Reborn as a Sea Spirit
38 Bonus Chapter
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Reborn as a Sea Spirit
Author :butterfly_effect
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38 Bonus Chapter

Author: In this Q\u0026A session, the protagonists of this story and my upcoming story, Gilded Cage, are invited. Let's welcome Ianthe and Arina!

Q: What's your name?

I: Ianthe. It means Violet, which is my past name. *Wink wink* Lord Valentine is so clever!

Author: Umm sure...

A: Arina.

Q: How old are you?

I: That's such a rude question! One should not ask after a lady's age!

Author: You're just a university student. What's so sensitive about that?

I: I am forever eighteen!

Author: You do look forever eighteen, no kidding. How about you Arina?

A: Twenty one.

Author: Finally someone who doesn't give weird replies when encountering this question.

Q: If you have to describe yourself with three adjectives, what would they be?

Author: Ianthe, last time your answer was 'sassy, sensible and hardworking'.

I: Well, I had experience with such question. Didn't I give a perfect answer? University interview does that to everyone. I am so hardworking I can do magic now.

Author: True that. This whole story is Ianthe's tale of working hard to become a sorceress. Arina?

A: Lazy, melancholic, sensible.

Author: It seems like all my characters have the trait 'sensible'. Well it's really hard for me to write rash characters, except Cordelia I think. But melancholic and lazy... that's quite a change from optimistic and hardworking Ianthe XD

Q: If you have to describe the hero of your story with three adjectives, what would they be?

Author: By the way Ianthe, you're forbidden from saying more than three words. No fangirling.

I: Hey that's not fair! Three adjectives are not enough to describe a great man like...

Author: Skip. I gave you the chance. Arina, it's your turn.

A: Cunning, power-driven and sarcastic.

Author: Such negative adjectives... he is definitely going to be different from Lord Valentine.

Q: Do you have anything to say to each other?

I: Last time Liana said you'd torture me, but I have a pretty sweet life. Except the part where I have to be killed and leave my parents. *Sob* I miss you! That's pretty cruel of you, Author, now that I think of it!

Author: You lead the best life out of all my protagonists! You can even reunite with your family in your dreams! Liana, Eirlys and Arina are going to hate you. Opps... did I say something I should not have said?

I: I do lead a pretty sweet life. Just yesterday Lord Valentine gave me a pot of flowers. The flowers change colors from hour to hour! The fruits they bear have really good cosmetic properties! He said the fruits would keep my skin as smooth as porcelain!

Author: You definitely got more talkative and even more cheerful than when you first entered this world. Maybe love does that to everyone. I repeat the question, 'Do you have anything to say to each other?'.

I: Oh I met you in Cregan! Don't worry, I think you are leading quite a sweet life as well. There's...

Author: Stop. That's spoiler for Arina.

I: But you seem slightly different from the Arina I met. You look more cold and you seldom smile. You act more like Irene now.

A: Irene? I don't know anyone called Irene. And I have been like this since I was small. Showing no emotions on my face does not mean I am not happy.

I: That's what Irene said too. But you really act quite different from when I met you. Do you like birds?

A: Maybe I do. But sometimes I wish I didn't.

I: I am really not good at riddles. Liana warned me about the cruelty of our author, but I think she's just exaggerating. Look I'm alive and well! So you'll be fine too! Live your life happily!

A: Thank you for your blessing. Let's hope so. I have to go. See you.

I: Author, she... she turns into a bird! Is she a bird spirit like me?

Author: Nope. She is a normal human. She just has shapeshifting power.

I: She turns into a blue bird! Doesn't legend say blue bird brings happiness and bliss? See Liana must be exaggerating! Arina's life will be just like mine.

Author: Well... your story is different. Your story is supposed to be sweet and cute. As for Arina's story... you'll have to read it yourself ;)


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