Reborn : Space Intelligent Woman
647 Chapter 647: Return Home
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Reborn : Space Intelligent Woman
Author :ZerahNeko
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647 Chapter 647: Return Home

Yu Qi returned to FINN City after settling everything at her office and university. She would start her internship three weeks later. So, she still had some time to spend with her family before going to Guanying City for her internship.

Her family, especially her aunties were happy with her return. Auntie Ming Yue immediately called her father in law that Yu Qi had returned to Tang Main Residence. Because of that, Grandpa Tang made the decision to return to Tang Main Residence. 

Yu Qi still did not tell her family about her internship at the Guanying General Hospital. She would tell them during that day's dinner.

Tang Han Lee, Second Uncle Tang Jang Qin, Grandpa Tang and her two aunties were in the dining room. Tang Jin Wei, Tang Qin Hao and Uncle Tang Jung Wen were on duty for tonight.

"How long is your current break, Yu Qi?" Uncle Tang Jang Qin asked.

"Two weeks." Yu Qi answered.

"So, you will be going back to university?" Auntie Ming Yue asked.

"Nope. I will be going to start my internship." Yu Qi thought that the food was very delicious since it was homemade. Her chopsticks moved fast.

"Oh, it is already at that time? So, where will you apply for your internship?" Uncle Tang Jang Qin looked at Yu Qi.

"Apply what? Yu Qi should do her internship at our hospital." Auntie Ming Yue replied.

"No. I'm not applying for the internship at our hospital." Yu Qi shook her head.

"Eh, why? Doing your internship at our hospital is better. Beside it is near this house." Auntie Su Xiao did understand.

"Yeah, Yu Qi. Why?" Auntie Ming Yue also asked the reason.

"I know that internship at our hospital is better and easy. But that is not what I want to. If I'm doing the internship at our hospital, they already know me and recognize me as Tang Jiang Man's granddaughter. I probably will not be recognized by my skill." It was one of the reasons that Yu Qi applied for her internship at another hospital but not Tang Private Hospital. 

Everyone was silent when listening to Yu Qi's explanation.

"Good. This is my granddaughter." Grandpa Tang suddenly shouted.

"Yeah. It is a good idea." Uncle Tang Jang Qin also supported the idea.

"We are thinking the same then." Tang Han Lee patted Yu Qi's head since he was sitting beside Yu Qi.

"Thinking the same?" Yu Qi tilted her head while looking at Tang Han Lee. 

"Jin Wei, Qin Hao, and I, everyone has done the same thing. We have wanted to be recognised for our skills. So, we applied to another hospital, not our hospital." Tang Han Lee smiled. 

"You too?" Yu Qi was shocked to hear that.

"Yeah." Tang Han Lee nodded.

"So, where do you apply to?" Grandpa Tang wanted to know.

"Guanying General Hospital." Yu Qi smiled.

"You apply there too?" Tang Han Lee chuckled.

"Yeah. Too? You mean you used to be an intern there too?" Yu Qi was surprised.

Tang Han Lee nodded.

"That is far away." Auntie Ming Yue knew that it was good for Yu Qi but she could not help to feel worried about Yu Qi's safety. 

Guanying City was a border city. Sometimes people from the neighbouring nation would enter their nation through Guanying border. And some of them came with ill intentions.

Last year, Auntie Ming Yue heard that some girls had been kidnapped in Guanying City and did not return. She was worried if the same thing happened to Yu Qi. 

"Auntie Ming Yue, you don't need to worry about. I hear that the military has already set up a camp there to guard the border there. Also, I can defend myself." Yu Qi assured Auntie Ming Yue.

Auntie Ming Yue sighed. "Okay. I know. Then, have you settled the place to stay there?"

"Not yet. After this break, I will go and find a place to stay." Yu Qi answered. She would settle in a week before she would start her internship.

"I will come with you to help you to find a house." Auntie Ming Yue made the decision. 

"Yeah. I also want to see the conditions of the house. We will buy the appropriate thing for you." Auntie Su Xiao also joined the conversation.

"Aunties, you don't have to do that." Yu Qi did not want to trouble her aunties.

"No trouble." Auntie Su Xiao said.

"She just wants to travel outside." Uncle Tang Jang Qin looked at his wife and mumbled the sentence. 

"Hmm... What do you say?" Auntie Su Xiao glared at Uncle Tang Jang Qin.

Uncle Tang Jang Qin grinned foolishly and said, "Nothing, my dear." 

Yu Qi laughed. Her auntie and uncle were cute.

"I know some places that rent the house. I will tell you later." Tang Han Lee said.

"Really? Thank you, Big Brother Han Lee." Yu Qi smiled at him. 

"So, you are free these two weeks?" Auntie Ming Yue asked.

"Yeah. But I think I will be going back to Shiwa Town. It has been a long time since I have visited my hotel there." Yu Qi thought about how she wanted to spend these two weeks.

"Good. My granddaughter, I want to show to you the result of the herbs that I have grown up." Grandpa Tang said.

"Are they growing up properly?" Yu Qi asked her grandfather.

"Of course. I'm the one who is taking care of them. Of course, they will grow up properly." Grandpa Tang said proudly.

"Then, you can stay here for one week before returning to Shiwa Town." Auntie Su Xiao clapped her hands.

"Yeah. We will have a great time together." Auntie Ming Yue also clapped her hands.

"Aunties, please. Don't buy me the clothes anymore. The clothes that you have bought last time, I have not even tried it." Yu Qi begged.



Both of them answered at the same times and laughed.

Yu Qi sighed. Meaning she would have to find another space to put the new clothes again. 

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