Rise of Martial lord
5 Chapter 5
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Rise of Martial lord
Author :Killer5644
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5 Chapter 5

@@After he finished cultivating he went to training room to practice One with the sword technique which was considered to be middle level earth martial arts if one mastered this technique then the person would feel the sword as his own body. After picking up the sword he went to a room where no body comes and he stand still with the sword in his hand and started thinking the sword as one of his body after 5 to 6 hours he was able to feel move the sword as one of his own body. After that he started to train his own body for almost 2 hours After that he focused in improving his speed his speed was very low compared to his strength and he didn't wanted to disrupt the balance of strength and speed so he started practicing swift movement which was considered to be low level earth martial arts after trying to master the technique he was increasing his speed in slow but steady. When he was in the room he heard a voice from outside"Young master where are you? "Raven appeared before them and asked" Why are you calling me? "the maid replied" Young master master is calling you due to your disappearence" Raven replied "Tell my father I will arrive in a moment" after that raven went to training room and kept the sword and Raven went to meet his father.



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