Reborn as a Sea Spirit
6 Chapter 5
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Reborn as a Sea Spirit
Author :butterfly_effect
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6 Chapter 5

"Release me!" Princess Cordelia shouts while being trapped by seaweed like ropes.

"Hello, cousin. I will release you in immediately, if you promise me you won't throw a fit here."

"I promise you. I promise you! Just release me!"

"The ropes will return if you throw a fit." With a clap the ropes disappear.

"Hmmph. Good night, cousin." At once she rises her head and acts as if she is not being tied up a few seconds ago. She swims towards the door elegantly, head high up. I would have been tricked by her if I had not been present during the whole time.

"Cordelia, you won't be able to find what you want here. You have to wait, your time hasn't come yet," Lord Valentine explains with a sigh.

"Time! You have repeated that same phrase for a hundred years already! How much more do I have to wait? Another hundred years?"

Hundred years? The reality that none of them, even me, is human is finally catching up. We can live for a very long time. Hundreds of years are nothing to them.

"I cannot reveal what fate has in store for you. But as I have said for many years, you have to be patient. Your time has not yet arrived."

For the past few months, I know Lord Valentine is a very competent sorcerer. But now at this moment, he finally looks like a Royal Mage. Someone with immense power, someone able to foresee the future and change fate. The Lord Valentine in front of me feels distant, he feels like he should be respected. He feels like he is not in the same world as us mortals.

His usual warm smile appears on his face after awhile and the saintly and sacred aura he has a moment before disappear.

"Dear cousin, look my new creation! Isn't this cute?" He points excitedly at the dolphin in my arm.

Princess Cordelia's eyes sweep towards the tiny water dolphin I am hugging.

"Well... it's acceptable as a plaything for a servant." Her head returns to the haughty position.

Acceptable plaything for a servant? Don't you feel like you're insulting the creator? No wonder Lord Valentine refuses to provide her with the potion. I would not if I were him. I might even give her a wrong potion on purpose just out of spite.

Lord Valentine does not seem angry or insulted, instead with his usual composure he says, "Well cousin, don't come searching for complex things like potions anymore. As you said I could only make 'plaything' for servants. I don't think I have the ability to make useful things for a princess like you."

"You!" Princess Cordelia looks like she is about to implode. "I am not going to forgive you!" She swims out of the tower with a bang again.

I am kind of worried about the front door.

Lord Valentine chuckles, "So predictable. It's easy to get rid of our princess."

I nod in silent agreement. The novel portrays Princess Cordelia as a spoiled princess with a huge temper. But at the same time she is also outspoken and courageous. (Maybe a bit reckless at times.) She craves for adventures.

Living in the same world as Princess Cordelia, I truly understand what is the meaning of a spoiled princess with huge temper. Lord Valentine always reports to me the damage Princess Cordelia has done to the castle. Just last week, she threw a huge table out of the window during one of her fits. Oh, Princess Cordelia may not have excelled in the arts of magic, but she is very strong. She has super strength. One really cannot imagine by looking at her appearance.

As I said I was worried about our tower's door.

"Don't worry, Ianthe. I put an invincible spell on the front door, so you don't have to worry about it."

"That's very clever of you, my lord."

"Well that's because my door has been ruined countless of times already."

We both fall silent to commemorate the doors that have sacrificed for us.

"Oh! Our little dolphin has another function!" Lord Valentine eyes sparkle with excitement. This appears whenever he is excited about spells and things he has created. He is really enthusiastic and devoted to magic.

"Really?" I thought the dolphin is already magical enough.

"Yes! Dolphin, pen," he orders.

With that word the dolphin swims out of my arms. It returns in a moment with a pen in his mouth and drops it on the palm of Lord Valentine.

"Dolphin here follows your command. It can follow simple commands for now. I think it will be of great help when you start to learn spells." He pats Dolphin on its head and Dolphin snuggles closer to his palm as if it was a real dolphin.


"Yes, you have mastered the penmanship good enough. Let's start teaching you spells tomorrow!"

I once dreamed about being able to use magic when I was small, I just do not realize at that time that my wish will be realized one day.


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