Reborn : Space Intelligent Woman
584 Chapter 584: Moving CCTV
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Reborn : Space Intelligent Woman
Author :ZerahNeko
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584 Chapter 584: Moving CCTV

Yu Qi knew if she reported Ling Zhu Yao to the authorities, Ling Zhu Yao would straight go into the jail. However, Yu Qi did not do it. She was not a saint that would help everyone. 

She did not want to report to the authorities about Ling Zhu Yao because she was afraid it would warn Wei Zhu Feng that someone knew about this white powder. 

She quickly opened another file. It was about Wei Zhu Feng's phone track records. Somehow, Wei Zhu Feng became smart by hiring some expertise to dummy his phone track record. 

Yu Qi felt her hacking was somehow inferior to the expertise's skill. She sighed.

"Master, what's wrong?" Bo Ya looked over when hearing that his master sighed.

"I need to practice my hacking skills." Yu Qi sighed again.

Bo Ya took a look at what appeared on the screen laptop. He knew what his master had looked through. 

"Master, do you remember the spirit tracker that you have put last time?" Bo Ya asked.

"Yeah. If you have not mentioned to me just now, I have not remembered it probably." Yu Qi clapped her hand once.

"It is time to use it, Master. Come." Bo Ya came down from his seat and walked out.

Yu Qi did not know where Bo Ya wanted to go. She just followed Bo Ya. They went to Mary. 

"Master, which floor you want to go?" Mary the computer asked.

Yu Qi looked at Bo Ya asking for his help to answer Mary's question.

"Master, tell her that you want to go to the 'Spirit Room'." Bo Ya told Yu Qi.

"Oh, okay." Yu Qi nodded and turned back to Mary the computer. "Spirit Room."

"Spirit Room. Okay. You can enter the lift now." Right after Mary, the computer finished her sentence, the lift door opened.

Yu Qi entered with Bo Ya. Then the lift door was about to close, she heard that Aoi was shouting.

"Master, Bo Ya, wait for me," Aoi shouted.

Aoi had left Yu Qi's room only for a moment as he had left to the toilet.

Author Note: Don't be surprised. Aoi does go to the toilet to threw his waste. He is a very good dog. 

When he returned to his master's room, he noticed that Bo Ya and his master were not in the room. Searching for them using his nose, he found them entering the lift. 

He shouted at them to wait for him as he wanted to go together with them. If the lift door had closed, he would not be able to enter the lift anymore because only his master could command Mary, the computer, to use the lift. 

Yu Qi heard Aoi's shout and stopped the door from closing. Aoi quickly ran entering the lift.

"Safe," Aoi said.

"Where do you go just now?" Bo Ya asked.

"I just went to the toilet. When I returned, you were not there anymore." Aoi said. Then he looked at his master. 

"Master, are you going to surgery theatre?" Lately, his master spent most of her time inside the surgery theatre. 

"Nope! We are going to the 'Spirit Room'." Yu Qi answered.

"Spirit Room?" Aoi tilted his head. "What is 'Spirit Room'?" He did not know that.

"You will know soon." Bo Ya smiled.

TING. Looked like they had already reached the floor that they wanted to go. The lift door slowly opened. The three of them came out. Nothing was there except for a door. Yeah. A door that stood up out of nowhere. 

Yu Qi was confused to see that door. She also did not see anything else.

"Bo Ya?" 

"Master, come." Bo Ya walked towards the door. 

Yu Qi and Aoi also followed Bo Ya. 

"Master, place your hand on the doorknob and open it." Bo Ya instructed.

Yu Qi followed Bo Ya's instruction. She placed her hand on the doorknob and twisted the doorknob. The door opened. So, Yu Qi stepped into it.

She was greatly surprised when she looked inside. It was something beyond her imagination.

"Bo Ya, this is..." Yu Qi looked at Bo Ya.

"Yes, Master. This is what you think it is." Bo Ya nodded.

Yu Qi looked around. Around her was a world map. And Yu Qi was actually inside the earth to be exactly. 

She found a small red dot. Somehow, she knew what was that.

"This red dot is supposed that Wei Zhu Feng, right?" Yu Qi asked Bo Ya.

"Master, you have guessed correctly. This is the place from where you can trace the spirit tracker that you have placed on someone." Bo Ya answered. Then he continued, "Master, you can zoom in to see him using your mind. Just thinking that you want to see him."

Yu Qi quickly thought that she wanted to see Wei Zhu Feng. The surroundings changed like the screen that had been zoomed in. And today... Wei Zhu Feng appeared. He was currently sleeping in his house, probably. 

"This is amazing. I can know everything that I want to if I place the spirit tracker on someone's body?" Yu Qi inquired.

"Yes. It also records everything from the moment you have placed the spirit tracker on him until now." Bo Ya explained further detail.

"Wow, it is like a moving CCTV. Nice. I can get more details about the white powder using this." Yu Qi was happy with this. 

"But, you have known this method for so long, haven't you? Why haven't you told me about it earlier?" Yu Qi asked. Not like she was angry but rather confused.

"It is because Master did not have spirit energy in your body at that time. After spending so much time in the space and practice some ancient martial art, Master's body has developed your spirit energy. Only now, you are able to use this method." Bo Ya quickly explained about it. 

Bo Ya wanted to tell his master about this method. But he was afraid that his master would be disappointed since this method only could be used when the presence of spirit energy. At that moment, his master did not develop her spirit energy yet. 

"I see. Well, thank you, Bo Ya. You are being so much helpful for me." Yu Qi smiled while patting Bo Ya's head.

"Master, you are being unfair. I also want to be stroked by you." Aoi suddenly interrupted.

Yu Qi laughed. "Alright... Alright... I will stroke you too." So, she patted Aoi's head too. 

Aoi was very happy getting the patting from his master.

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