Rise of Martial lord
4 Chapter 4
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Rise of Martial lord
Author :Killer5644
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4 Chapter 4

After reaching 6th stage of qi gathering realm he could feel the power inside of him. After some time he began making his power stable and after some time he went to training room to practice his sword arts and create sword qi. Sword qi is something only 1 in 10000 people can obtained if a person has sword qi he or she is a master of sword but even if you are the 1 in 10000 people it will be extremely difficult to generate sword qi the man who was known as martial lord in Raven's past life could generate 47 rays of sword qi while others could only generate 8 rays but still considered as a powerful being. After Raven started focusing his energy for nearly a day he was able generate 1st ray of sword qi and he was able to be one with the sword with the help of his sword qi, peerless defense, and his experience in battle he can fight against someone who was at 2nd stage higher then him those person who were able to defeat those in higher level while in low level those person would be known as 1 star genius ranging from ten star. After sometime of thinking raven decided to explore the demonic forest after he reached master realm. Demonic forest a forest filled with demons and monsters. Demons and monsters were in different groups but Demons were known to be more dangerous as they had knowledge little inferior to humans and their attitudes are something that can't be measured but monsters were beings with knowledge of an 7 years old if they win they eat but lose they try to run. Even people who are at Grandmaster think twice before exploring to demonic forest but exploring brings many benefits at first Raven wanted to buy more demonic cores but he had no money and he didn't wanted to ask money to his father so he kept on focusing to make more rays of sword qi, improve defense and his cultivation after some hours he was able to reach 2nd stage of Heavenly Celestial body and after he went to dining hall to eat dinner and went to his room and started cultivating.
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