Reborn as a Sea Spirit
34 Chapter 33
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Reborn as a Sea Spirit
Author :butterfly_effect
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34 Chapter 33

Life continues on. Surprisingly Cordelia does not run off to the land after sending her assassin into prison. She shows the reluctantly kidnapped Prince Lance around. The prince was angry with Cordelia, but after a while he gave in (probably under the persuasion of Cordelia's superhuman strength). They begin their lovey dovey life. From what I heard the King is planning his daughter great wedding.

My life is same as before. I tidy up the tower, I bring in food for Lord Valentine, I study. Sometimes Lord Valentine and I go picnic in the deep sea or visit different realms for sight seeing.

Turns out the assassin is really under the order of the leader of the tribe in the east. I am not even surprised as this is a generic novel with a very typical antagonist.

As I said everything goes on normally, but I seem to forget about something. Something that I may have neglected on purpose. When I am pulled into that dream again, I know all our picnics, sightseeing, travelling and most importantly Lord Valentine's warm smile is coming to an end.

The lady in red high heels, Lord Valentine's mother, is standing in front of me. This time her face is no longer shrouded in mist. Lord Valentine's mother has elegant and regal features. She looks surprisingly youthful, like a successful CEO in her early thirties. However, right now her eyes are filled with fury and hatred. Her hand is trembling with uncontrolled fury. I believe she would have slapped me if she does not deem slapping people too beneath her.

"You... such a selfish brat!" she says in venom. "Our family is ruined. My son is ruined. Just because of your selfishness. Are you happy now?"

Why is she always talking in riddles? I can't read her mind! I want to ask her to explain, but based on the situation, I think it's better to keep my mouth shut.

"Mother, it's not her fault." I am pulled into the arms of Lord Valentine. He is shielding me protectively from his mother. Look like everyone is joining my dream.

"Vale, come back at this instant! I called Carl for help, he said he could not keep you alive for more than one day. It's not the time for jokes. I demand you to come back at this instant!"

"Mother, stop lying to yourself. I am dead. My body in your world is dead. The only life I have now is over here, with Ianthe."

"No! That's not the truth! Carl is helping to sustain your body, so come back please, Vale. Please," she screams hysterically.

It's too much to take in. What are they talking about?

"Lord Valentine, what's... what's. your mother talking about?" I ask in shock.

"Just as I have promised you, I will stay by your side forever," he answers with a gentle smile.

"What..." Then I remember that time when he fell sick all of a sudden. "That time when you fell sick..."

Lord Valentine nods. "Mother, I am sorry. I am really sorry."

"Then come back!" she screams. "You are our hope! You can make our family great again! Even the family's head gave you the family's grimoire. If it's not for Hugo and his farce, you would have joined the rank as an immortal. Like Carl! Not everything is lost. Everything will be back onto the right track if you come back now."

"Carl did not tell you anything, did he?" Lord Valentine lets out a sigh.

"Of course I did not. I would not meddle in other's family business." Carl appears. He is sitting on the couch, legs crossing.

"Carl!" Lord Valentine's mother's eyes shine when she sees Carl. "Go and persuade your cousin! Tell him what a mistake he is making!"

"Mother, listen to me. Mother!" This catches his mother's attention. "I will not go back. I cannot go back. Hugo put a curse on me. I am going to die no matter what."

"A curse..." The lady in high heels clasps her heart in shock. "Break it! My son is a genius! You can break it! Curse that lunatic Hugo. He does not have an ounce of talent. Even if he got hold of that grimoire, he would not be able to become an immortal. Why does he have to ruin everything! You're the only chance our family gets to shine again. Why didn't he and his stupid father understand that!"

"I can't break the curse."

"That's not possible. There's nothing you can't do. Carl will help you, isn't that right, Carl?"

"Aunt, I'm afraid it's too late." Carl who has been quietly resting on the couch, glares at Lord Valentine.

"Hugo put a curse on me with... That's a dark curse, I cannot break it."

"I will kill him. Even if it's a dark curse, there must be ways. What was the sacrifice? A dark curse requires a sacrifice."

"It's unbreakable," Lord Valentine replies immediately.

That's weird. He seems to be hiding something.

"Tell me the sacrifice he used. Mother will sort it all out."

Then something hits me. A dark curse that requires a sacrifice. And who was sacrificed in this farce? Me. I was killed. And Lord Valentine removed my memory so as to 'protect' me.

"It was me, wasn't it?" I whisper.

Lord Valentine freezes and so does his mother.

"No wonder." His mother laughs hollowly. "Why didn't you just leave her be? Why did you have to use your own power to forcefully send her soul to another universe? That's because her soul would be destroyed if it's used in a dark curse. She could not even go into reincarnation. So you planned your own reincarnation. You took matters into your own hand. What a mess. It's all fate." His mother looked lost and defeated.

"I am sorry, Mother."

"It's all over. I lost. I don't want to see you, Vale. At least not in 5 years."

Lord Valentine smiles gently. "Take care mother. I will visit you after 5 years."

Lord Valentine's mother smiles bitterly in return and disappears in a shimmer.

"Are you happy now, Vale?" Carl asks with a sardonic smirk. Then that smirk disappears and he says solemnly, "Killing yourself on purpose."


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