Reborn : Space Intelligent Woman
616 Chapter 616: Bathroom“s Time Part Two
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Reborn : Space Intelligent Woman
Author :ZerahNeko
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616 Chapter 616: Bathroom“s Time Part Two

***Warning.... Warning... Warning... This chapter is rated as R-18. You maybe proceed as you want.***

Long Hui's voice right now was very rough but Yu Qi liked it. 

"I will make you scream on the edge of this bathroom." Long Hui grinned as he looked at his beloved Qi Qi. 

Hearing what he saying something like this, it increased the searing inside her. She met his eyes. 'Oh, I love his eyes which only look at me.' 

This time, she met his lips, the desire inside her was burning. She needed him... Inside her... Right now. 

"I want it right now." Yu Qi was desperate. 

"What?" Long Hui wanted to tease Yu Qi again as he guided his 'little brother' to her entrance. He just made his 'little brother' to touch her entrance. 

"I want your dick inside me. Please." Yu Qi begged.

"As you wish, my princess." The moment Long Hui finished his sentences, he pushed his 'little brother' straight into his beloved Qi Qi.

"Ah!" A moan escaped Yu Qi's mouth. 

Long Hui kissed Yu Qi as he pushed in and pulled out. His 'little brother' met with Yu Qi's core. She also began to start moving her hips matching up with Long Hui.

"More... More..." Long Hui groaned. He wanted more... He could feel the desire flaring out of control as the pressure immediately started building inside him. He could feel the passion slowly took over his body over as he watched her eyes half closed while her body arched against his body.

Long Hui's mouth played with her twin mountains. Her nipples were getting a gentle bite from him. Yu Qi started to lose herself again. 

Long Hui's thumb found his way to Yu Qi's 'charm point'. He could feel her core tightened as he touched that place, screaming to release. 

Rising his hips,  Long Hui matched up to her rhythm, thrust his way inside her. He felt her body trembled. His lips curved up. He had held back so much, letting her have her fun with him. 

But now it was the time. He gripped her waist, bringing closer to him as he pumped deeper and deeper. Yu Qi's breath turned rasped. Her hand clung over his shoulders. She savoured him inside her.

The moans and groans filled over the bathroom as his thrust turned faster, sending pleasure to each of them. He slammed his 'little brother' inside her deeper when he felt he could not hold back anymore.

Yu Qi could feel something sprayed inside her. When she felt that,  she bite Long Hui's shoulder as she climaxed again. After a few minutes,  both of them finally calmed up. Still, Long Hui's 'little brother' was inside Yu Qi's sensitive place. 

"Feeling good?" Long Hui asked whispering to Yu Qi's ear.

"Hmm..." Yu Qi could not talk about the pleasure that she had felt. But it was very good. 

Long Hui slowly took out his 'little brother' from his beloved Qi Qi. When he took it out, Yu Qi gave a little massage to Long Hui's 'little brother'.

"Hiss..." Long Hui hissed in pleasure. 

"Qi Qi, can I assume that you want it again?" Long Hui raised his eyes brows. 

"Once is enough for you?" It was a question that had a naughty tone in it.

"You have asked for it." Long Hui began to attack Yu Qi's weak points. 

His tongue played, licking her ear. His hands, on the right side, fondling her breast, on the left side, he touched and pinched gently the nipple.

"Ah!" Yu Qi could not help to moan as her weak points being attacked by Long Hui at the same time.

Long Hui's left hand changed its target. Right now, his hand was at Yu Qi's 'charm point'. The thing was still bigger from the previous play. Long Hui touched it and then pinched it.

"Ah!!! Don't..." Yu Qi said.

"Hmm... Don't what?" Long Hui slipped his finger inside Yu Qi.

                             "Ah!!! Don't... Stop..." Yu Qi managed to finish her sentence.

"That is what I intend for." Long Hui slipped his finger in and out from Yu Qi sensitive place. 

Long Hui grinned when hearing continuous moans from his beloved Qi Qi. It sounded like singing from a siren, a sea creature that had a beautiful voice that wanted to invite the men into the sea. In his case right now, it invited Long Hui to put his 'little brother' inside her. 

This time, Long Hui did not wait too long. He kissed Yu Qi as he thrust back inside Yu Qi. Yu Qi welcomed him by tightening her insides. When Long Hui entered her, he could feel that Yu Qi was like giving the intense massage to his 'little brother'. 

Long Hui began to move faster. Yu Qi also matched up to his rhythm. She did not want to lose too. 

"Do you like it?" Long Hui asked.

"Hmm..." Yu Qi nodded.

Long Hui pulled out his 'little brother' entirely from Yu Qi. 

Yu Qi frowned. "Why?"

Long Hui did not answer it. He changed his position. Right now he was standing behind Yu Qi. "Don't worry. You will get it back inside you." He whispered from behind. He then thrust his 'little brother' back inside Yu Qi.

"Qi Qi, look in front of you." Long Hui whispered again. 

Yu Qi followed Long Hui's voice and looked in front of her. She was shocked when what she saw was herself getting fucked by Long Hui from behind. 

"Do you see it? My dick has gone in and out of your body." Long Hui kissed her nape. 

Yu Qi felt shy when looking at their parts of the bodies connected together. It had enchanted her feelings as she simulated her control inside her. 

"Hiss... Qi Qi, you are so good." Long Hui groaned.

"Faster, Hui... I want faster." Yu Qi moaned.

"As you wish." Long Hui began to move faster and faster.

Then, the pleasure reached the highest point as Long Hui released for the second times inside her. Yu Qi also reached her climax.

"Ah!!!!!!" She screamed as feeling so good. 

They were catching up their breath. Long Hui turned Yu Qi's head to the side and kissed her.

"Thank you, Qi Qi." Long Hui said.

"Hmm..." Yu Qi nodded feeling tired after two rounds. 

Long Hui wanted to continue again but seeing his beloved Qi Qi seemed to look very tired, he forgot his intention. His beloved Qi Qi was more important. 

Long Hui began to clean up themselves. Yu Qi let Long Hui to do whatever he wanted since s


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