Rise of Martial lord
8 Chapter 8
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Rise of Martial lord
Author :Killer5644
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8 Chapter 8

After 5 years

(Hmmmmm it seems I have successfully reached 1st level at Master realm,able to produce 2 ray of sword Qi,and reached 3rd level of Graphene body without relying too much on resources it seems this current body has a talent more terrifying then my past talent I think I should search for abilities for eyes or artifacts to know what grade talent do I have)It seems it is time for me to visit the demonic forest I should make excuse before disappearing he informed his father and mother he would leave for gathering few herbes at the nearby forest his father and mother insisted on taking a guard but he rejected he said it would be safe. After arriving at the forest entrance Raven felt demonic aura from the forest Raven had always strong hearing and other things so it was natural for him to feel it. At first he found some monsters who were at Warrior realm not worth mentioning and he killed them immediately. Afyer some minutes he found 8 to 11 black wolves the strongest was at 3rd stage of master realm while their average was 9th stage of Warrior realm even though Raven was confident in one on one but they were in group which was dangerous for Raven so Raven waited for Right moment to attack them. After some minutes the wolves found their prey which was known as triple horned bull at 4th stage of master realm but it was outnumbered both of them started to fight against each other after some moments triple horned bull was killed and black wolves were heavily injured but no deaths after the fight Raven revealed himself and started to charge them after some moments all of the wolves were killed and Raven started to absorb their bloods after some minutes Raven's power increased and his sensing ability increased but was unable to gain their characters well it wasn't that strong monster. Raven went deeper in the forest and he found a cave out of curiosity he went inside the cave was normal. After traveling depeer the cave he found a pond the pond was not a normal one but it was very cold it would even harm Raven if he was caught off guard. Raven decided to swim inside the pond he was surprised to find it was more deeper than he imagined the deeper the colder it was. After sometime he noticed something good unusual so he came outside he was surprised when he found it was another cave and a skeleton.


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