Rise of Martial lord
3 Chapter 3
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Rise of Martial lord
Author :Killer5644
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3 Chapter 3

@@Well it seems it is morning already and I breakthrough to 4th stage of qi gathering well I should buy some pills to speed up my cultivation. (Well I think I should do exercises to make my body strong even though getting breakthrough makes me stronger it doesn't improve my defense I should practice graphene body technique to make my body stronger there are total of 25th stage in this technique if mastered even if you are low level you can defend against high level but It is very difficult to master it but it will be very useful) after an hour Raven had successfully reached 1st stage of Heavenly Celestial body. Father arrived in his room and asked "Son why do you always stay alone while other Childern goes outside to play if you keep staying in the room it will not be beneficial for your health" Raven replied "Father if you want me to go outside can I go to training room to practice I want to practice sword techniques" father replied "Son you are too young and if you want I can search you a teacher if you want??" Raven replied "No father I can do it myself" father told "Son I won't force you but you should do your best" raven said "Don't worry father I will try my best" father told "Son take this money as your pocket money you can buy anything you want with this money" Raven said "Thanks father I will properly use it" his father had given him 10 gold coins which he can use it to buy pills to speed up the cultivation well it is said without resources your talent is nothing. After sometime raven went to shop and bought 5 2nd rank demonic core these crystals could help a person in cultivation it was pretty expensive but worth it after absorbing the power of the core he was able to reach 6th stage of qi gathering stage



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