Reborn as a Dragon!?
34 Oh, no
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Reborn as a Dragon!?
Author :Jax_Wolf4
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34 Oh, no


It feels like cheating and it would be pretty boring, but it will get results even if I think it is cheating. *Sigh* plans for the future I guess, but for now, it's time to get Charlie to taste an ogre for the first time.

Why do all of the people close to me have to be dragons and a single cat?

*Sad Nightmare Noises*



*Charlie P.O.V.*

Its been a few weeks since I first arrived in this cave and let me tell you.

How could anybody experience this hell!? Being trained by a dragon is one thing, but I've come close to death too many times in my stay here.

*Sigh*, I have to put up with the training and near-death experiences so I can achieve my ultimate goal in this world.

My goal since coming to this world wasn't defeating Alderam, the darkness dragon, but rather one thing more important than them all.




How am I going to get a harem when I am stuck up in a cave!?

I asked myself this question and came to one conclusion...

To become strong enough to have all of the ladies gravitate towards me. The law of life is that women are naturally attracted to the strong and getting strong myself will only increase the chances of gaining a harem.

Since I am receiving training from dragons that make Gods look like childs play, I should be able to accomplish my task. However, I don't know if a dragon knight has to protect dragons or not.




[Race: Dragon Knight]

[Age: 16]

[Level 56 - 84]


HP: 53000 - 107000

Attack: 8000 - 10500

Speed: 6500 - 9500

Defense: 13000 - 18000 (+3000)

Magic: 21000 - 27000

Intelligence: 11 - 20

Luck: [Absurd Luck]

Skills: [Intimidation](A - S) [Appraisal](A) [Conceal Status] (A) [Dragon Magic](S - SS) [Fire Breath](A - S) [Fly](F - A)

Special Skills: [Annoy](S) [Weeb Attacks](SS) [Draconic Power](S)

Passive Skills: [Absurd Luck](SS) [Flame Body](B - A) [Magic Resistance](A) [Pain Nullification](A) [Blessing of Hikari](SSS)

Equipment: Dragon Scale Outfit (Defense +3000)

Titles: Strange, Dragon Knight, Lucky Bastard, Blessed, Working Brain


Yep that's right, I've turned into a mega-Chad.

I have gotten much stronger because it seems like sparring with dragons help raise your level. When it comes to the attacking department, Parthenia slaps me, but I have already surpassed a few of Parthenias' statistics though.

I would have probably been massacred if Parthenia didn't have a missing eye and a ripped up wing. I didn't even think of sparring with Hikari or Alderam. Especially Hikari. She would have attempted to kill me again for sure. The only reason I'm alive right now is due to Alderam.

Back to the whole dragon knight thing, I don't want to stay here for much longer and somebody is already doing my job for me.

Hikari is already...*ahem* 'protecting' Alderam.

I guess you could say that 'protecting' is a massive understatement considering that I figured out that she is a yandere dragon. Protecting applies to defending while Hikari is killing anything that even thinks about hurting Alderam.

I needed a reality check when I entered this strange new world. Understanding that I am not an OP God that received 3 wishes really punched me in the gut knowing how OP some protagonists get.

I have to admit though, fighting a dragon sounds like a cool story especially if I come back as a hero, but fighting them feels like suicide and I wouldn't want to hurt them after all of the things they have done for me even if it is forcing me to eat things that couldn't even be classified as food.

(Charlie) - "Hey Alderam, I was thinking about going back to the kingdom to continue my time as an adventurer. Is that okay with you?"

I ask this because, in some stories, the powerful characters get attached and become borderline yandere for that person.

I look up to see Alderam on the floor with his claw on his face which looks kind of like a facepalm.

*Alderam P.O.V.*

Am I really going to try something as stupid as to make Hikari *ahem* aroused to level me up? What other alternatives are there besides killing everything in existence? The experience that I get from killing monsters that scare adventurers is practically not worth my time considering that I would have to make their entire species extinct to level up once.

Come on Sora, you've got 2000 intelligence! Man, I still have one more evolution to go through before I become a 'dragon god' or whatever but do I have need to do something so embarrassing to achieve that new evolution?

(Charlie) - "Hey, Alderam!"

(Hikari) - "Shut up dragon?"

Hikari, you are the one who made him a dragon knight though...

(Alderam) - "Oh, apologies Charlie. I was thinking to myself."

(Charlie) - "No problem, I was ju-"

(Hikari) - "There better not be a problem!"

(Charlie) - "*Sigh*, I was just wondering if I could return to the capital so I can return to my life as an adventurer."

Why would he ask such a question? It's not like we are holding him hostage or anything.

(Alderam) - "Sure, I don't mind. You don't need to stay here if you don't want to."

(Parthenia) - "Thou are a disgrace to the dragon race! Thou must *sniff* leave mine home!"

Wow, it looks like she liked having him as a sparring partner which was mostly a one-sided beatdown in the beginning. There really isn't a point in fighting me or Hikari considering that we are leagues above her when it comes to our stats and overall strength.

(Hikari) - "Sure, leave."

Classic, she couldn't care less if he was here or not.

*Charlie P.O.V.*

Hah, I'm surprised that I was able to leave without any serious complications but I might need to be wary of Parthenia by the look in her eye. It is almost as bad as the Hikari glare which I named based on her eyes and posture when she goes into yandere mode.

You know it's funny. Daisuke can't treat me like shit anymore because I am the one he should be praising now.

That extra yeed his last haw!

(Charlie) - "Thank you all...for everything."

I spread my wings as wide as they can go and jump into flight as I exit the deadly cave that resides on 'Demon Mountain'.

*'Daisuke' P.O.V.*

Damnit! What is wrong with his body? He has the acceleration passive skill of a hero but I am gaining practically nothing from training this new body of mine.

Only if I had my old body back with this child's' skill would I be truly invincible.

"Status [Passive Skills]!"



Damn you! I'm now stuck inside an idiot's body with a useless skill. It's like this is so convenient for this exact situation! Am I not the only demon who has tried to take a hero's body?

What can I do now? The empire is off-limits considering that there is most definitely a bounty on my head for killing other heroes and running away and I can't just waltz into the dragon's home and expect to just win.

If only I could...

Yes, that is exactly what I will do. If I can't hurt him directly, then I will do it indirectly. Making him feel the same despair that he made me feel when I had died.

I smile to myself before hearing a crashing noise a few miles away from me.

('Daisuke') - "What the hell was that?"

*Charlie P.O.V.*

You would've thought that the skill [Fly] at rank A would make it simple to fly, but no, I still had to fly straight into a tree! Given how high my defense is right now, it didn't hurt, but that definitely caused a commotion. Flying through around 5-7 trees will tend to do that.

Everything in this forest is probably too scared of me because the monsters of this world are good at sensing one's power unless they are some braindead horned rabbit or goblin.

I hear rustling to my right and snap my head towards it. It seems like there will be an idiot who will walk out of th--

(Charlie) - "DAISUKE!?"

('Daisuke') - "Hmm, is that this boy's name? I forgot about it."

What the hell is wrong with him? Can't he tell how strong I am now?

('Daisuke') - "Ahh, now I remember. You are the child who wouldn't accept my gift. Your friend here accepted my gift making him stronger than he ever thought possible, but his mind seemed to stop working in the process."

Oh no, the demon that tried to make a deal with me earlier! Wait a second...

(Charlie) - "Hah, Daisuke is weak compared to me now. Do you think that you would do much more than he could against one such as me?"

Demon Daisuke frowned and bolted forward at speeds that were relative to mine. Before I realized what was going on, I received a hard punch to the gut and the air from my lungs came out.

Flying back around 50 meters, I crash into a giant rock.

*Huff Huff*, what the hell is with that power!?

When I stand up, Daisuke is a few feet away from me with a wicked smile on his face. Cracking his knuckles Daisuke says...

('Daisuke') - "I really need to let off some steam. Man, I'm going to enjoy this..."




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