Rise of Martial lord
2 Chapter 2
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Rise of Martial lord
Author :Killer5644
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2 Chapter 2

"So it seems I have been reborn eell the God has given me a chance why not utilize it" he thought. After some time a woman and a man came the women asked "Well husband why don't we name him?" and the man replied "Well then why don't we name him Raven""OK then we shall name him raven". After 1 year I have reborn I have finally been able to walk and talk properly and it seems this place is ruled by 5 great sects-heavenly sect, hemis monastery but people consider it a sect, Nine frost palace, Unrivaled sword sect, and at last demonic sect this sects are the power house of this continent and there are total of four continent North, South, East, West continents and it seems my is the second elder of the heavenly sect and my father is at low level Celestial realm and my mother is at medium sky shattering realm, (Father name is Noah night where as mothers name is enma) and all of realm power difference is like moon and earth even if there are three person which are at low level cultivation they still can't fight against a medium level cultivation. Raven had learned many techniques to cultivate Chi so but he wanted to choose the most powerful one and he chose Dragon devouring technique(Simply a cultivation which can absorb the blood to gain their ability if cultivated to peak it can even devour a dragon known to be the king of beast) but to use its ability one needed blood of monsters so for now he focused on his cultivation he tried to feel Chi after less then thirty minutes he felt Chi and started absorbing them after some minutes"It seems I have been successful to reach 1st level of Chi gathering stage well I need to cultivate for few hours then I can easily reach 5th stage of chi gathering stage" After some hours of cultivation "It seems I have successfully reached 5th stage of Chi gathering but I need pills to to speed up my cultivation I think I need to sneak into storage room to steal some pills well to think I need to steal from my own house well I need to speed up my cultivation so it doesn't matter "Young master it is time for dinner" a maid told to raven"Ok I will be coming" after that raven went to dining hall and his father asked" Well son where were you all the day we were so worried about you" Raven replied "Don't worry father I had slept near the tree" he lied father asked "Well son you need to take care of yourself" Raven asked "Father where is mother?" and father replied "She is cultivating in the cultivation room" raven asked "Is she going to have a breakthrough? Father replied" Well it seems she is going to and when she has a breakthrough we have to celebrate it well you should be going to sleep and are you sure you want to sleep in different room? " Raven replied" yes father I am sure" father told "Son if you are afraid you can come to sleep with your father" "Don't worry father I am going to sleep" Raven replied and Raven went to his bedroom and started to cultivate.


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