adopted her as his granddaughter. She is also his only disciple." Ming Xue answered with a smile.

The woman's lips twitched. Yu Qi did not miss on seeing it. However, she faked the smile immediately after realizing that Yu Qi was watching her.

"What a beautiful girl." The woman praised Yu Qi.

"Auntie Ming Yue, this is?" Yu Qi turned to Ming Yue.

"This is our distant relative. This is Si Su Zen, Si Ang Dei, and the man is her husband, Si Fung Bien. She was the daughter of a cousin of your late grandmother. Your grandmother was close to her cousin before she has died." Su Xiao explained while pointing towards the people.

"I see. Welcome, Auntie, Uncle, Si Ang Dei." Yu Qi greeted them.

"Yeah." Si Su Zen smiled on outside but she was mocking Yu Qi inside. 'Humph!!! You are just an adopted daughter. You dare to act highly in front of me.' 

"Si Ang Dei, apologize for the matter earlier." Si Su Zen urged her daughter.

"Sister, so sorry. I have just thought someone has broken to the house. I don't mean to offend you." Si Ang Dei stood up and apologized to Yu Qi. She bowed several times.

Yu Qi could see the sincere expression on her face. She was genuinely apologising to Yu Qi.

"Don't worry. I know that you don't mean it." Yu Qi smiled.

"Thank you, Sister. You are so beautiful." Si Ang Dei managed to praise Yu Qi's look. 

Si Su Zen was satisfied with her daughter's performance. Her daughter knew how to flatter people and win others hearts. 

Then, they heard a car's voice which was driving into the house. It was still early. Everyone should be working right now. Ming Yue and Su Xiao looked at each other with a questionable expression on their faces. 

"Another guest?" Yu Qi guessed.

"I don't know. Let's go and see." Ming Yue stood up and went to the main door followed by all of them. 

Then they could hear the loud voice of an old man. 

"Has my granddaughter already arrived?" 

Ming Yue, Su Xiao and Yu Qi already could recognize whose the voice was. 

"Yes, Old Master." The maid nearby answered.

"Then, I want to see my granddaughter." Grandpa Tang speeded up.

"Grandfather, no need to walk faster. I'm here." Yu Qi did not want Grandpa Tang to get injured while walking faster.

"Oh, my granddaughter. You are here." Grandpa Tang was excited to see Yu Qi.

"Grandfather, slow down." Yu Qi approached Grandpa Tang.

"I have good news to tell you. Let's go to someplace where both of us can have a talk." Grandpa Tang behaved like a child.

 It was true that people always said that the more aged the person, the more that he or she would behave like a child.

Ming Yue and Su Xiao looked at each other again. This time, they sighed. In their father in law's eyes, other people did not matter. Only his granddaughter was in his eyes.

Others who watched the scene were speechless, especially, the Su Couple. They did not expect that Old Master Tang valued the girl so much.

"Let's go back to the living room. Our father in law must have something important to talk to his granddaughter." Ming Yue smiled politely apologizing to their guests. 

"We don't mind. We don't mind." Si Su Zen said. 

They went back to the living room. 


"Yu Qi, I have already succeeded." Grandpa Tang started to talk to his granddaughter.

"Succeeded? About what?" Yu Qi was confused. She did not understand what her grandfather was talking about.

"It is about the seed that you have brought back from Fanghai Nation. That Biance Seed. " I have managed to grow it up." Grandpa Tang said.

"Oh, really? It is great, grandfather." Yu Qi was happy for her grandfather.

"I wanted to try to grow up the next one which is Dei Drow." Grandpa Tang said.

"I still have not tried that one." Yu Qi told him.

"He... He... He... You can wait for my success." Grandpa Tang patted his chest.

"But grandfather, why are you here? You shall have waited for me to return. You need to take care of your body." Yu Qi took this time to lecture her grandfather.

"Don't worry. I know to take care of my body. I'm still strong, okay." Grandpa Tang rolled his eyes. "I just could not wait to see you and tell you about this. However, it is also your fault. Why can't you just return to Shiwa Town directly?"

Yu Qi knew that her grandfather pouted like a child.

"Okay, okay, okay... We will return home on the third day. We can grow up the Dei Drow together, okay?" Yu Qi coaxed her grandfather.

"Good." Grandpa Tang's mood got better. "By the way, I have noticed there have been some people with your aunties just now. Who are they?"

"Grandfather has noticed them?" Yu Qi did not expect that Grandpa Tang who had behaved like a child earlier noticed the other people.

"I'm not blind, okay." Grandpa Tang rolled his eyes once again.

"Auntie Ming Yue said that they are the distant relatives from grandmother's side. The woman is the daughter of close cousin of grandmother." Yu Qi explained. Then she asked. "Do you know them, grandfather?"

"Humph!!! I don't know them but I know the cousin. She was indeed your close grandmother's cousin." Grandpa Tang narrowed his eyes.

"Grandfather, you seemed to be angry." Yu Qi noticed that Grandpa Tang's eyes getting narrowed. 

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