Reborn as a Sea Spirit
25 Chapter 24
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Reborn as a Sea Spirit
Author :butterfly_effect
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25 Chapter 24

Lord Valentine travels with Cordelia and I, to the annoyance of Cordelia. She believes Lord Valentine is coming along to spy on her. But I, as an observer, know that's not true. Lord Valentine never intervenes with Cordelia. He did not stop Cordelia when she rushed in front of the greedy landlord who hit his subjects. Nor did he persuade Cordelia to stop her game of cat and mouse with the narcissistic prince of Zehan.

He simply follows us on our trip. When it's time for Cordelia to shine, he simply gently pulls me to the sideline and waits with me for Cordelia to be done with fighting. I might need to jump in to offer my magic to save Cordelia's butt once in a while, he never stops me. However he also never offers his help. He is a true observer in this adventure. If a documentary on Cordelia's adventure has to be written, Lord Valentine might not even appear in it.

It feels like Lord Valentine knows the complete plot of Cordelia's story and very purposely keeps himself outside of her story. But that is not possible, no one knows everything is just a novel but me. Maybe Lord Valentine simply foresees the future. Then how can one explain the fact that Lord Valentine never puts himself in Cordelia's story like he knows he should not be here?

It's all a mystery. What's more confusing, the dreams appear again. In the first month of our journey with Lord Valentine, I can still sleep soundly. But then the dreams start again. The same setting, the same dream-like yet not quite quality, the same lady who is wearing high-heels. The only difference is that this time, the lady no longer threatens me. Most of the time she just sits in silence and when the dreams come to an end, she always lets out a sigh and once she muttered, "Please can you ask him to come back. We're losing."

I do not understand. Or do I simply refuse to understand? Isn't the truth in front of me? I no longer experienced any dreams immediately after I ran away nor during my journey with Cordelia. Once Lord Valentine joins us, the dreams are back. The lady in my dreams always mentions a 'he'. The only man I interact closely with is Lord Valentine. Adding to the strange feeling I felt when I saw Lord Valentine in brown hair and brown eyes.

The more I think of it, the more it nags at the back of my head. Is Lord Valentine from my world? Do I know him in my previous life?

"Ianthe! Ianthe!" A hand is waving in front of my face.

I look up and see Lord Valentine gazing at me with worry in his face.

"Ianthe are you alright? You're always spacing out lately."

"And can you please stop thrashing in your dreams? I can't sleep," Cordelia complains with an annoyed expression on her face.

"Ianthe, are you having nightmares?" Lord Valentine immediately asks. An expression akin to frantic appears on his face. Frantic? He quickly disguises his facial expression with a worried look.

"No, I am just not sleeping well. I am picky on mattresses I sleep on." I laugh sheepishly.

"You're so pampered. Even I the princess fall asleep with no problem at all." Cordelia rolls her eyes. "Just make sure not to intrude on my beauty sleep anymore. It has been weeks."

Lord Valentine looks at me with his eyebrows furrowed. I give him a tiny smile and mouth, "That's just Cordelia exaggerating. It's alright."

"Anyway, you don't have to be picky anymore, Ianthe. We're sleeping out in the wild today." Cordelia smirks.

I sigh and get back to collecting firewood. Cordelia decided to leave Zehan shortly after she has recovered from her 'cold'. Now that she has insulted the narcissistic prince to such a point, the prince refused to let her go. I don't know what's between them anymore. Is it love or simply intrigue? All I know is the prince is now following Cordelia everywhere.

We are currently travelling from the country next to Zehan to the country in the north. There is an inn next to the well-traveled road. But no, Cordelia decided to give her prince a surprise. She said she wanted to see the look of surprise when he could not find her in the inn, when he realized he had lost her. Now, Cordelia is gazing into the river using a scrying spell. Trying to capture her prince look of surprise no doubt.

When I fall asleep that night, I am back to that dream. The same lady is sitting across from me. I still cannot see her face. I think it's time for me to ask, to take matters into my own hand.

"Who is the 'he' you're referring to? I'm not lying when I told you I had no idea what you're talking about. If you don't explain, I can't help you, can I?"

The lady stays in silence for a few seconds. Finally she lets out a sigh and says, ""You know why you died. Yes, it's our fault. But he has compensated. He has more than made up to you! He gave you back your life. He has even made you immortal!"

"I don't understand. You kept repeating how 'he' had compensated me. But I don't remember how I died. I had no idea who 'he' you're referring to!"

"So he has even removed your memory. Ha, this son. He is going to blame me if I ruin it, isn't he? But he is not here to stop me, is he?"

I don't understand. Why does she always have to speak in riddles?

"You said you forgot the events of your death. Is there anyone in your world who gets close to you for no reason? Someone who is especially nice to you from the very start. Tsk, I know you have someone in mind. The only weakness of my dear son is his gentleness and kindness."

It's Lord Valentine, isn't it?

"Does that mean your son transmigrate to the world I am in now and you want him back?"

If Lord Valentine can go back, does that mean I can too?

"I know what you're thinking, but you are already dead in your original world. You can't come back. But my son can. He is not dead. He willingly gave up his place in this world to go to yours. To look after you. To compensate. He said he would just take care of you until you settle down. Fine, we owe it to you. He could do it. But how many years have passed in your world? The time he is awake in his own world keeps reducing. I know what he is thinking, I am his mother. He has his own world, his own family, his own responsibility. It's time he returns to his reality. My patience is running out. I don't mind being the bad guy in this. I believe you want your parents to stay safe."

Suddenly I am pulled out from my dream.


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