Reborn : Space Intelligent Woman
604 Chapter 604: Talking To You Make Me Relax
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Reborn : Space Intelligent Woman
Author :ZerahNeko
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604 Chapter 604: Talking To You Make Me Relax

Qin Xia sat in front of Yu Qi at the hospital cafe. The secretary and the two bodyguards were standing not far from them waiting for their boss to finish talking with the lady. 

"Brother Xia, you have still not left this L Country?" Yu Qi drank some of the juice that she had ordered just now.

"I have come back for some business. I don't feel well so I have come here to get some medicine." Qin Xia told Yu Qi.

The Secretary rolled his eyes. 'Boss, you really know how to lie without even blinking, do you? What do you mean by some business? Your business is to come and see the beauty in front of you. And you don't feel well? When? Where? I have never seen you fell sick. I have even thought you are some kind of robot, okay?' 

While the secretary talked with his imaginary boss in his head, Qin Xia suddenly turned and gave a look to him. The secretary almost choked on his own saliva. He coughed several times to calm down. 'Does the boss can read my mind?' 

Ignoring his secretary, Qin Xia asked Yu Qi a few questions about the men who had attacked them on that alley. 

"Do you know them ?" Qin Xia asked.

"Of course not. This is my first time coming to L Country." Yu Qi quickly answered.

"I know... I know... Don't be angry." Qin Xia patted Yu Qi's head while chuckling. 

Yu Qi was stunned. This felt like it is a familiar feeling . It seemed that it has happened many times. Yu Qi was blinking several times. Her hand reached out her head. 

When Qin Xia saw that Yu Qi reached out her head, he thought he was hurting her just now. He quickly asked, "Have I hurt you just now?" His face was panicking.

Yu Qi was shocked by Qin Xia's question. "No! No... It just... I feel like it has happened many times. When you have patted my head like just now.It has been a very familiar feeling. But I think we don't know each other before, right? I mean... When I was young?''

This time, Qin Xia was stunned with Yu Qi's talk. Indeed, it was not the first time he had patted her head. He always patted her head many time. But it was on... Forgot it.

"Nope. I have met you for the first time when we have fighted." Qin Xia smiled.

"Yeah. Yefoughte have fighted. At that time, you have been like a madman." Yu Qi recalled her first meeting with Qin Xia.

There was no track of that madman on Qin Xia right now. If Qin Xia did not have the same face, she would not believe that madman whom she had fighted with, using the knife was Qin Xia who was sitting in front of her right now. 

Qin Xia laughed. At that time, he was feeling bored living like a normal life. So, he wanted to try something else. He decided to live as a madman who just like to fight someone. 

He just acted for two days and suddenly she appeared. Her appearance was like a sun to him. He never expected to see her there. Seeing familiar martial art that she used confirming his doubts.

"At that time, I just want to run from my busy work." Qin Xia smiled. 

"If you become an actor who has acted like a madman, you may get famous immediately." Yu Qi made some comment.

"So, when do you plan to go back to Binhai?" Qin Xia asked.

"Hmmm... Probably two days later." Yu Qi thought that her two brothers had healed nicely. It was time to return home. Their family was probably wondering why their kids still had not returned home yet. 

Qin Xia looked at his watch. It's time. He needed to go now. "I see. Well, I need to go to the next appointment." 

"Don't you feel unwell? You should rest." Yu Qi expressed her worry.

"I'm already feeling better. Sitting here and talking with you, it has made me relaxed. The doctor said that I'm just stressed. I should take rest from my work. So, you have healed me." Qin Xia smiled.

Once again, the secretary rolled his eyes when he heard how smooth his boss was in making some lies to this young girl. 'Miss Tang, please don't believe him. He is just a liar.'

Qin Xia stood up and turned to the secretary. The Secretary was almost chocked by his own saliva again. 'Thank goodness, I'm saved.'

"Feel free to call me if you have some problems. I will try to help you with my abilities." Qin Xia told Yu Qi.

"Okay, Brother Xia. I will remember it." Yu Qi nodded. 

Qin Xia left with his secretary followed by the two bodyguards. Yu Qi remembered that she had come to buy some foods. Yu Qi chose some food and paid for them. 

Her brothers especially Tang Jin Wei must be angry right now. Since he was the one who told Yu Qi to get some food for him. 'Sorry, Brother Jin Wei.' Yu Qi said in her mind while walking faster heading back to the ward. 

Yu Qi became a talk again among the hospital staff because of her meeting with Qin Xia.

"I saw Miss Tang talking with a handsome man."

"Handsome man? Her brother, right?"

"Nope. Another one. Not her brothers."

"What? Another handsome man?"

"Yeah. He was another level. He was more good looking than her two brothers."

"Wow, I wish I can take a look too. Sigh."

"Where did Miss Tang find that handsome man?" 

"I'm jealous." 

"I want to meet a handsome man too."

"Hahaha... You can keep dreaming then."

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