Rise of Martial lord
6 Chapter 6
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Rise of Martial lord
Author :Killer5644
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6 Chapter 6

Raven arrived at meeting hall and his father was sitting in the chair with his serious look

and asked "Son why do you disappear all of a sudden at least inform" Raven replied"Father I always feel sleepy so I sleep where ever it is comfortable" Father asked "Son you should change your habit it may effect your reputation as son of second elder" Raven replied"Dont worry father I will try my best but can I ask you a question? " Father replied" Ask son" Raven asked "Father if there is a battle of two people one at early but another at Mid realm why are the power between them is so different why is that the case father?" Raven's father replied"Son the reason is the power is due to the law" Raven replied"law?? can you tell me what is the law makes the entire humanity to obey?? and why is the law made " Raven's Father replied" Son I don't know this is correct or not but from the legend the law is known as The will of heaven the will of heaven was known as the rule created by the gods" Raven asked"Father then why was it created?? " Raven's father replied" Son the law was created by the God so the people can't defy against those gods" Raven asked "Why do they have to fear aren't they known as the Beings which rules the entire humanity" Raven's father replied "Son you should know if you let your enemy flee one day or the another you can perish form the enemy you spared" Raven asked "Father then are there person who can defy those rules?" Raven's father replied"Son yes there are those person have the power to defy those will they have limitless potential but when breaking through to sky shattering realm they will have to face heaven tributaltion if they can survive it they can defy the gods but they can perish as well" Raven asked "Father are the person who are able to defy the Gods can be considered a monster or a hero??" Raven's father replied "Son it will be considered from their action but if the sects were to judge them they will be considered as beings who have the potential to rule the world that's why they are considered to be a treasure or pride of the sect" Raven asked "Father can a person reach the power of those gods?" Raven's father replied "Son I don't know but from my opinion I think there are realms far more powerful than Heaven Defying realm no one know the universe is infinite after all but I heard form my father that there was a continent which appeared out of no where but that continent contained purest Chi in the world and countless treasure was found easily but it is unknown if it is true but I think the continent is conquered by the so called Gods but it is only a guess" Raven told "Thankyou father I will return to my room now" Raven left the meeting room and thought(The world is infinite no one knows the truth of the world but I will be the first person to uncover the real truth)


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