Rise of Martial lord
7 Chapter 7
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Rise of Martial lord
Author :Killer5644
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7 Chapter 7

@@After returning to the room he started to think the mystery of the world and the fifth continent which was believed to be ruled by godly beings all of this mystery was unknown even to me who was reincarnation of the martial Lord but there are mystery more mysterious than others the universe is infinite afterall but one day I shall uncover those mysteries but let's focus in cultivation and mastering my techniques after some time Raven had mastered the way to use a sword nearly to mastery level but due to low cultivation it was unable to show its real potential but could only change battle by some percentage but in the battle even a change in a little percentage could bring a huge effect so people shouldn't underestimate a technique even if it is basic if one were to underestimate it doesn't matter how much power full you are it may threaten your life. After some time Raven went to cultivation he was at 6th stage at chi gathering realm.All the human geniuses couldn't call themselves peerless genius when faced to Raven who was just 1 and half years old but this was possible only due to knowledge,technique and arts from past life.



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